Vietnam ESP

Feedback and ESP responses from our April 2014 Tour of Vietnam. Huge thanks to the Australian Embassy, Hue Festival & Voice of Vietnam! Our warm and responsive audiences interacted with DeepBlue during the performance via the ESP and texting in, This is what they shared…

Who Are You Programme – ESP Vietnam


Conversations with the audience of the “Voice of Vietnam Performance”, April 8th

The song that got the most amount of Likes was “Riff” with 100% of the audience choosing “Really Like”! Riff was featured on Australia’s Got Talent in 2012, check it out! Riff was followed closely by Friday on my mind with 80% choosing “Really Like”

Won’t Get Fooled Again / Who Are You – When someone asks, “Who are you?” what do they really want to know? Is your name really enough to explain who you are?’ – Khi ai đó hỏi, “Bạn là ai?”, người đó thực sự muốn biết những gì, tên của bạn có đủ để phản ánh con người thực sự của bạn ?

Never. Not just your job.
No, it’s not!
My personality?
Hi am LB light blue
What makes you tick
Depends on what language you speak !
So amazing!
You cant know some one just by theit name

Big Bounce / Phill Wilson – Q. Have you ever met a close friend or partner while bouncing your identity through the internet? Bạn đã bao giờ gặp một người bạn thân hoặc đối tác trong khi nảy danh tính của bạn thông qua internet?

Yes Many!
Twitter was a great intro to many friends in Hanoi
No Not yet. I’m a cyber-numpty.
Yes I met one of my very close friend via a forum. We didnt stay intouch until now. But you make me miss him so much right now 🙁
Not yet!

Hong Kong Western / Phill Wilson Q. How did your meet your best friend? Vậy bạn và người bạn thân nhất của mình đã gặp nhau trong hoàn cảnh nào ?

At school
My welcome drinks to my first grown up job
In high school
Volunter activities
Sport. Good spent six days inventing and on the seventh he invented sport.
Online dating
by accident
If we talk about my best friend, We met in high school, in the basketball team. It has been 10 years since
Basically, we met each other at school and after some conflicts and stuff, we decided to become friends and we are best friends now
L?n d?u g?p, ý tôi là nhìn th?y nhau, tôi và nó nhu ki?u quen nhau t? t? nam tru?c r?i v?y =)) K bi?t tên nhung nhìn m?t quen quen? =))
We met at school
Some how it was so special that i forgot
at work

Life on Mars & Space Odditty / David Bowie Medley – Q. Are there any songs that reflect who you are? Có bài hát nào phản ánh được trung thực con người của bạn không?

Happy by Pharell Williams & some Hanoi clips are special to me right now
Still call Australia home
Con ngu? 😀
My life was fixed by many other songs
Filter- take a (my?) picture. That song rocks me
Blue bird by ikimono gakari
Yep, many
I think the song would be ‘untouchable’ by Anathema
Tôi chua tìm du?c bà i hát nà o nhu v?y

La Ngua O / Vietnamese Traditional arr Greta Kelly – Q. Is it time to start looking for a fine black horse yet? Bạn đã sẵn sàng đi tìm cho mình một chú ngựa ô chưa ?

Yes. I love you
Not yet. My grey in the sixth is still running.
i ride it all the time

Bollywood 7 / Phill Wilson – Q. Have you ever fallen in love with someone from a totally different world? Bạn đã ra bao giờ yêu một người mà người đó và bạn đến từ hai thế giới hoàn toàn khác nhau chưa ?

All my lovers are from totally different worlds for sure!
Maybe i should try! In India! Haha
Yes. I’m all crazy and do really stupid stuffs while he’s quiet and shy. Really hard to talk to
Every time!!
Considering that a book is a completely different world , i guess i have

Butterfly Lovers / Chinese Traditional arr Evan Setiawan – Q. How can we increase tolerance and understanding so that our differences don’t have to become deadly (as was the case for poor Liang and Zhu)? Làm cách nào chúng ta có thể khoan dung hơn với nhau, bỏ qua sự khác biệt để tránh những kết cục bi thảm?

Open your mind and your heart, put yourself in other people’s shoes
We can find another one of ourselves in music
Calm down
by sharing a joint
Predict, experience, prepare, accept, then happy finally.
Love more 🙂
engaging in families and their lives to understand the connection

Somebody that I used to Know / Gotye – Q. Tell us about somebody that you used to know? Hãy kể cho tôi nghe về một người nào đó bạn đã từng quen biết được không?

University… Graduation…. Different cities.
No! But the song is extremely awesome \m/
He is an amazing boy who came from USA, so handsome, so kind, and wild too, but i can not love him more, l
I was used to be a dreamy, ambitious girl. But i guess now i become more fragile, and lose a part of me somewhere….
My father. I thought I knew all about him. I found after he died how little I really knew. There was so much more and greater about him than I realised.
He’s the one who once I thought is the love of my life- a love between a big man and a kiddo girl who loved for the first time in her life. I Can’t recall how many tears did drop and I no longer remember his phone number. I properly won’t meet him ever again.
My ex…

I said goodbye to a man three months ago. We cannot be anything now.

Actually I have always been afraid of this song since it was released, now I think it’s fine to hear though. 🙂

Friday on my mind / Easybeats – Q. In Australia we go out on a Friday evening. What do you look forward to when you finish your work week? Tại Úc, chúng tôi thường ra ngoài vào tối thứ Sáu. Bạn thường mong muốn được làm gì khi kết thúc một tuần làm việc ?

Watching TV
beer hoi
hang out with friends
Go to Rockeries on Ma May St.
Time with my friends & family
Go out with my friend, dancing, drinking and have fun
I always want to spend my weekend on mountain or in the woods where there are no crowd and noisy people where I can breath fresh air, drink a cup of tea with the beautiful view in my sight!
Time for friends and datinggg

Alien / Dane Alexander – Q. What is your biggest fear? Nỗi sợ hãi lớn nhất của bạn là gì ?

missing out
Not doing the things I’m most afraid of
Losing my friends
i will be alone in this giant world
is that i can’t archieve my dream
Being left behind and unwanted. (This song goes straight into my playlist xD )
Being alone
Losing my balance
Lose my beloved ones

Gypsy Robot / Dane Alexander – Q. Would you like to become a DeepBlue co-composer? Bạn có muốn trở thành nhà đồng soạn nhạc với DeepBlue ?

Yes, very ^^
Hahaa it would be great
absolutely yes
Once upon a time, I might have said no way. What do I know about music? But maybe?
I would love to
Oh, call me
Ooh lovely
Yes id love to but at first you should try to teach me 😉
Yes, I do 🙂

Riff / Medley of 17 Famous Guitar Riffs – Q. How many guitar riffs can you hear? See if you can pick them all! Bạn nghe được bao nhiêu đoạn nốt nhạc? Thử xem bạn có nhận ra tất cả chúng không nhé.

I cant recognize, but i actually fall in love with you :3
couldnt answer before. the journey in compostion is possibly more enjoyable than performing it in my limited experience

Answer – 17!


Some of the Text Messages we received

Great! Love u alls! An inspiring introduction!

I Love You

I’m very happy with you. I cried

Cried again

Ok DeepBlue, you are a new idea, I love you!

Very well, I love you

Cried again

Best idea

Great show, well done

That is so great Hurng 🙂

Its really unique music!

Fantastic. I love it. Thank you very much

You are amazing. Thanks

I like the Bounce song with the rope jump, which made me feel back in childhood. The Chinese song is sweet and sad, there is sound like wolf roars, a good mix

The mask song frightens me, make me desperate, so impressive! Thanks



Are there Vietnamese people in the band? You guys are all awesome 🙂

Great Choice!!!!!!! Love this song!!!

I think the translator got your point wrong lol. Your guy said hot spot but she translated it to hot pot so don’t be surprised if u receive a lot of text showing u where to eat hot pot lol

Ngon restaurant. Best hotpot in Ha noi city. Ask taxi for this

Best hotpot in HaNoi city

Why do the indian ladies dance like they’re really mad about something

Pls sing along to this song for us!!

What a great night! What’s the name of the song?? I forgot it! ur fan already 😡 😡 😡

Sophie Greta Phill Zac

You made us listen by our hearts, not just our ears 🙂

DeepBlue co ban dia CD tai VN ko ban nhi?

Do you have CD DeepBlue in VN. I would like to buy it

Would you please replay the second song sounds like Russian traditional song, right?

Very Special

Hi its really nice to see u all, I and my friend Katy are excited! We are sitting on I-line, in teh middle. We wanna wave our hand saying hi. Im Hung, btw. Thanks 🙂

Hello, is the previous song in German or Slavian

Love it!!!!!!!!!!

Good jumps 🙂

Hi DeepBlue, I love you <3

AWESOMEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Love the jumping rope

Like the tights

Love your dresses and leggings <3


R u going to play ‘Let it go’ Frozen?

Its a great show. We are enjoying. Thanksss 😀 Ky Anh from Hanoi

Hello DeepBlue



Hello Australia!!!!! Welcome you to Vietnam!

Hello from Molly and Ella

Pls play Bohemian Rhapsody

Its wonderful. Thank you all very much

I’m texting you! So excited for this show!

Lẩu Ashima nhé!

chưa từng xem buổi hoà nhạc nào ấn tượng đến như vậy!!!!

Thật sống động. Tuyệt vời. Các bạn đã làm cho am nhạc biết cháy trên sân khấu đêm nay