DeepBlue's  new show Echoes of Now, which premiered at the Brisbane Powerhouse, is a show which will dazzle, delight and entertain with DeepBlue’s signature lush strings, big beats, guitar riffs and serious synths combined with some incredibly unique interactive technology. The show features a selection of Australian composers, many of whom are current or past band members as well some classic party anthems that define DeepBlue with their feature dance moves, stunts and the incredible energy for which they’re so well known.

Echoes of Now, shares how the past couple of years has been a time of discovery and reinvention for DeepBlue, and invites our audience to do the same. Through DeepBlue's interactive technologies you are invited through a unique experience to dive deeper into the show, to leave your phone on and interact via DeepBlue’s brand new Electronic Show Programme (ESP) an interactive page on your mobile with info about each piece and, throughout the performance you can join us in reflecting on the themes and narratives that DeepBlue performers share. Responses appear in real time so the you and DeepBlue are all able to discover a bit about each other.

Echoes of Now previewed for one night only at the DeepBlue Powerhouse in 2021 and we are excited to bring the next development of this show to you in 2022 and beyond. If you would like to book Echoes of Now at your venue or festival get in touch!


“The music broke barriers of genre, style, connection and imagination.”

“The sweetness of the song combined with the clear joy being had by the performers of DeepBlue creates a wonderous experience that goes beyond language.”

Camilla Astrid Strand, Good Call Live Review 2021

“Dancing while playing a classical instrument is one feat, but throw a hula hoop, some stilts, and a bit of contortionism into the mix and that’s what makes DeepBlue unique.”

“Comparable to the zeal and mastery of Cirque du soleil performers, DeepBlue’s performance brought the sexiness of Charlie’s Angels and the passion of Roman gladiators.”

Meg Henry, Arts Hub 2021

Read Bronte Latham's scenester review here



Violin: Evan Setiawan, Toukie Wood, Kat Augastakis
Viola: Sophie Ellis
Cello: Wayne Jennings, Anitah Kumar
Double bass, bass guitar and cello: Emma Hales
Guitar: John Meyer
Drums: Hik Sugimoto
Keys, samples, effects: Matt Sorensen
Costume designer: Tiffany Beckwith-Skinner
Audio Engineer: Jack B-Jones
ChoralBlue: Cathy Mundy & Jay Turner 'with one voice Brisbane'
ESP Software Developer: Dan Holman, Sol Technology
Producers: Greta Kelly, Sophie Loades, Toukie Wood

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