Zimbabwe music school

Dear Australia! Thank you all so much for your recent support for our Zimbabwe Music School project! Below you will find an update of the school’s progress from Emmanuel as well as some photos.

“We are well sheltered from the sun, wind and rain thanks to the generosity of the Australian people and deepblue for helping us put up a classroom at the school! Currently we have some very cool and smart children and at our school, a day looks like this…. We start with music theory and the basics of a normal school day then mid morning we move into practical, which we all love because we get to make sense of the music by playing. The instruments we have are a small xylophone, a set of African drums and some shakers, the kids are on the floor because we don’t have desks and chairs but they don’t seem to mind. We go for a lunch break after another hour and we make ourselves a plate of sadza and vegetables or eggs when the chickens have laid some. After lunch, we take to feeding, watering and bedding the birds in our chicken rearing program and also watering the vegetable garden! Then we go back in class for vocal training, the results are amazing, I really believe I am rearing some of Zimbabwe’s future superstars!

You are shining stars in our lives keep shining! And a BIG THANK YOU to the kind people of Australia and deepblue from all of us here. We love you all and please keep supporting us.

Yours thankfully,

Emmanuel Chimbakura”


Here are some more recent photos of the school.  Through your generous support last year when fundraising at our shows we have so far been able to:

– Buy the lease of the land for 99 years

– Complete one building

– Build another whole building (2 buildings in total!)

– Buy a school bus

– Build and set up a chicken rearing program

– Set up basic farming land

– Fix and send a second hand computer

Check out their latest photos.

In the near future deepblue is going to start taking donations of PA equipment, all types of instruments, leads, computers anything and everything musical!! If you have anything that you would like to donate please let us know by emailing Sophie on sophie@deepblueorchestra.com


Emmanuel’s Zimbabwean Music School – The Story

“I appeal to you and all to try and raise this money for me and for this school if you can’t I will understand and pray that it comes from somewhere, I cannot do performances anymore here hence my inability to raise the money I need for me to keep my school. I am surviving on the greens that we have planted in a garden at home and the maize that comes from my mother and father’s field that we harvested earlier this year. There are no jobs here and I cannot raise any money at all. I would appreciate it if you can help but will understand if you can’t.” Emmanuel Chimbakura

Emmanuel is a very talented musician whose freedom music is banned by the politically corrupt government. With an 80% unemployment rate work is difficult to find and Emmanuel finds himself in a position where he cannot sit back and watch what is happening around him for any longer. Although he is not financially in a position to help the people around him, this has not stopped him. He has managed, with the help of his friends, to build a school on a block of land and although the building is incomplete he has 12 students already.

He teaches musical skills to children that can’t afford school in the hope that this will not only fill their days with learning but give them the motivation and endurance needed to live a poor life as a Zimbabwean. These are children that are otherwise spending their days on the streets. Not only is he giving these kids an opportunity to learn valuable and lifelong skills but he is giving them the gift of expression through music.

“We have twelve children that have already started to show a sign of understanding and enthusiasm for what they are being taught, the Achilles heel of this project is the lack of food as the children end up spending up to four hours or more at my place for they don’t have anywhere else to go, their parents are too poor to pay school fees for them so they are sent away from school and this is the only from of education that they are getting.” Said Emmanuel.

“We are using one set of Mbira Xylophone, African drums and box guitar, but we are happy to be doing this for the kids you know, it feels good.” Explained Emmanuel.

Emmanuel’s plans are to build a staged area for the students to put on alcohol and drug free family performances and to set up a small recording studio. To keep the project afloat Emmanuel has plans to have a chicken rearing program on the land for the pupils to partake in, as well as small sections of farm land.

By supporting this program you are supporting the Zimbabwean people directly. There are no big organizations here; the money you donate is going straight to the project and to these kids’ lives.