Song to the Earth and the chance to perform with DeepBlue

by / Tuesday, 05 December 2017 / Published in News

Song to the Earth was first performed as part of Meredith Elton’s Inherit the Wind at Bleach* Festival 2017.  It was so successful that Song to the Earth was chosen to be developed through the Generate Program as a stand-alone performance piece.  The work will still be encircled by a lighting installation and audience members are invited to walk amongst the performers.  Corrina, the composer and producer is extending the work to include a rhythmic movement inspired by bird calls and a meditative movement with gongs. 

DeepBlue and 40 young musicians will perform Song to the Earth at a Gold Coast festival in April 2018 and also for the launch of a new performance space in central Brisbane in May 2018.  Locations to be announced shortly. 

String players between the ages of 13-20 are invited to participate.  More details and the link to the Registration Form here:


This video captures some moments of Song to the Earth and the audience’s reactions at Bleach* Festival 2017.