Liz Young

lizsofie_doubleviolinLiz’s greatest musical moment was receiving $100 from one listener for playing Fur Elise whilst busking. A close second to this was winning the University of Queensland’s Sleath string performance prize.

When Liz isn’t playing for deepblue you might find her running up a mountain, dancing Argentine tango, drinking billy tea around a gas stove with friends in the local park, telling scary almost-going-down-a-waterfall-upside-down-under-a-kayak stories, talking about Jesus or floating down a creek on a lilo.

What do Liz, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley all share in common?
They all grew up playing their instruments and singing in church.

How does Liz achieve her vivacious curls, you ask?
Simply twirl small sections of wet hair around 2 fingers and pin to head with bobby pin (makes approx 50-60 curls). Once dry, take out bobby pins, separate the curls, hair spray and enjoy the bounciness!