DeepBlue performed Song to the Earth with Cameron Kennedy, Jamee Seeto, Tsouf Baras and Zak Soenario and local YoungBlue musicians and percussionists at Redland Performing Arts Centre. It was a thrill to collaborate with Composer and Artistic Director Corrina Bonshek on this immersive, nature inspired work. Audience members of all ages strolled throughout the performance space amongst the musicians. Their response to the experience along with musicians reflections are beautifully captured in this short Song to the Earth Highlights video (see below).

Some lovely feedback on the project:

‘We all here at RPAC, and Redland City Council – audiences, stakeholders, venue team are changed for the better as a result of Song to the Earth. The process = delightful as the project grew over the week in our space, and the outcome = sublime.’

Brad Rush, Service Manager - Creative Arts, Redland Performing Arts Centre

‘Thank you for making this music - I thoroughly enjoyed it and we need more art like this in the world,’

Zak Soenario, Percussionist in Song to the Earth

Song to the Earth Highlights from Redland Performing Arts Centre