Wayne Jennings

wayneWayne Jennings grew up in a funeral parlour in a mining town in a barren desert in central Australia. There he learnt how to play the cello, how to dig holes, and that life was a Very, Very Serious matter.

He still plays the cello, but digging holes and Taking Life Seriously didn’t really work out.

Wayne developed his technique of Cello Dancing in order to make performing Pachelbel’s Canon more interesting. He has toured Australia, Europe and the Pacific with assorted orchestras and chamber ensembles. Most recently he has worked with busking trio Strictly Strings, alt-rock band the Red Paintings, jazz duo the Gamble Sisters and the West End Chamber Orchestra. He has performed with Evermore, Grinspoon, Missy Higgins, the Rogue Traders, Mogwai, Jason Webley and the Dresden Dolls. He is Music Director for the Ragtag Review burlesque cabaret.

He is currently studying Jazz Bass, and learning Circus Arts at Circa – Rock and Roll Circus. Wayne joined deep blue to further explore his passion for combining music, movement and multimedia.

Wayne’s cello is made of carbon-fibre and is indestructible.

His dreams are made of coal and they burn.