DeepBlue worked closely with David Gillette from 2013 – 2016 on the DeepBlue USA collaboration, in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology and the California Polytechnic State University.

Dr David Gillette is the founder and Co-Director of the Cal Poly, Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies programme which offers a hybrid, interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree combining upper-level courses in engineering with advanced courses in the humanities. Based on an academic and commercial background in media production, rhetoric, and creative narrative design, Dr. Gillette’s recent research and project work includes STEAM-based educational outreach to underserved local communities; media-driven technical documentation; and system design and testing for various forms of interactive, place-based storytelling. He has taught in universities across the USA, Japan and Australia and is currently managing the final stages of development for a new technology creation and computational performance space for the university called the Jack and Felicia Cashin Expressive Technology Studios, opening in winter 2022.