Kat Augustakis’ passion for music comes part from her fiery Greek heritage and part from her fiery red hair. She first picked up the violin at age 6 and from there her love for music and performance has blossomed to include all aspects of the industry; some days you’ll find Kat playing in a classical orchestra, some sitting in a recording studio and some hanging upside down to play her violin.

Kat has participated in many orchestras around Brisbane from a young age, playing in various QYO ensembles since 2010 and continuing to augment for QYS up to this year. After commencing university study at the University of Queensland, Kat was fortunate enough to play with a wide array of ensembles along the east coast and overseas, and currently holds the position of 2nd violin section principal with the Redlands Symphonia which she loves dearly.

In 2018 she signed on to record for a project album, which has since turned into an official position as violinist with the BossMoxi band, two festivals at the Triffid, a full immersive audience experience at the Old Museum Building, and a tour around South-East Queensland in 2019. She is currently contributing to their new album: Themes for Super Villains.
Kat has been teaching instrumental music for over 6 years now and adores all of her students. She has been lucky enough to teach in a variety of schools and workshops and actively advocates the importance of private lessons and the instruction of classical technique before moving on to learn how to play DeepBlue-style.

When Kat is not performing, she is arranging string covers of rock and metal music and researching new and better ways to arrange contemporary music for classical instrumentation for her Honours thesis. She can also be found dreaming of new choreography for DeepBlue, playing cards, boardgames or DnD, or avidly listening to pirate metal.