Amanda Tio

amanda2An accomplished pianist by the age of twelve, Amanda turned her attention to the double bass, achieving an AMusA and graduating with a BMus (Hons) in Performance from the University of Queensland in 2004. She is a casual double bassist with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and is the violinist in the band Sweet Fawn. She also enjoys playing at the occasional wedding on violin or cello. Amanda currently teaches strings and piano at a few schools in Brisbane. She has previously played with the X-Collective, Australian Youth Orchestra, Queensland Youth Symphony, Tetrabass (double bass quartet), various community orchestras and in the orchestra for the animated film “Articulate!”.

Age you started playing?
Started double bass when I was 12 but began music lessons on piano aged 5.

Instruments you play?
Double bass and a bit of violin, piano, cello, bass guitar.

Other roles?
youngblue ringmaster.

What else do you do other than db?
I teach a lot and perform with other groups whenever I am given the opportunity.

What you like most about db?
The people in the group, the people we meet, the original music. I like that we are unconventional.

Favourite songs/music style?
No favourite. I’m very eclectic when it comes to music. The CDs in my car at the moment: The Lucksmiths, The London Double Bass Sound, The Fray, Mzaza (one of Greta’s bands!)

Favourite book/movie?
Can’t choose a favourite book. I love reading Marian Keyes for a laugh. I also enjoy reading books by Joanne Harris, Jane Austen and Melina Marchetta.

I don’t have a favourite movie but I remember crying the entire way through the German film “Twin Sister”. I probably watch too much TV. I’m addicted to Masterchef and Glee.

Favourite DeepBlue track?
Raising Up Water or Bollywood Seven.

I like to bake and make desserts. Mainly because you get to enjoy (hopefully) yummy food afterwards. I am pretty average though.

What draws you to music?
The beauty, the emotion, the joy. When performing, the feeling of satisfaction when things go right.

I want people to know that the double bass is amazing and is not just an instrument that plays ‘boring’ accompaniments!