YoungBlue holiday programs

The YoungBlue SeasonalSchools are a unique creative learning adventure for young musicians, encompassing our much-loved SummerSchool and WinterSchool holiday programs! These multi-day skill-building workshops are a rich and immersive experience full of fun and insight from music industry experts, guest professionals and members of DeepBlue. Throughout the program, participants engage with music technology, composition, movement, circus, stagecraft and performance skills to design and present their own DeepBlue-style show!

The SeasonalSchools have seen have seen over 10 successful years of workshops and shows and every year the programs feature an exciting new theme, new music, and new potential to explore a young player’s musical journey!

Everything you need to know about the YoungBlue SeasonalSchools, is in our info pack below. If you have any questions about the program or how you can get involved, please get in touch info at




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Watch The YoungBlue SummerSchool final show from 2014




Every year, YoungBlue participants of the SeasonalSchools are given a fun new theme and groovy songs to learn! Together, YoungBlue designs their own unique narrative, choreography, production and costumes! Check out some of the incredible outcomes from previous years below!