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Researchers suggest creative industries have a role to play in community well-being and that music is an inherently social act, and one which contains enormous potential to bring people together. We believe whole-heartedly with this and a huge part what we do is getting know Who You Are!

On and off tour we run all sorts of programs that communities can get involved with. Ranging from our most well-known YoungBlue program, which aims to empower young musicians to approach their music with a totally different attitude, to ChoralBlue in which we work with a different local choir in each town we tour to. Further afield we are working with a community in Zimbabwe to help support their project the SCHONA Music School and back home we work with a variety of local schools from The Gap High School to Northside Christian College and even the SMITH family.

Of course, the DeepBlue audience is also part of our our community. We love how they’ve been interacting with us particularly through our unique Electronic Show Programme (ESP). Check out the links below to find out more or get involved in our community!

If you’ve recently been to a DeepBlue show and have something you’d like to share, email it to We’d love to hear from you! We’re also building a secure area where, once you are a member, you will be able to add content yourself.

ESP (Electronic Show Programme)

Since DeepBlue began, they have constantly interacted with their audience through mobile technology.  Initially, inviting their fans to SMS in their dreams and song requests, DeepBlue now get to know their audience via their ground-breaking web app, the hyper – interactive Electronic Show Programme (eSP).  Audiences use their mobile devices to access the eSP that is full of info about DeepBlue’s music and opportunities for audience to interact in real time with the performers, and an opportunity for us to read your minds! (Is the sound to loud?? Who do you like the most??)

Have you been to one of our Who Are You shows recently? Do you want to find out what people have said so far about the DeepBlue shows they’ve seen? Check out our ESP page to see what audiences have said!

On tour

Since DeepBlue started touring regional and metropolitan Australia YoungBlue have been a way to connect with each community they visit and inspire young musicians with a fun and creative approach to performance.  Visit our YoungBlue website for mote details and videos.

When we’re on tour DeepBlue also work with community choirs to engage a wide range of local musicians. To read more about getting your community choir involved and to see photos of our ChoralBlue crews visit ChoralBlue

Holiday Programs

DeepBlue run week-long Summer and Winter Schools across South-East Queensland.  For more info or to join our mailing list so we can notify you about our next series of workshops visit our Holiday Programs page.

DeepBlue at Your School

DeepBlue work closely with teachers to send DeepBlue music well in advance and to devise a day of workshops and performances which feature students’ own choreography and a theremin competition. To find out more visit the DeepBlue at Your School page.

DeepBlue and Zimbabwe

Since DeepBlue began touring they have been raising money for a music school in Zimbabwe. Visit the Zimbabwe music school page for more info.  Through your generous support last year when fundraising at our shows we have so far been able to:
– Buy the lease of the land for 99 years, a school bus and complete two buildings
– Build and set up a chicken rearing program and set up basic farming land
– Fix and send a second hand computer

If you want to get involved with this project or find out more, contact Sophie on

DeepBlue and The Smith Family

DeepBlue musicians have loved working with students from Alexandra Hills and Wellington Point State High Schools.  Here’s what some of the participants had to say.

Sam:        I enjoyed that it was all of us creating something together.  I liked making our songs and having our individual input…I would definitely like to do some more work like that because we got to show everyone what we’d done…I felt like we accomplished something.
Tate:    I was learning guitar and the people were awesome… I enjoyed performing and would like to do some more.
Kit:    I liked learning keyboards and guitar and hanging out with them (DeepBlue) was really cool.  Performing with Alex Hills was heaps of fun as well – everyone enjoyed it a lot…I found that I actually can play keyboard, that I’m not hopeless at it…I’d like to learn more singing.
Lin:    I enjoyed being able to play and perform…I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it – the variety and getting up in front of an audience…I enjoyed meeting a lot of different people.