Liz began playing the violin at the age of 7. For her, the violin was always a tool used in connecting with others. Growing up she thoroughly enjoyed playing hymns for her grandmother, Jonny Cash for her father and Dr Zhivago for the local nursing homes.

She studied violin under Spiros Rantos and Patricia Pollett at the University of Queensland 2004-2007 and won the Prestigious Sleath String Prize in 2007. She was a founding member of Brisbane’s Sanctuary String Quartet which involved performing at Customs House, running school Masterclasses, accompanying the Qld Ballet and of course playing Pachabel’s Canon for many a wedding.

Deep Blue has taken her around Australia and the world performing at the Shanghai World Expo and at numerous corporate/concert events in Vietnam, Malaysia, Jakarta and India. In 2011 Deep Blue went to the Finals stage of Australia’s Got Talent. She especially enjoys teaching “Young Blue” workshops: giving children the opportunity to “let go” and dance with their instruments. Yes it is possible to dance with a violin. Even stilt walk!

Liz also plays with Mendoza Tango Quartet: a band specialising in true Argentinian Tango Music. Since 2016 they have played tango music all over Australia at festivals and concerts. As a tango dancer herself Liz finds much joy in playing dance music for other dancers. More recently she has formed a Tango duo “Diez Cuerdas” with guitarist Rory Dollard from Cigany Weaver.

Liz Loves to rock out on her electric violin (Elektrina) with the band “The Smashing Bumpkins”. They specialise in teaching traditional bush dance moves to rock music. In 2018 and 2019 they blew the roof off the Pub up in Birdsville for the annual “Birdsville Races.”.

A new love is performing with the theatre group “Theatreoo” where Liz has been thrown into the deep end of acting, singing, dancing and playing violin.

Busking and performing in her Solo Show continue to be Liz’s happy places as an entertainer. The challenge of being able to connect with mere strangers brings her much joy. She even bought a violin case that would enable her to follow her dream of taking her violin hiking. Highlights of 2018 included playing on mountains and glaciers in Canada, Alaska, Switzerland and Tasmania entertaining fellow travellers and strangers. When not wooing the streets/wilderness, playing at weddings, rocking out in stilts on stage and tangoizing dancers Liz teaches violin privately.

During the Stay at Home Covid time all of the normal adventures were put on hold so Liz started a kids’ show streamed live on Facebook every Saturday morning. Drawing from years of special times with her nieces and nephews and with the help of Mr Violin, Elektrina and the Party Bus Animals, LizzieLand is a place where we can just be ourselves and find the magic in the everyday. Check it out on Facebook and Youtube! Are you ready for the adventure?