DeepBlue were honoured to collaborate and perform with Tjupurru in Our Place,which premiered at the Queensland Music Festival.

Brisbane Based International Didgeridoo performer Adrian Fabila Tjupurrula aka Tjupurru is a proud descendant of the Djabera Djabera tribe of the West Australia Kimberleys. Born in Port Moresby P.N.G. He moved to Cairns (North Queensland) where he first heard the didgeridoo music of Gondwanaland.

Tjupurru and Charlie McMahon (Gondwanaland) came together for all night outdoor corroboree jam sessions on the beach, as an alternative to pub & club venues. The atmosphere of playing music & dancing around a campfire encouraged improvisation and trance like endurance playing. Now, playing the DIDJERIBONE and the FACE BASS, both Charlie McMahon inventions, Tjupurru’s whole life has come full circle

With the addition of sampling and electronic effects, Tjupurru has enabled himself to perform as a One Man Band creating live samples and looping them to create songs and soundscapes that criss cross most musical genres.

Tjupurru continues to play Globally with his newly formed band “Department of Music,” as well as following his passion of playing Cultural Education Shows and hosting Looping Technology Workshops in Schools, Universities, Youth Detention Centres and Special Schools.​