RiverFire QUT Learning Potential Event ESP

DeepBlue performed at the QUT learning potential fund Riverfire Celebration 2013.  These are our audience responses from the evenings performance!

From the responses we found the two most popular pieces with 10/10 ratings were Misirlou and Friday on my Mind. It also seems as if you were feeling really good before the show started but even better by the end (almost all feeling amazing!).

Write your review of tonight’s show here!
Nothing but fantastic
Very good to hear some new songs. Thanks very much
Lively and fun
Fantastic – what energy. Please come to GC Arts Centre
Absolutely mind blowing. Not only was the music brilliant the looked like they were thoroughly enjoying the experience. Wonderful!!
Excellent. Very impressive.

What inspires you about the Learning Potential Fund?
Supporting those that have the ability but mostly miss out
The ability to empower others, and the transformation effect in their lives
That people are so willing to help give people like me get a step up when we most need it to reach our full potential.
Supporting those that can benefit
Students reaching their potential
That it helps others
Our students
Sally freedman
Providing support to students to ensure they can complete their degrees with the support they need.
Opportunities for young people
Opportunities for young people
Opportunities for young people
Katrina miranda
It completely changes peoples lives and gives students an opportunity which they might not have without the fund
Josh inspires me
I am a recipient! I wouldn’t be here without it! 🙂
Helping those in need
It’s all about the kids and the future.
How it is helping kids reach their full potential
Hearing the stories of students
Helping others
Hearing the stories of the students
Helping great students
Helping deserving students and seeing them achieve.
Assisting disadvantaged young people
Changing people lives forever.
Ability to make a difference to thousands of families every year
The appreciation from participants
The recipients
The student stories
The students it supports
To help needed students to complete study for better future.
The future is brighter with the change the fund brings
The stories of the recipients.
The chances people can get
The new futures it creates
The opportunity that is forwarded on to those how who would normally be given very little tertiary support
To help improve the lives of those who want to make a positive change and would not be able to without support
The opportunity for students to alter their life course despite social and economic difficulties
To see the future potential of our fantastic country
The hearts of the generous givers
The stories if the recipients

What did (or do!) you want to be when you grew up?
Working in aquatics
World renowned epidemiologist!
Travel reporter.. I am now a special education teacher & carer
Test cricketer
Still do not know
Successful and happy
Not sure!
Pro wrestler/mma fighter
School teacher
Someone who made a difference
Not sure
Make a difference!
I wanted to be a truck driver
In the circus
Be happy
Help others
Communications Professional.
Fire women
Bus driver!!
An architect
An oligarchs wife
A police man. Now I am an IT salesman
A teacher!
Air hostess
Aitlr hostess
A travel consultant
Air hostesd
A free spirit
A nurse
A cruise ship director
A fireman
A fireman
A nurse
A Lego champion
A captain of a ship
A builder

“Perpetuum Mobile” by Penguin Cafe Orchestra – What would you like to have more time for?
Reading & music
My partner
Music and travel

“Friday” by the EasyBeats – What do you look forward to on Fridays?
Time with family for weekend
Time with my kids
Wine and good company
The weekend
The weekend (of course)
Sleeping in on Saturday
The weekend and getting on the water
Seeing Dr Miller
Silent witness
Finishing work before 7
Dancing and romancing

“Somebody that I used to know” by Gotye – Tell us about somebody that you used to know.
My friend that moved Sydney and we lost contact. She’s now a teacher
Ricky gervais. He doesn’t clean his teeth
My old friend who doesn’t speak to me anymore. It still hurts.
My ex boyfriend Glenn
Life has many challenges and for some they get greedy for Money and power and change
Ex-girlfriend, now a (sort of) famous author
Better to focus on the now!! And look forward…
Friends that I have lost touch which
I have know many, befriended some, but loved only a few.

“Gypsy Robot” by Dane Alexander – Do you think music can be co-created, or do you believe in the solo genius sweating it out in a lonely garret?
Yes for co created
Life is more worthwhile working as a team.
Teamwork works
It is often a co creation I think.
No I believe it can be co-created
Interesting to hear about co-creation!
I like the idea of organic creation of music ~ a response to the environment.
Co creations
Both. An idea or impetus must come from one party but few have the capacity to realize their potential without assistance. But the greats incisive are scarce geniuses.
Co created

“Riff” –  Can you identify any of the 17 riffs?
Smoke on the.water, pretty woman, sharona,
Smoke, my shir…
Smoke on the water, Pretty Woman, my sharona,
Most of them actually
My sherona
Smoke on the water my sharona
Smoke on the water , pretty women, my sherona,
Smoke on the water, my Sharona, I recognised others bit can’t think of names.
I can’t

What songs would you like DeepBlue to perform?

Muse ~ hysteria
Love will tear us apart
More Aussie music
Too overwhelmed to think of things now.
Anything they select!
Anything by joe Jackson (ask Andy Arthurs about him)
Come Together by the Beatles
“Can we break some plates! How about some more upbeat hotted up classical pieces to remind people how great those pieces are. Plus some romantic slower pieces for the loved up peeps in the rooms.”

Dancing queen with accompaniment from the dancing Dean (Martin Betts)