DeepBlue at your School

DeepBlue offers our education revolution and engaging YoungBlue programs direct to schools with YoungBlue Ignite. We have different packages to suit your students’ and school’s needs - from workshops with DeepBlue musicians to a full DeepBlue show that features your students. DeepBlue will inspire your young musicians, promote music and the creative industries at your school and can offer unique fundraising opportunities for your arts department. DeepBlue has successfully carried out workshops across Australia that leave students, teachers and families passionate about music.

To find out more about our exciting in school shows and workshops download our information pack or contact us here.

Deepblue had a big impact on the school. The principal was thrilled, staff were amazed and you heard the kids highly excited and even the invited politicians were excited, busily taking photos with their phones. Even though I had tried to give people and idea of Deepblue before you came I don't think they comprehended. Our Instrumental players while some, especially the yr 8s were out of their comfort zone, the teachers were really surprised to see how kids stood up beyond what was expected and some kids usually in the background shone.  A particular thank you for enabling two of our kids to obtain experience with the backstage/sound setting up. It was an amazing opportunity for them. All in all it was a wonderful experience for the players and shook up the perception amongst staff and students as to what Instrumental music can be about. It was a wonderful boost for players. THANK YOU!!!!
Jenni Martin, The Gap State High School

Mackay SHS experienced the professional mentoring of Deep Blue facilitators during a recent Band Tour to the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries. The 3 day workshop saw a marked development in the level of confidence and collaboration across the whole group of 41 instrumental music students and their teachers. It taught them to believe in their collective potential and allowed them to take creative risks in a non- threatening, highly supportive learning environment.  The resulting performance incorporating professional hands on technologies, polished choreography and a vast range of instruments was the culmination of a high energy, high challenge experience for our previously traditional bands and ensembles.
Nicole de Brueys