DeepBlue are unleashing the orchestra and stripping away audience expectations with their newest show Now is the Time, taking audiences into a deep dive exploration of the relationship between humanity and AI with their dynamic string driven, electrifying show that features rich strings, AI innovations, electronics, big beats, dynamic movement, stunts and immersive visuals and lighting. 

DeepBlue will delve into the potential of AI to augment human creativity and artistic expression while addressing the ethical implications related to AI's increasing role in our lives.  Presenting an innovative and multi-sensory experience that leverages AI-driven visuals, soundscape, and live music enhancements, to create a unique performance that explores the possibilities and challenges of AI, while celebrating human creativity and expression. 

Featuring a fresh selection of Australian composers, electrifying originals and reinterpretations of classics that define DeepBlue, along with their signature movement, stunts and incredible energy. This performance will push the boundaries of art and technology, leaving you inspired and intrigued. Now is the Time DeepBlue's biggest new show coming to a theatre near you!

Download DeepBlue's Now is the Time Presenter Pack to find out more about booking DeepBlue's new show at your theatre or festival!

“DeepBlue bring Connection, Innovation & Theatrics To The Traditional Orchestra Experience”

“The music broke barriers of genre, style, connection and imagination.”

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