Anitah is a part-time cellist / creative producer / educator and part-time lawyer. She is all about pushing the boundaries of art, music and sociology while blurring the lines of genre.

Anitah joined DeepBlue in 2015 for their signature show, India Stories and since then has become a board member of the organisation and producer of the unique music education program, YoungBlue.

In 2018, taking inspiration from the resurgence of contemporary strings in popular culture, Anitah created the all female, four-piece string group, Luminescence. In pursuing their passion for multi-disciplinary collaboration, Luminescence have worked on projects with a colourful spectrum of creatives – from visual artist, Chris Mangos, to musicians like Fascinator and The Jensens. Luminescence is featured on The Jensen’s latest album, Hammer and Blush, and are currently working on their own debut album, Midsummer. 

As a creative producer, Anitah has worked as a programming manager on large-scale projects including Yonder Festival, Brisbane Street Art Festival and the inner-city arts space, Superodinary. Her latest project, Platform, is centred around reimagining the structures of the music industry and providing space for women, people of colour and queer communities through multi-arts events and talks.

Anitah currently enjoys playing in the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra and dabbling in bass guitar. From here, Anitah aims to continue finding unique ways to combine her many artistic interests and create innovative and immersive audience experiences.

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