India Stories celebrates DeepBlue’s national tour of India, the show bursts with lush strings, bass beats and drama, in this auditory exploration created straight ​from the streets and myths of Mumbai. Accompanied by unique visuals from Indian sand artist Siddhi Yadav, each scene is a captivating painting of light and music, as Yadav makes sand dance to the rhythm of her fingertips.

DeepBlue features guest musician Dheeraj Shrestha on tabla and traditional, unique instruments; the shahi baja and shah keman. India Stories pays homage to DeepBlue and Yadav's time with the young musicians of Dharavi and is a glimpse into the emotion, momentum, colour and drive of the heart of Mumbai. ​ ​

“The sheer joy and vivacity of the performers is obvious from the opening moments, as they cavort around the stage, waving instruments in the air and dancing with Bollywood style moves. The Indian theme is presented as a tribute to the culture and the people – especially the children of the slums of Dharavi – rather than any attempt to appropriate the culture.”

Flloyd Kennedy, ArtsHub 2015

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Premiered at the Woodford Folk Festival 2013

Sold out season at the Brisbane Powerhouse 2015


DeepBlue Co-Producers - Andy Arthurs & Darren Clark
Script Writer - Eugene Gilfedder
Sand Art Visuals - Siddhi Yadav
Sand Art Videographer - Denzil Machado
Production Manager & Live sound - Kayne Hunnam
Visual Jockey - Sarah Petrasiunas
Narrator - Imogen Eve
Creative Directors - Sophie Loades, Andy Arthurs, Imogen Eve, Wayne Jennings, Richard Grantham, Deanna Connelly
Marketing & Publicity - Greta Kelly & Antonia Mobbs
Rehearsal Director - Deanna Connelly
Tour Manager - Sophie Loades
Community Engagement Coordinator - Sophie Loades
Young Blue Coordinator - Emma Hales
Movement - Fiona Cullen, Wayne Jennings, Deanna Connelly and everyone in DeepBlue!
Stilts - Evan Setiawan
Electronic Show Programme - Petra Knapp
Electronic Show Programme Text - Sophie Loades, Greta Kelly, Richard Grantham, Andy Arthurs, Petra Knapp
Photographers - Fiona Cullen & Dean Loades
Camera Operators - Antonia Mobbs & David Gillette
Merchandise - Anne Hales

2012 India Stories Performers

Imogen Eve - Violin 1
Evan Setiawan - Violin 1
Deanna Connelly - Violin 1
Greta Kelly - Violin 2 & Shahkeman
Andy Ward - Violin 2 & Vocals
Richard Grantham - Viola, Shaahi Baaja & Keyboard
Amanda Tio - Viola
Maxine Sutcliffe - Double Bass
Emma Hales - Cello
Wayne Jennings - Cello
Sophie Loades - Cello
Anitah Kumar - Cello
Jodie Ramona - Cello
Zander Hulme - V-Drums
Dheeraj Shrestha - Tabla
Allan Bremner - E-Mu
Sarah Petrasiunas - VJ

Photography by: Fiona Cullen

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