Welcome to Cultivate - DeepBlue's Community Outreach

The creative industries have a huge role to play in community well-being.  Music is an inherently social act and one which has enormous potential to bring people together. We believe whole-heartedly in this. A huge part of what we do is engaging with communities and helping where we can and getting to know and our audiences.

Cultivate encompasses so much of who we are. It is one of our core values. We aim to nurture growth, to foster relationships and encourage and collaborate with our communities. On and off tour we run various open-door community engagement programs that communities can get involved with. Ranging from our most well-known YoungBlue program, which aims to empower young musicians to approach their music with a totally different attitude, to ChoralBlue through which we collaborate with community choirs to provide unique performance opportunities.

We like to get to know our audiences during our shows and so we developed ESP (we wish - actually our Electronic Show Programme) which is an interactive mobile platform in which audiences can choose to answer questions about themselves relating to our shows and songs. We include some audience responses during the shows and this has allowed many spontaneous moments of connection, such as random happy birthday renditions to sharing intimate stories and so many more. If you're curious how audiences respond, you can read some of the anonymous responses here.

Cultivate+ is our community outreach program in which we work with various charities, choirs, schools and existing cultural programs to deliver unique and meaningful workshops and/or performances. We have worked together with organisations such as the Smith Family, Dharavi Rocks, ACORN Foundation, Autism Queensland, Queensland Choir, Digi Youth Arts, as well as many state, private and alternative schools locally and globally.

Our ‘Busking for good’ program is an informal busking-style of entertainment which takes place usually during our intervals. We 'busk' to fundraise and support charities such as Hear and Say, Starlight foundation, Nepal Australia Friendship Association to name a few. DeepBlue have also worked with a community in Zimbabwe to help support their project the ‘SCHONA Music School'.

Cultivate aims  to inspire change and to support both young and old to help realise their dreams.


Banner photography by: Mellumae