Presented by Corrina Bonshek & Collaborators and DeepBlue

Song to the Earth is an immersive live music event that invites the audience to wander through a ‘forest’ of musicians at dusk, illuminated by exquisite large-scale light installations and wearable light sculptures.

It is an exciting new work by composer Dr Corrina Bonshek created in collaboration with DeepBlue, and Dr Michael Askill (master percussionist).

The music is scored in sonic waves, circles and spirals that pass between the groups of musicians accompanied by an ethereal insect and bird soundscape. A compelling aspect of this work is the ability to experience the music from right next to the players.  It is unlike anything DeepBlue has attempted before, breaking down the barriers between the audience and musicians in totally new ways.

Song to the Earth was performed at Bleach* Festival / Festival 2018 as part of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Arts and Culture Program, and also at Flowstate, South Bank.  A fabulous group of string and percussion students from The Gold Coast and Brisbane joined.

For more details please see our Song the The Earth ArTour page

Composer Corrina Bonshek’s Song to the Earth portfolio has more details about the production.




2018 | Bleach* Festival and Festival 2018 of Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) arts and culture program, April 7 & 8, Gold Coast
2018 | Flowstate Festival, May 16-19, Brisbane
2017 | Bleach* Festival (Pilot as part of Inherit the Wind)


Artistic direction and composition Dr Corrina Bonshek
Performed by DeepBlue, Dr Michael Askill, and local musicians
Community engagement and music mentoring: DeepBlue, Dr Michael Askill
Large-scale installation by Mimi Dennett
Lighting design by Wes Bluff
Wearable small scale light installations by Tiffany Beckwith-Skinner
Sound design by Anna Whitaker and Corrina Bonshek
Live sound and bow lighting by Rhys Tyack
Movement consultant Meredith Elton


Song to the Earth was co-commissioned by City of Gold Coast, Bleach*Festival and the Queensland Government through the Regional Arts Development Fund and the Office of the Commonwealth Games and other funding sources. Produced by Bleach* Festival.

Song to the Earth had its first stage creative development as part of Inherit the Wind, a collaborative and community engaged performance project directed and produced by Meredith Elton, with circular light installation concept by Kristian Baggerson.

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