June 4 was a cold and rainy Saturday in Indooroopilly, but for DeepBlue and St Peters Lutheran College

Music department it was a day full of excitement, musical talent and collaboration.

St Peters presented us with one of the largest groups of YoungBlue participants we have ever had! Over 250 music students learned and memorised their music, choreographed dance moves, and performed to an audience of 1000 people including parents, friends, and relatives.

Apart from the remarkable numbers, their talent and dedication was out of this world! Music, costumes and dance moves were on point, and all our DeepBlue experienced performers were indeed impressed. “The students make it look so easy! We need to step up our game!” said Anitah Kumar, DeepBlue’s cellist, after watching the kids’ dress rehearsals.

St Peters’ YoungBlues had a couple of weeks to rehearse, from their day of workshops until their performance day, instead of the usual one day program – and oh, did their hard work pay off! They were responsible for the first half of the show, and the audience had a blast – they laughed, danced, sang along, and were all very proud of their little ones.

The bar was set high for DeepBlue and we had a great time on stage. The show was particularly special to Liz Young, one of DeepBlue’s violinists and ex-student at St Peters. She was delighted to perform at the school’s new Performing Arts Centre. She also had the chance to lead DeepBlue and St Peters’ 250 music students during the last song – their version of The Hunger Games theme song was haunting and absolutely enchanting.

“I had goose bumps all down my arms! It was beautiful!” said one of the parents at the end of the show.

We had an amazing time at St Peters – as always, and we cannot wait to return and perform with their talented bunch again in the future!

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