January 15, 2012

Queensland University of Technology


Held at the Queensland University of Technology, DeepBlue are are bringing back their successful YoungBlue holiday program this January with a show exploring all things Robotic! Think Robot Rock and other classics with a futuristic storyline created, lighting and visuals created by YoungBlue themselves!

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Testimonials from our 2012 YoungBlues and their parents:

“We were very impressed with the final performance and the kids looked like they were really enjoying it!”

“Very enthusiastic response and the kids’ positive reactions matched the promotional descriptions of the program and the claims that it would revitalise their interest in their instruments, music and performance. Well done to the DeepBlue Team, QUT and all involved!”

“Staff involved seemed genuinely interested, enthusiastic and seem warm, engaging human beings happy to be educating, inspiring and transforming the kids they are working with. They genuinely love what they do and this enthusiasm and love of music and performing transferred to the kids.  – this is quite a contrast to many of the burnt-out or ‘creativity-deprived’ teachers we have found in other settings. I’m not used to seeing kids begging to be allowed to do something of an educational nature again.”

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