Who are you Programme ESP

DeepBlue want get to know who you are and we want you to get to know us, this is why our new show is called ‘Who Are You.’

It takes you on a journey of the forming of our identities through our lives, we ask you to keep your phones on and text us in your thoughts and requests. For those who have a smart phone you can access our new dynamic show program, this mobile web app is a ground breaking way to experience live performance.

Through our wireless network we send you interesting info about each song throughout the evening along with some optional anonymous questions you can choose to answer. This information then comes back to us and we feed it back to you, you might learn something about us as well as about your community.

Electronic Show Program Notes from our new show Who Are You

Won’t Get Fooled Again / Who Are You – ‘How do you feel about living in Brisbane?’
Played by the whole of DeepBlue (arranged by Andy Arthurs).
This 1978 song is based on a day in the life of leader of The Who, Pete Townshend. Who Are You is the theme song for the TV show CSI.

Correlli Christmas Concerto – ‘What was your earliest memory?’
We are born; our identity begins
Played by the strings in DeepBlue. Soloists Imogen, Deanna and Wayne.
Concerto Grosso in G minor, Op. 6, No. 8 by Arcangelo Corelli, composed around 1690. Known commonly as his ”Christmas Concerto”.

Bounce – ‘Were you a good kid? Did you bounce?’
The early years
Played by all of DeepBlue (Composed by Phill Wilson – 2012)
The Big Bounce is all about satellites and bouncing our identities around the stratosphere. DeepBlue thought that was a bit like kids playing games too.

The Break 
– ‘Are/were the teenage years good for you? Why?’
Rites of passage
Composed in 2012 and played by the Emus (our electronic musicians Alex, Allan, Hik, Lyle and Gwen), with help from Anthony Kinmonth. The Break between childhood and adulthood is an identity forming time – we can be either an outsider or tribal (or both). It’s often music from this era that strongly shapes our adult lives.

Love Theme from the movie Cinema Paradiso – ‘What was your first love or passion?’
By veteran film composer Ennio Morricone with his son, Andrea (1988) and featuring Sofie on solo violin. This is a love story that takes place in a Sicilian cinema. Guaranteed to make the hardest hearts melt, this is the music from the final scene. Voted No 27 in The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema.

Perpetum Mobile
 –‘ What would you like to have more time for?’
The human condition is timeless
Composed by Penguin Cafe Orchestra leader Simon Jeffes around 1986. This was one of DeepBlue’s first pieces, but it endures over time. When we fall in love it’s as though no-one has felt what we are feeling. We are universally unique!

Alien – ‘What are you most afraid of?’
Be very afraid
What if who we are is at odds with who everybody else is? The outsider – we’ve all been there. DeepBlue becomes DarkBlue.
This was written by DeepBlue’s own Dane Alexander (2011). It’s a demanding but rewarding piece of music to play. Greta is playing the Theremin – the first electronic instrument from the 1920s

You’re the voice
The voice reaffirms who we are.
Thanks to:  XX Choir “You’re the Voice” by Andy Qunta, Keith Reid, Maggie Ryder & Chris Thompson for John Farnham – recorded for his 16th album, Whispering Jack (1986), which reached #1 in Australia, #6 in UK and #82 in the USA.
Bohemian Rhapsody – ‘Where were you when you first heard this song?’
Something we all identify with!
Thanks to:  XX Choir  Written in 1975 by Freddie Mercury from Queen. It took three weeks to record, and in some sections featured 180 separate overdubs. This resonates with so many people – in polls it almost always resides at No 1 as the most popular song of all time.

Party Rock Anthem (YoungBlue) – ‘Do you have someone from your family in YoungBlue or the Choir tonight?’
Express yourself!
Played by the YoungBlue performers from all across Geraldton! (with help from Emma, Sophie and DeepBlue).
This was a single by the Los Angeles electro-hop duo LMFAO. Worldwide, it was the second-best-selling single of 2011 (Adele beat them). YoungBlue make it their own tonight with original choreography they all worked out this afternoon.

Father and Son – ‘Do you think of yourself as young or old? Why? How old are you?’
The generation gap
Played by all of DeepBlue with solos from Emma (Cello), Jenny (Violin), and Amanda (Viola). This song by Cat Stevens was on his 1970 album Tea for the Tillerman. He said of his own father, “He was running a restaurant and I was a Pop Star, so I wasn’t following the path that he laid out. But we certainly didn’t have any antagonism between us. I loved him and he loved me”.

Somebody That I Used To Know –
 ‘Tell us about somebody that you used to know.’
Who changed, you or me?
Played by DeepBlue strings with a little help from The E-mus (E-mus are the DeepBlue electronic music section) This song has been a runaway success for Gotye. Born in Belgium in 1980, he moved to Australia with his family when he was two years old. The video of his song is approaching 300 million hits on YouTube.

Friday On My Mind – ‘What do you look forward to on Fridays?’
When we finish work do we put on a new identity?
A DeepBlue favourite featuring the whole orchestra.
1966 song by Australian rock group Easybeats, written by band members George Young and Harry Vanda. It was one Australia’s first worldwide hits. In 2001, it was voted “Best Australian Song” of all time.

Haven – ‘Do you have a special place where you feel you are you? Where is it?’
Familiarity can be comforting
DeepBlue strings play this piece written by Evan in 2011 (who is also the violin soloist). Evan is composing and arranging more and more for DeepBlue.
Nota Bene – 
‘What do/did you want to be when you grew up?’
A quick summary of a life
Richard (5-string viola and effects pedals), Hik (V-Drums), Lyle (Guitar) and Gwen (Bass) take you through a semi-improvised piece depicting someone’s life from cradle to grave. Which part of the piece depicts your life now?

Paranoid Android – ‘What is your most significant memory?’
Looking back – who were we
Arranged by Alex, this song was written by Thom Yorke from Radiohead in 1996 from album OK Computer. It features Liz on Violin solo and Allan on synth madness

Audience Choice! – You vote this next piece through! Choosing from the following
‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen
‘Bollywood’ by Phill Wilson from our last show The Dream
‘Popcorn’ From the first DeepBlue show
‘Nutbush’ from the first DeepBlue show
‘Butterflies and Huricanes’ Muse track given the DeepBlue treatment
‘Paint It Black’ by the Stones, Early DeepBlue track arranged by Garry Smith and Robert Davidson

Gypsy Robot – ‘What makes you unique, can you do any tricks?’
Many identities working to co-create music
Written in 2011 by Dane Alexander from DeepBlue with assistance from a team of DeepBlue Facebook friends. Dane wanted to find a way of composing where he could prototype the music and post it for comments. He did this a few times over and this is the result. Featuring solos from Sofie and Evan.

How many guitar riffs can you pick?
A stack of some of the most famous guitar riffs ever recorded, arranged for our finals appearance on Channel 7’s Australia’s Got Talent which was performed to nearly two million viewers! See if you can pick them all! Solo trumpet by Allan Bremner, Solo violin by Evan Setiawan