Sing with us

ChoralBlue is a unique collaboration and performance opportunity for local singing groups and community choirs of any age, culture or demographic! Community choirs from across Australia have performed with us on our national tours as part of the ChoralBlue program, allowing DeepBlue to connect with lots of passionate and amazing vocalists.

The ChoralBlue program began as a top-secret hunt in each town DeepBlue toured to find singers and singing groups who would perform in the DeepBlue show. The singers would be sent sheet music in the lead up to the show, on the day of the show ChoralBlue would come back stage and rehearse with DeepBlue in preparation for the show. And then during the show ChoralBlue would sit scattered in the audience during the show, masquerading as regular audience members. At a prearranged moment ChoralBlue emerge, flash-mob style, onto the stage and sing with DeepBlue! 

In 2019 this collaboration inspired a full collaboration with the Queensland Choir to present Our Place a collaboration between DeepBlue, the Queensland Choir, Digi Youth Arts and Tjupruu. 

If you’d like to collaborate or find out how your choir can get involved with our ChoralBlue program get in touch! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Check out some of the great feedback we’ve received from participants:

“To sing with such a great group of musicians and to a full house was a HIGHLIGHT of my singing life! Thank you ALL!”

Chorister, Whyalla, 2012

“I think the DeepBlue concept is fantastic, amalgamating the community into their performance and enabling groups such as ourselves and the ‘YoungBlues’ to be part of the evening. Thankyou for your leadership during the process and Freddy Mercury for taking all of us to vocal ranges that we only dreamed of…… I would like to commend DeepBlue on their professionalism, warmth and making myself and all the singers very welcomed.. it was wonderful to sing with you all.”

Matt Mc, Warnambool 2012

“Thank you for the opportunity to sing with DeepBlue. The students had a magical night and are still very excited about it all this morning! Good luck with the rest of your performances” 

Joanne Garnett, Greenock Primary School

Banner photography by: Fiona Cullen