Phill has performed throughout Australia, Japan and Europe. He was on staff at QUT as a sessional academic, and received a star on the Brisbane city Brunswick Street rock’n’roll walk of fame. Phill has also played with Billy No Mates (Duncan Redmonds/Snuff, Guns and Wankers, Toy Dolls), and with The Deoras (Mike Palm/Agent Orange). Phill […]

Copywriter. Creative consultant. Problem solver. Avid gardener and Star Wars fanatic. Over the past 15 years, Dane has worn a lot of creative hats: producer, composer, sound designer, music director, and musician working with dance companies, orchestras and theatre companies around the world. And preached what he practiced, working for the better part of a […]

Composer, mulit-instrumentlaist, vocalist and musical adventurer, Sallie Campbell has achieved so much and is only just beginning. One of Sallie’s most impressive pieces is her composition Nightingale Floor, a 20 minute piece for a string orchestra, which showcases close to 100 string instruments. She currently performs with several original acts The Switch, Kristy Apps and […]

Robert Davidson is a prolific composer, bassist, lecturer and founder and artistic director of Topology, the ensemble-in-residence at the Brisbane Powerhouse and a Key Organisation funded by the Australia Council as well as a Senior Lecturer in Composition at UQ. Robert’s compositions are regularly performed, recorded and broadcast around the world. All of Australia’s professional […]

Phil Graham was Professor and Head of Music at QUT. He spent over two decades as a professional musician prior to entering academia. His research interests include music industry, music production, political economy, and discourse analysis.

Richard Grantham, is a classically-trained composer and band-hardened multi-instrumentalist based in Brisbane, Australia. He is sometimes a viola player, sometimes a one-man, one-viola, seventy-five-effect-pedal band. Using loop recorders and harmoniser pedals in particular, a single instrument becomes a full string and percussion orchestra. His instrument of choice is a carbon-fibre Luis and Clark viola, which […]

DeepBlue were honoured to collaborate and perform with Tjupurru in Our Place,which premiered at the Queensland Music Festival. Brisbane Based International Didgeridoo performer Adrian Fabila Tjupurrula aka Tjupurru is a proud descendant of the Djabera Djabera tribe of the West Australia Kimberleys. Born in Port Moresby P.N.G. He moved to Cairns (North Queensland) where he […]

DeepBlue have been so lucky to collaborate with Yanto for many years.  We played his original compositions in our Preview shows way back in 2005 and more recently collaborated to produce the Garden of Minuscule Delights performance which premiered at CreateX. Yanto Browning is a Brisbane-based record producer, studio engineer, musician and composer based in […]

Not-for-profit company led by composer and artistic director Corrina Bonshek Corrina Bonshek & Collaborators is a newly formed not-for-profit company led by composer and artistic director Corrina Bonshek whose passions are intercultural dialogue and making music-led works that provoke wonder, joy at the beauty of nature. The company is managed by the long-standing collaborative team […]

Andy Ward is a Brisbane based singer, writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist devoted to creating innovative art-embracing collaborations that achieve a unique flavour. Andy Ward’s new single ‘Deluded’ is a shout to the sky, a burning supernova of creativity, his celebration of individuality, independence and freedom. Unbound by all other’s expectations, the single blooms […]