Blueprints is an ongoing project aiming to experiment with new ideas and expand the scope and audience of DeepBlue shows through smaller, innovative and unconventional performances.

Forever seeking new ways to break down the barriers between the performer and the audience, Into the Dark saw DeepBlue entice with a uniquely intimate chamber performance. Each member of the audience was met by a member of the orchestra, they were blindfolded, and gently guided to lay down inside the beautiful Shri Yoga Studio hall, where the musicians sat and played amongst them. The audience surrendered their sight to better open their ears to beauty. To breathe with us. Listen with us. And follow us… into the dark.

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Sold Out Season at Anywhere Festival 2015


DeepBlue Co-Producers - Andy Arthurs & Darren Clark
Into the Dark Producers - Wayne Jennings, Richard Grantham
Festival Liason - Ruby Donohoe
Creative Directors - Wayne Jennings, Richard Grantham,
Marketing & Publicity - Wayne Jennings
Venue Provided by - Shri Yoga Studios & Julie Smerdon
Venue Liason - Emma Baker


Evan Setiawan - Violin
Deanna Connelly - Violin
Jenny Dalseno - Violin
Maxine Sutcliffe - Violin
Sophie Mathison - Viola
Richard Grantham - Viola & Keyboard
Emma Hales - Cello
Wayne Jennings - Cell
Amanda Tio - Double Bass
Zinia Chan - Keyboard

Featuring original compositions by:
Richard Grantham
Zinia Chan
Shenzo Gregorio & Fourplay String Quartet

Signature Shows