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The Orchestra unleashed

We offer electrifying shows which captivate audiences in global venues and festivals, and an education revolution for schools and young musicians.

Electrifying shows

Global Audiences

Education Revolution


"There was quite a lot of 'Pow!', quite a lot of 'Wow!', and it was definitely 'Now'"

Peter Bleby, Australian Stage


Sorry there are no live events found right now, but you can check out some of our past events below.

DeepBlue's education programs unleashed


YoungBlue is DeepBlue’s global education revolution. Working with thousands of young people across Australia, America, Asia and Africa, we aim to inspire the young musicians of tomorrow to experience innovative ways of performing and creating music. YoungBlue includes Showstopper which invites YoungBlues to be a part of the DeepBlue show; Ignite which offers tailored workshops direct to schools; and SeasonalSchools, our holiday programs for young musicians to dive deeper into all that is to DeepBlue, in order to design and present their very own show! YoungBlue is forever growing, so we can’t wait to meet the next generation of young creatives.


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Looping video reel by: Janella Ang