August 22, 2016

Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove

Garden of Minuscule Delights was a collaboration between DeepBlue at QUT’s Robotics, Interaction Design, Dance and Fashion researchers, and focused on the interaction between robots and performers. The dancer (Stephanie Hutchison) used her movements to restore harmony with the robots after the audience’s arrival disrupts them. DeepBlue’s musicians provided live instrumental music in collaboration with acclaimed music producer and composer Yanto Browning, adding excitement and vitality to an immersive experience.

A collaboration between DeepBlue, Yanto Browning, Andy Arthurs, Jared Donovan, Jonathan Roberts and Stephanie Hutchison.

This video is edited footage of rehearsals for the Garden of Minuscule Delights, a collaborative project between robotics, interactive visual design, dance and music. The show ran as a part of QUT's CreateX event, august 2016.

Garden of Minuscule Delights short edit from Yanto on Vimeo.

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