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DeepBlue Orchestra Inc is a not-for-profit incorporated association that aims to empower people of all ages to connect in new and different ways though unique musical performances that are brave, bold and inspirational.

We present unique engaging performances and a wide range of community focused activities including YoungBlue, an education initiative dedicated to empowering people to connect and be inspired through music. Through our workshops we aim to develop and deliver an education revolution to foster, encourage and nurture the growth of the participants. Ignite, a branch of YoungBlue aims to support the arts in schools as well as providing fundraising opportunities. Cultivate is DeepBlue's program which supports charitable organisations through collaborative programs or workshop projects. Cultivate also includes our 'Busking for Good' program, which fundraises for existing projects & charities, to help to inspire change and support both young and old to help realise their dreams. 

DeepBlue have raised donations and supported organisations such as Hear and Say, Starlight Foundation, Make a wish, the Smith Family, Dharavi Rocks, ACORN Foundation, SCHONA music school and Autism Queensland, among others. 

We are in the process of becoming registered with the ACNC to become a charity in which you can make tax deductible donations. In the meantime if you’d like to make a one off donation you can via the below PayPal button: