Powerhouse 2012 ESP

Feedback, ESP responses and SMS’s from our Powerhouse season 2012

Sunday 14th

Your Reviews!

A really surprising demonstration of talent
A great energy packt performance with a lot of heart and beauty
Awesomely RAD
An absolutely delightful night of entertainment. You are all amazing musicians – thanks for a great night!
Awesome show deep blue
Electric, fun, interesting, impressive, generally awesome!
Exceptionally amazing
Fantabulous! Thanks guys!
Brilliant!  Tv does not do you guys justice. So much better live. Well done guys. You deserve every bit of success you get. One other point; the way you engage the communities of where you forbid extremely admirable and inspiring. Well done!!!
Impressive. Hik, Allan, Emma, Sophie…. Jizz
Feeling awesome!!
Fantastic! Makes something old completely cool!
Guitarist needs to turn up.
Incredible! Loved every second of it! Just made my kids feel very cool for playing strings!!!
Loved it!! Fantastic!!
It was fantastic, also saw yesterdays matinee, this was 10 0 times better,
Incredibly good
It was sooooo awesomely fantastic so glad I got to see it!!!! The worse part was when it ended wish it could go on forever!!! (BTW I said I felt terrible cause its over!!!)
It is pretty good
It was totally incredible. Only booked Thursday, didn’t know much.  I am hooked. Inspirational, uplifting music experience.
U guys healed my cold
Quantum of cool
Truly talented. Electifying. Emotional. Thoroughly Entertaining!!!
Thanks for a good time and a few moving Moments
That’s entertainment!!!!!!
Thanks for having me both in the audience and in the choir. It was extravagant fun.
You are too good for my ears
Wonderful show, my children absolutely loved it. You have inspired them musically.

Who Are You – ‘How do you feel about living in Brisbane?’

Too hot but the people are great.
Luv it
best city in the world
These spring days cannot be beaten
Love it, especially when we get to see things like this!
Luv it
Love this city
Love it!!!!
Love it!
Love it
Its the best place to be (i’m from England and i love Brissy!)
It’s grear
Love it
It’s pretty good
Love it
I love Brisbane
Good outside of summer
Great city
Heart ot
Best place in australia

Correlli – ‘What was your earliest memory?’

Walking around a farm
Visiting hospital when my sister was born
When I was crawling on the wooden floor at our old place looking down at the timber
Walking in to a hospital to see my little brother for the first time
The countryside of Somerset andy folks
Swinging with my gran aged 4
Sitting on my dads lap drinking his beer froth and watching the footy!
Sitting in my brother’s orchestra performances
Seeing the elephants at Taronga Zoo
The scary gargoyle in the hot tubs in rotor us when I was three.
Pissing in a pool
My sister getting a horse for Christmas. Maybe the Christmas memory put this foremost in my mind.
Nan & Pops house
Playing with my family dog
Photographing a squirrel painting (with lots of help!!) 🙂
Saying mum
Eating mashed pumpkin and getting it everywhhhuuuurrrr
Getting a rocking horse when I was 2
Flying to England as a 3 year old
Loads of early memories but cannot think of earliest. Prob the first house we lived in
Im not sure…
Getting circumcised
Chasing lizards in the garden with my sister.
First music memory is Dancing to nutcracker suite in ballet at 3
Can’t remember
Being told off at kindy
Being at the hospital when my sister was born I was just 2 years old.

Bounce – ‘Were you a good kid? Did you bounce?’

Allergic so no.
Of course!
I was a good kid
I definitely bounced but I’m not so sure I was a good kid. How the hell does one skip like that?
Amazing!!! Go Evan!!
I was described as the nightmare…
Elastics was my favourite.
Of course
I was the best kid and I bounced all over town
Pretty good
Sometimes and yes
Very well behaved and I bounced basketballs ????????????
Yeah baby
Very!! Not as much as my brother!
Yes I was a good kid
Yes and yes
Yes and still bouncing:-)
Yes lots of it
Yes but maybe not enough
You bet!!
Yes off walls
Yes and yes!
Yup, very good at pogo sticking

The Break – ‘Are/were the teenage years good for you? Why?’
Yes. Freedom
Yes, understanding parents !
Yes an awesome time
Yes because I was the oldest
Yes, got drunk in a car park on rum and listened to ac/dc when I was 16. It was a good time.
Yes and No
Yes and no
There silly
Very difficult, divorce parents
They were a nightmare
They sucked.
They’re .of so bad until they start turning sour
Work hard and get ahead was the motto.
Not really. When ppl gets old, trouble gets more
Not bad had some fun friends
No. I hated high-school
Mixed results here. Nothing bad. An interesting journey.
Not a teenager yet
Lots of women.
Great. Sports and friends and deep spiritual growth
I’m still 10
I guess they are
I don’t now I’m only 11 loving the show
Made the best friends of my life
Definitely good for me!!! Taught me how to get around my parents!!
Good music but lots of heartache re who I was
Good they were fun
Fantastic and terrifying at the same time. Full of shyness but also totally self confident
Good and bad. But plenty of great memories.

Cinema Paradiso – ‘What was your first love or passion?’

Boys, one for each year of high school – admired from afar!
Dancing and in love at 18
Hight school my classmate, can never forget it
I’m only 9
Horse racing
I’m only 10 and don’t really like anyone yet (obviously)
My first love was GWENNY!! Even though she dropped me off the bed when I was a baby!!! (Still hurts woman!)
Love match. Mine was competing in equestrian eventing and my boyfriend’s was horse racing. Slightly similar?
Music has always been my love & passion
Music and good
My first love was for my teddy bear
My husband
Playing my violin
Oh. Too many to say now.
Piano playing.
Tomato sauce
Riding my bicycle
The boy down the road
X rated movies
You guys!
i love love love music

Perpetum Mobile –‘ What would you like to have more time for?’

123 by Leonard Cohen should be one if your pieces about who are you. ‘Who by fire, who by their command…
Call me may be by carly rae jaepson
Drinking wine while having long baths 🙂
Chocolate. And skating. Cycling. Too much time is spent doing things for others. Sit back. Have a glass of red.
Doing things like this with my family
Kissing and tickles
Going out
Just to enjoy life without worries weighing me down
Fun, getting older things seem to get too serious
Hooning, arson and other illegal fun 🙂
Me and us!
Music ??????
Playing the drums
My family
My family
Relax and read and enjoy sunshine
Recreation. Passions.
Reading and sleeping
Practising my viola
Practicing my instruments
Reading, no school and shopping
Uni and family
Watching the sunrise and sunsets! Always goes by far too quick!
Writing & recording my music
To do nothing….

Alien – ‘What are you most afraid of?’

Being killed
Being alone
A massive group of wild animals charging at me in the dry plains of Australia and skeletons and creepers when you walk around a corner and they shoot or blow up
Being alone and laughed at
I might skip this one. But I know!
Having regrets….
Frightening stuff
I don’t know
I am so afraid
Freaky masks and freaky sounds.
Life being over!
Myself – No just kiddin.
Losing the peo
Not being heard….
My mum on a Monday morning
Sock puppets
Running out of motivation
The tax man
Things that might eat me. Maybe jaws. Jaws is a pretty big shark. I don’t have a boat big enough for that shark. Amity island will never be the same.
Something happening to my children!!
The cello guy and the drummers face in alien masks!!!
Unknown creatures

Father & Son – Do you feel young or old? Why? How old are you?

Younger tonight …… 41 YRS young
Youngish. Only 64
Youngish!!! 43 I work with school students… Keeps you young at heart!!
Young. Young at heart. :-p
Young. 21
Young.. i’m still in the middle of 20s.. 24 years old
Young. 32. Boom
Young. Fit, fun, forty one
Young ish, not really…. 37…
Young, so much more to enjoy, 43.
Young cause I am 14
Young, haven’t gone through half my list of things to do. 23
Young, I have energy, 32
Young but aged in many ways. Heaps of fun and lessons to be had. 31
Young I try to look for the funny angle in things
Young at heart 46
Young at 52!!!!
Young at 52!!!!
Young because I’m still a child and I’m 10
Young 21
Young  so much more of life to look forward to. 56
Young 56
Young I am only 14
Young 7
Old because I grunt everytime I get up from the floor.
Old old old
Old because I am but I love it
You g at heart my body ages but I still feel young
Very young @ 25
My teenager is making me feel old but there’s more in me yet.
I think I am young because I am young. I am 10 Years old
I miss my dad
I’m 20, and I see myself as young
I’m younger than my mother was at the same age!
I think young because even though my feet r size 7 and I read massive chapter books I am only ten!!
I like to think I’m young at heart but I’m definitely starting to feel the difference between myself and younger people. I’m 30
Eternally young in mind, body and spirit! Kicking it at 21 !!
I am such a young 42 its scary, from my muppets Tt shirt down to my loud stripy socks
I am grey. But not old. Awkward
Howvcan I try to expain. It wascbeautiful
Getting older but feeling young….however takes longer to recover from sport and nights out!!!

Somebody That I Used To Know – ‘Tell us about somebody that you used to know.’

Primary school best friend! Used to exchange my apples for her strawberries at lunch time! Always
They all got married young. Idiots.
Sam one of my best friends then he left our school
She was my best friend in pre school we did everything together
Tabitha was in my class in yr2 then she went to melbourne
Sorry that was incredible.
Primary school best friend! Used to exchange my apples for her strawberries at lunch time! Always
My friend Dean. A Jamaican raised in England. Hard times.
My nan, I loved the way she showed unconditional live to us… And of course her cooking!!!!
My nan, I loved the way she showed unconditional live to us… And of course her cooking!!!!
My sister who died
My grandmothers grandmothers grandmothers grandmother…. (Not that I knew her)
My BFF Marley in 2008
My dad
Michael Jackson
My Grandpa whom i used to be really closed to when i was a little boy.. Missing Him.
My dad
My clarinet teacher ade monsbrough he was a genious google him
I used to know myself but I’m lost now
I don’t like the ‘used to know’. I’d prefer to still know people. But those that you used to know have changed you forever.
It’s by goyte and special guest Kimbra and won an aria for the song.
Bim was a best mate that passed well before his time, will always remember what he has added to my life 🙂
A guy. He messed up now.
Tim who was a gentlemand an a friend
They are twins jack and will they are 99% opposite to each other.will was thee leading athlete at the school and jack was just a nice guy. When I say opposite they were opisite will was tall with brown hair and jack was short with red hair.generaly they were RAD guys

Friday On My Mind – ‘What do you look forward to on Fridays?’

Start of the weekend
The freedom of the weekends and getting away from school. And chillaxing
Staying home with my mum
Relaxing with my wife and kids. And beer!
Leading our Youth Group
Not working
Music practise at virtuosi and seeing Ant.
Large glass of the red stuff!
Playing computer games
No school and I got to see deep blue on Friday!!!
Getting home for the weekends
Happy times
Having a break and just chilling out.
Gigs on the weekend !
Going out
Going home for a cold beet
Getting a sneaky drink in!!
Fantisising about hot young people. And food. Mainly food.
Finishing work! I love this one, you guys do it so well!
Family time
Doing any thing I want but especially dancing
Champagne with my husband and free time Friday with the kids… Monopoly?!
Comfy shoes!!!!!!
Being vague free and spontaneous for the weekend
Change of pace and scene
A glass of wine!!
Umm dinner?
The weekends of course 🙂
The whole family together eating takeaways in front of the TV
The weekend totally!

Nota Bene – ‘What do/did you want to be when you grew up?’

Play music
Other a Pilot or some thing to do with computers. Dad wants me to right code for software.
Policeman and a rock star.  Oh yeh
I do want to be an air-force pilot when I grow up
I want to work in refugee law.
James Bond
I want to be in DeepBlue now but I also want to be an author or a singer!!!
An archeologist!!
Be a successful person, well who don’t right?
An electrical engineer
Competent. Happy
A special school teacher, helping autistic children to talk and I am doing it
A special school teacher, helping autistic children to talk and I am doing it
A special effects ‘person’!
A proud person and lover of music
Always wanted to be a scientist and fortunately that’s what I became
A happy person
A musician…
A journalist
A mother
A mama
A mama
A good mother
A dancer
A famous actress
A famous singer
A despritly want to by a musician
A computer engineer
Still dont know – how can you tell???
Save the planet
an accountant !!!!!!!!!
Susie O’Neil.
Someone my mum would be proud of!

Audience Choice!
Tonight it was a close tie between Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse and Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones, but Rolling Stones came out on top! Not by much though!

Paranoid Android – ‘What is your most significant memory?’

Becoming friends with Goofy at Disney land
Birth of my first daughter
Birth of my 2 children Jim and Mo
Being at concerts funnily enough!
Birth of my first daughter!
Base camp Everest
Getting married!
Having my children
Getting karried
Giving birth to my amazing children….
Giving birth
Birth of my first daughter!
My first pregnancy
Holding my puppy Murphy for the first time!
My children being born
Kissing an elephant
Holding my newborn firstborn. Then holding my newborn last-born.
My wedding day. And sitting on the grass with my dad at about 3yrs old explaining to me life and the universe
Seeing people through a yellow filter looking down at me as i lay on the road after being run over by a truck.
Realizing I needed to be who I wanted and not what I was supposed to be. More of a feeling rather than a memory!
Saying goodbye to my father as he was dying
Significant is relative. Right now I am encapsulated by a beautiful song, sitting between people I love. Who’s not to say this is not it?
Not sure yet , still to come
Singing I’m on top of the world at spotlight (school show) in front of 600 or something people!!!
The night I spent with Hik, Emma and Smallman.
The fun time when i was at Primary school. Had a lot of memories. Sad, happy, all of it. It’s good being a kid.
When my brother started his band
Tough question!   Not a nice one but great result. Tearing sound during birth of first child!

Gypsy Robot – ‘Ever been a part of something where the whole is greater than sum of the parts? (Don’t have to answer that…)’

Yes. A lemon meringue pie.
Yes. Team sports and performances on stage.
Yes says Taby
My family life….
Singing in a choir
My team at work!
My everyday.
Many times
What????!!!!  No clue!!!!!
I don’t know what you mean bla bla bla!
A mixed-veg fried rice:)
A company I own part of
I have no idea what that’s asking

Song Requests
Britney Spears!!! Oops I did it again!
Country… Sorry
Beatles any ones
Deep Purple , Queen , cake , Elo song ‘crystallised ‘
Gangnam style
Don henly
Gangnam style
Gangnam style -psy
ELO,Queen, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Moody. Blues
Gangbam style
Indie rock
Linkin Park please
I don’t know
Indie, dance,surf music, ben howard, dance
Hot club of France
Loreena McKennet
Metal. It’d be rad, I promise. I’ll mosh.
Norah jones
Pink – Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Oppa gangnam style
We are young by F.U.N,some nights by F.U.N
Skinny love
Stairway to heaven
beatles songs and more we can sing along with
Well my fab song ‘wonder wall’ by Oasis would be awesome 😉
You guys choose, it is INCREDIBLE so far.

What is the last piece of music you listened to?

Bodysnatcher by Radiohead
Custom kings – cheri
Country music channel
Carmen by Bizet
Can’t decide like most music!!!!!
Abba :0
Adalberto Alvarez
Beethoven’s 5th
Ben Harper
Ben Harper
Gladys Knight and the pips
Ed sheeran
Everything that has breath – Hillsong
Deep blue elo
Good time
Florence and the machine
Hangar 18 – Megadeth
Guns n Roses unplugged
Homeward bound Mormon tabernacle choir.
Last waiting music that was playing
Knife Party
Gypsie and the cat
My own live show
Not sure
Oliver Tank
Ministry of Sound Running Trax
Red hot chili pepers
The Beat
Supremacy – Muse
Powderfinger dreamers
The Bulletroof Tiger
The Presets
The band at the bar played a few good numbers
The jungle giants
The stuff playing at the thing now at 5:33
Yeah yeah yeahs – mysteries
can’t remember

Drum sugimoto kun tanoshikatta desu
Nihon Jin gaite ureshikattayo Toshiko 🙂
We want more!!
They’re so good at the robot.
Great concert.  Like it
Amazing. So rad
Kids program … Fantastic;-)
I like generation gap music
Hi deep blue, you guys should totally gangnam style it! 😀
Do Gangnam Style!
Thanx 4 making us a part of your show-Joe Mosaica
Bring back the goldies 🙂
How about something from pink floyd. Or the stones
Run for home by lindusfarne
How do the Celloists hold their instrument up?
I think Wayne is so awesome!
From Josh
Bat out of hell.
Hi I’m here tonight with rose my 96 year old neighbour!!! Is this not the grooviest girl in town???
I am 9 and I play the cello too! When I grow up, I want to be just like you guys!
From Josh
An innovative, energetic and dazzling alternative to the traditional orchestra. Great strings section! (Michele Boylan. Reviewer)
Play more of the Who
Regards the Coopers
Loving the show guys!
Your music is AWESOME!
From Josh, table 2, Red jumper.
Hik you cheeky monkey. Love the mask. Love Dane xoxoxoxo
Deepblue i made a song for u… L O V E i love u and im not sure if u love me
Great show really enjoying it. Robert Cooper
Deepblue deepblue swimming in the ocean causing a comotion hehehe loving it so far ellie
And my email is
Loving the show! Looking forward to seeing my “Young Blue” Julia soon. Keep up the fun!
I am alyssa and i am 11. I learn violin 2. U guys rock!:-D:-)
My mums emails brittemail@bigpond.com
Excellant show. Play anything. You’re an inspiration to my daughter who is learning violin.
Amazing show!!!
Please pacabel cannon Angela
Oooo earphone!!
Fields of gold please. Thks
We love Liz!!! The Varidel Mob
I am sooo exciting , I will be part of you soon…
Theremin. Boo yeah.
Love perpetual motion, fantastic work x
Your amazing
Look at that sexy beast in the background!
I like your colorful legs and style !!
Hahaaha im watching u effects man 😛
Great show by the way! Wish you did workshops for kids here my daughter and nephew are sitting here blown away by you guys!!
love the colour tights also as much as the show
Just a quick hello to Emma, you tutor my mom in piano 🙂 oh and my email hopefully the prize winning email is johantal@gmail.com
Love the third piece
Dance and skipping rope all entertainment awesome !!
I am having fun with your music xx toshi xx from Mosaica
sooo coolllll
Love Gwen’s eye lashes!
I want those headphones. For enhanced aural pleasure.
Hey deep bluw ur stocking r as colour ful as a rainbow pegasus :3
Loved Corelli x
Drummer in red hat is in the groove with song 1
Went to school with Jennifer Sullivan who told us to say hi to Dane!!! Hi Dane!  The Box Family
I’m sexy and I know it
Circle of life – Lion King
Music request: Bump’n’Grind R Kelly
So far so good
Elo. Mr blue sky is my request
We want Chilli willy
Looking sexy!!! Love from Dane xoxoxoxo
We love you! Give a big shout out for table 14…
Any songs by the fray?
Looking forward to your show. Great venue guys!!!  Tim & Kel
Hi deep blue, spelling is fundamental not fundemental,  but fundamental – just for visuals at the back on time song x
Hey deepblue
I am exciting tonight !!
We will enjoy your show 😉
Hi deep blue. We love u. X diane
Hi, max here, am eight yrs old and play celtic music on the cello. So sorry my teacher gave your brochure too late to join workshop! Happy to be here though.
Hi! We’re uptopleft of stage. Looking forward to a great show!!!:O
Hello deep blue
Deep blue rock
Hi to Megan xx
We love your performances they always bring happiness and joy to my children!
Very excited!
Let’s do this
Hi deep blue!
Deep blue is awesome cant wait for the show!
Can’t wait for the show to start!

Saturday 13th

(Matinee & Evening Show Responses)

Your Reviews of the Show

So amazing definitely going to it next show in Brisbane going to be telling my friends! X
Love you deepblue! Alice x
I’ll be back
Really fantastic
Pretty damn awesome
Really fantastic, loved the whole thing. HAven by Evan was amazing
Fantastic would like to see again
Fjeiajcbskajfjc! (Word’s can’t describe)
Fabulous! Great performance by everyone. Everyone had a great tome in the audience.
Great fun, great music. Awesome. Makes me wish i had talent too. Sadly i will have to stick to my air guitar 🙁
Excellent and so fun
Can it get any better
Everyone needs to see this
Awesome. Want to come again and bring family.
Energetic, lively, entertaining, fantastic!! Well Done!!
Awesome second time around
Awesome – thanks
Amazing. You are the Best in what you do! Go for it!!!
The kids should’ve preformed more
So amazing definitely going to it next show in Brisbane going to be telling my friends! X
Spot on
The whole thing was awesome
Very very impressive!!
So much fun! What a talented group. Thank you.
Wonderful full of energy and lots of emotion

Who Are You – ‘How do you feel about living in Brisbane?’

Pretty damn awesome….way better than Sydney
We dont – have travelled to see you
Love it here!
Love it.
Lovvvve it
Love it
Love it
Love it!!!!
Love Brisbane. Caught the cross river ferry from Norman Park for first time.
It is hot
Just dandy!
Love it
Love brisbane
I love it, the music and all the art its great and most people are really nice 🙂
I don’t
Home town but a but small to progress in my career
I’m in the Gold Coast 🙂
Hot in summer but very convenient for getting ariund
Feels a bit small at times
Fantastic place to live
Amazing! Love this place
Better now we are back in our house  after the floods
Boring as bat shit at times, but it’s quite liveable.
AWESOME!! I love my friends here! 🙂

Correlli – ‘What was your earliest memory?’

The beach with family
Waiting for my brother to come home
Wetting my pants in nursery school
The birth of my younger brother! One of the happiest days of my life 😀
Running into a pool table and hitting my eye
Squashing snails in the veggie patch with my dad
Singing in choirs on school
School in Glasgow Scotland
So good, played this piece on the piano as a child….??
The beach
Probably taking a photo with my granddad and grandma while wearing his hat and boots and trying to hold his walking stick that was taller then I was at the time
Playing in the backyard of my grandparents house with my cousins
Riding a plastic push wheel car
Not Christmas
Playing in the backyard
My daddy singing me a lullaby! Cute!
My 7th birthday party. My dad bought me my first musical instrument. A keyboard!
Moving house at 4yo
I’ forgotten
My brother coming home after being born
My birth
Mummas breasts
Eating chocolate
Eating chocolate
Getting my first bicycle
Getting beaten up by my stepfather.
Getting my head cut playong
Being born
Coming to this concert
Being scared by my uncle dressed up as a clown on my third birthday
Being an altar boy to Cardinal George Pell
Being shy and hiding behind my Dad’s trouser leg!

Bounce – ‘Were you a good kid? Did you bounce?’

A boreing child
Definitely bounced – was very active
Every day on the tramp
Good kid. Shit at skip rope
All over the place
Good and awful at times.
Not as good as some  :-). Not really i was a hopper
Hell yeh
I was a good kid and I bounced all the time
Oh yes
Of course, bounced on my nose a few times.
Sure did – still do 🙂
Sort of
Yeah erreday
Yea and no, some of my teachers thought I was a bit too much fun…
Yeah defs! Always the best kid
Yes! I loved skipping
Yes and yes that was great
Yes many times onto my head
Yes… I was very bubbaly, bouncy and exactly of the age with skipping ropes… Loved it. Awesome music????????????

The Break  ‘Are/were the teenage years good for you? Why?’

Yes. Learnt what i enjoyed and where my life was headed
Yes.  A lot less peer pressure
Yes lots of going out and partying. Late night karaoke at bars
Yes i had a very good loving familyand a good solid friend base
Yes they were.  Grew up in Canada
Yes … Sport!
Yes … Sport!
Yes carfree
They were terrible as I was wild
They were great…most of the time. Great times with great friends who I still love to bits!
Yeh…. Because I got laid
Yep! No responsibilities, tons of fun.
Tots defs mabes babe!!
Yep for sure being em back lol
They were great, I got to sleep in
She was naughty
Not really no. Troubled boy
Of course
The Stones, Beatles, Doors
Pretty ok
No comment 😉
Lots of sex
Incredibly good! Full of freedom and support. Very safe place with lots of fun friends
No, was bullied alot because i was fat ( still am)…??
No. Boys were crap and females were friwned upon for being smart.
Great I was born and lived in Hong Kong and then went to London to Uni. Have lots of multinational friends.
Great.loved these years.
Heaps of fun but glad they are over
I got to overcome my shyness:))
I was a slut
Great. So much change. Every year was different
80’s music
Good so far haha
Good grades
Best time of my life because i have the bestest friends in the whole universe!! <3 my friends.

Cinema Paradiso – ‘What was your first love or passion?’ 

Sofia, you rock!!!!!!
Tomas the tank engine
That’s a secret, but you guys just play fantastic?????????????????????????????????????????
Singing <3
Running… Away from the boys
Petty theft
My wife
Playing sport .. Tennis
Not sure, but that was just shivers down my back. Like La Wally in the movie Diva.
Music…of course 🙂 that and my cabbage patch doll when I was 6!
My first barbie
My horse
My pet dog
My classmate; I had to hide at the bathroom as I was stunned by her beauty:))
My german shepherd Hasko that was as big as me
In highschool
Hockey and of course I mean ice hockey
Going to the theatre and ballet in London.
Heavy metal
Everything of course
First was soccer then came soccer playing boys
Getting lost in my imagination in a good book
Frozen choc chip cookie dough…
Elvis Presley
Days at the house in wilston with soph dean and dale
Dance and music
Dont know
Egging (mainly luxury cars and schools)

Perpetum Mobile –‘ What would you like to have more time for?’

‘Special’ time with my girlfriend
Anything but work
Doing nothing, playing music
Eating chocolate.
Days at the beach……then I wouldn’t have to chuck a sickie
Camping and seeing the county side
Enjoy the kids while they are still young
Exploring the people i love and the world I live in
Hobbies and travelling
Golf and family
Getting to know the person next to me any time anywhere
Having fun with my grandchildren
Frolicking in fields!
Learning new things like languages or new instruments
I would love to have more time to cook and to listen to others.
Holidays with my family
My family
Reading on the deck, lazing in the shade on sunny days.
My kids
My family and singing
My family and friends. And, playing my piano.??????
Playing music, relaxing, study!!
To be able to just sit down with a big cup of tea and ether just cuddle with my dog, write songs/ listen to music, draw, or just talk with friends and family
To se deepblue
With my pet dingo
Traveling, my nephew and the Beach.
practisce my Viola

Alien – ‘What are you most afraid of?’

The creepy chick in the blue top
Statues, angels and manikins.
Seriously freaky
Saying the wrong thing
Scary movies – I’m easily freaked out!
Something bad happening to my family
Something happening to my children
Not having any chocolate.
Not understanding things
My wife without coffee.
Loosing someone close to me without letting them know how much they mean to me
Losing loved ones, spiders.
My wife
Losing my health
Liz! Now…
Horror movies
Growing up
Hik’s mask and octopi.
Being average
A future filled with unhappy people and a depleted planet
Walking down slopes and falling
The only thing we should fear is fear itself
Zombies and wombats.
The new daleks that you presented then, very dr Whoish

Bohemian Rhapsody
Tonight’s flash mob choir was Mbare Choir from the Gold Coast
Party Rock Anthem 
Tonight’s YoungBlue were from St Laurences!
Father & Son – Do you feel young or old? Why? How old are you?
Young. 19
Young. 41
Young. Because I crunch dry leaves on the footpath when I walk. 27
Young. 20. Still got so much to learn and do in my life.
Young.  I’m still healthy. 50
Thanks for the song it reminded me of my Dad
Young. 54
Young love being a big kid. 39
Young! Just about to turn 28 🙂
Young, 21
Young, 22 I still think of myself as young because I don’t know shit
Young in mind. Old in shoes and wrinkles . 40
Young, 49
Young at heart …44.
Young because i luv life!! 45 years young
Young because that is our choice 53
Young but getting older 45. Still young at heart in an ageing body
Young because as watching you all perform takes you back to yesterday. 62
Young at 47
Young 56 never too old
Young 21
Wonderful choice my son is singing as you play. My dad would foxtrot to this. I am young at heart.
Young 9
Young – 11
Young My children keep me on toes enough for a 57 year old
Sometimes exceptionally young, sometimes exceptionally old. Because of my children mostly. I am 40
Thought I was young until I saw my son on stage just then looking grown up!!!
Very young. 30
This song makes me want cry! It is THE song from my teenage years, now I am deeply emotionally affected
Tea for the Tillerman was one of my favourite albums.  My favourite quote is, Age has nothing to do with date you were born.  I am 62 in years will always be 19 at heart.
Super old. I’m almost 25 and all my friends were born in the 90s!!!
Old, I am 16 years young 🙂
I’m still young..but I’m not that young
Only ever young at 53
More congenitally immature
In between.
I think I’m young, 24
I think I am the son even though I’m a girl .my dad and I both got each other hooked on deep blue two years ago.
I’m 15 so I’m still young but getting to that point were I need to be more responsible
I’m a very young older person.  I’m 51.
I lthink i’m jung (40), but when i compare my computer skills with the ones of my 4 sons, then i realize how old i am ????
I feel older but not so much with a beautiful young girl sitting next to me 🙂
Both at different times.46
Feel like I don’t fit in either category, somewhere in the middle. 32
I am 9 and i think i am young because of my age
I am 69 in horse years
As old as the woman I feel 37 years young, I am 40
Depends what I’m doing. My kids keep me young. 40s.
Young…. 22…. Enough said?
Young. Because I still can’t grow facial hair. 24
Youngg, I’m only 16!! 😛

Somebody That I Used To Know  ‘Tell us about somebody that you used to know.’
My old friend zoe she’s really bubbly and very beautiful
My good friend Heather who passed away with insidious cancer. She was generous giving strong minded and always willing to listen.
School mates. Where have they gone
My friend George. Good times with a really great guy.
My hamster Ellie and my fish snuffy.
Love is real
It is an awesome song.
Sadly she died
My ex. A vacuous witch…
John howard
My father who was brilliant
Joel Walker.
I used to know this girl who was a really amazing singer and now she sings in big musicals. Not surprised really!
I used to know a helpless baby, but now I know a bight young lady, luv how your growing Elissa
I used to know author John Marsden – lost touch now.
I had a best friend during Highschool – Sarah, without her i wouldnt’ve made it! Unfortunately we lost contact lkng ago.
I used to know a girl from my primary school that I now see on the bus. It’s super awkward!!
I don’t have all night! Karma will get him! I know it will!
Bubbles, my childhood invisible friend.
Amanda but she was here in the audience…haven’t see her for 15 years!
A very special funny man who died of cancer
A girl at primary school that ppl used to call cocroach – i was friends with her a wondered how she could be so strong to ignore the bullying
That’s classified!
Still friends with everyone
We had a pet lily a dog
She and I were so close. I still see her but its gone

Haven – ‘Do you have a special place where you feel you are you? where is it?’
Within mysrlf
Yes, under my nana’s bottle brush tree in her back yard
in the sunshine in a park
Yes in my peceful bay bedroom!!
Yes, in front of a mirror
When with Evan, you’re in heaven!
When ever I’m with my best friend cat I feel I’m ‘me’, I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of <3
Walking in the bush.
When I’m singing, dancing, running, communicating with my kids, losteing to music, walking in the trails, making love…..
We have a place down the coast on the beach. In Tugun
When I am playing with children
Toronto Canada
Playing my old piano
The front deck.
On stage.
Relaxing in the tub and playing the piano/guitar.
The beach
Out in the back paddock or in the cattle yards
The Scottish mountains
I love this piece it is exquisite
On the beach at night watching the stars
On the beach at night watching the stars
Lennox head
My hammock
Our home we built and had our children
On my piano, worshipping God.
In my wardrobe
In a theatre, watching amazing shows.
In my barn. Where else?
In a shower
In the surf
In my car
Driving… In a boat or car in the middle of no where … Sea or desert
Home on the gold coast!!
Any where after a bottle of wine
At the races with my friends
Anywhere with my friends and family! 🙂
Driving between mooroochydore and sunshine beach with this track on. It is perfect. Or when you are killing time on a plane. It us floating and soaring music. I love this.

Friday On My Mind – ‘What do you look forward to on Fridays?’ 
Sleeping in
Spending time relaxing with family and friends
Sleeping in on saturdays
Spending them with the family
Spending time with the wiff
Sleeping in and have good times with friends and my family!
Relaxing after a long week at work
Seeing my freinds at school!!
Seeing my beautiful, amazing girlfriend/boyfriend
Seeing friends over a beer and eating out or takeaway
Not having to think of tomorrow
Last day of school! and staying up late
No more work & alcohol
Meeting up with friends
Kicking back and having a beer.
Not having school the next day
I was an Easybeats groupie
Going out to the clubs
Glassing some cunts
Going home after work!!
Getting home, kicking my shoes off and relaxing with my boys
Going home!
Gossip magazines and wine by the pool
Finishing school at 3.30pm! Big teaching day on Fridays!
Family & fun & even the footy
Friday night wine on the balcony with a great view of the city and good company!
At three o’clock ,the weekend starts.
Being a family, being home and a glass of wine
Bulk sport!
The weekend
Weekend baby
Time with my wife
Well, this Friday it was seeing DeepBlue the next day! Awwww…
The weekend, duh 😉

Audience Choice!
Today Nutbush and Muses Butterflies and Hurricanes battled it out for 2nd position but Paint it Black swooped through with almost double the amount of votes!

Paranoid Android  ‘What is your most significant memory?’
Sky diving over the Swiss alps
The birth of my kids
The birth of my son
The birth of my two boys
The day JFK was assassinated
The birth of my 4 sons
My first deep blue concert.
My wedding day
Marrying my husband, birth of each child, 1st orgasm, moments of truely letting go, 1st time I heard certain pieces of music, pushing myself physically, memorable food moments, vising gorgeous places, the list is endless……
Meeting my husband at a gold coast nightclub.
Morning sunrises
My bank PIN
Identifying myself
Getting the ferry across the river to get here tonight.
Life is not a chaos at all but a perfect and orchestrated harmony;)
Having my awesomest daughter ashling
Lots . Too much to say now.
Lots . Too much to say now.
Don’t ask me while you’re playing Radiohead.
Coming to this show
Don’t know
When I was in Italy at a concert and the wombats were playing it was one of the best moments in my life, my friend Joey and I were both just so happy it kinda felt like time slowed down
Throwing away possessions after having our house flooded. But we have returned so we are fortunate and life goes on.
When i first layed eyes on the one i love
The day my son was born!!
The first time I played piano 17 years ago
When i streaked onstage at a rock concert (watch out deep blue!)

Gypsy Robot  ‘Ever been a part of something where the whole is greater than sum of the parts? (Don’t have to answer that…)’
Yes!!! And right now adds to that list. Such a great vibe.
Yes thanks goodness! Life!!
Yes. On stage with the choir 🙂
Yes and it feels fantastic
Yes and it feels fantastic
That happens all the time when you’re a musician! 🙂
Yep, a roller derby league.
The Australian voices. One voice can’t create what the group can.
Shorty say what
My family and friends
Not really. I usually find the sum of the parts help the whole
Pretty much life in general
No sorry i dont
Pantomime horse?
My family

What is the last piece of music you listened to?
Another brick in the wall
Dave Matthews band new album
Feel Good Inc – Gorillaz
Chasing the sun
David Byrne
Birdie people
Bloc party
Another day album leaf
Avenue q soundtrack
Biggie smalls – party and bullshit
Electric Light Orchestra this morning
Dirty 3
Funnily enough it was who are you!
Car radio
Battle Scars
Can’t remember
Gangnam style
Dire straits
Broken hearted: Karmin
Betty’s a bombshell
Disturbed – indestructible.
Gangnam Style
Dream Theatre – A Change of Seasons
Fix you
The cat empire
Hall of fame – the script
Triple J radio
Who are you
Gangnam style
The eagles
John butler trio
Into the Valley by The Skids
Party rock anthem
Lazy flat boy slim
Something by pj harvey
Who are you
Mad World by Gary Jules
You can’t hurry love
joe croce
Joni Mitchell – California
Miserlou by deepblue
Neil Young
Genie in a bottle – Christina aguleira
Some rubbish on triple j
Guns and roses sweet child of mine
John butler trio
Taylor swift
Joe Cocker
Pink flood wish you were here
Gold on the cieling
Jack Johnson
Yo vogue -FrenchFries
Polyester girl 😉
Surrender – Ball Park Music
Laura veirs Stampeding Buffalo
Star garden
Polyester girl, Regurgitator
Joe croce
Mumford and Sons
Not sure, what ever on radio
Where you’re going? – Moy
Polyester girl
Waddup by JBiz
Mighty morphin foreskin – captain murphy
Neil diamond
Party Rock Anthem
The beatles
Jessica by Regina Spektor
John Mayer – slow dancing in a burning room
Something there! Beauty and the beast the musical
Something jazzy in the maxicab
Reel big fish
polyester girl
john butler trio

Song Requests
Somewhere over the Rainbow by Kermit the Frog
Viva la vida coldplay
Some of the eagles would be awesome
Top gun anthem
Tenacious D – tribute
Rocky theme
Rock November rain
Some Blues music please – anything from Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood.
Rainbow Connection by The Muppets (you guys have so much character you remind me of them.)
Rainbow Connection – Muppets
Pink Floyd Beatles Rolling Stones
Placebo, led zeplin kashmire
Paint it black
Nosebleed section hill top hoods
Pachabel’s ‘Canon’
More rock
More queen
Less rock, more pop, electronic, classical please!
Led zeppelin
John Denver
From Crossroads movie johnny vs the devil
Hip-hop, four seasons vivaldi, nofx- the decline, Boston – more than a feeling,  Awallnation -burn it down
Gangnam stle
Folk, Irish ballads???
How about some Philip Glass!
Fast stuff 🙂
Epic rock with strings
Death grips
Can’t wait to see a DeepBlue rendition of Gangnam Style
Beatles and bob dylan
A pop song
Any musical theatre Jesus Christ superstar god spell  evita hair
Acdc highway to hell
Bachs Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (please)
Ava Maria,
You choose.
Walking on sunshine

Wish you were here (pink floyd) 29 times the pain (wildhearts)
Come back
Has anyone  ever fallen off the ladders before
Getting flexible
at work   🙂
My business is teaching people to fly paragliders and taking people for tandem flights. But u guys look like u have more fun than me
Do da robotttt also loving the bass its radical
Lyle crombie! – your cousin is sexy.
Downloading your version of friday on my mind asap
I love you even more for playing this song, the guitar in this song relaxs me so much <3
Where’s the sex appeal? Show me some nipple!
Pls play Gotye Somebody I used to know again. Thanks Phuong
Horse hic is eating the mic
Violinist dudes pimpin right now. Bitches aint shit
Yayayay i love this song! 😀
Can you play ‘Gangnam Style’
(At the end)
………. ….. Please
Levels are off – turn up guitar and bass.
Your guitarist is really ridiculously good looking.
Dat ass!!
Evan rules!!!
U should play gangnam style!!! Enjoying ur consert, luv renee 😉
Bohemian Rhapsody again    Please
Gangster’s Paradise – Coolio. Please. Kthnxbai.
That was epic. Awesomest guitar solo ever! Tell the drummer that he has the coolest hat I’ve ever seen. Loving it!! From batman
Where’s Wayne?
Real Slim Shady – eminem..please?
Walking on sunshine
Hi deep blue,
Fantastic performance, you’re awesome.
From Mollie
I’ve really enjoyed the Cinema Paradiso main theme and I really want to win the “Oral” thing!!! 🙂
Lyle should permanently keep that mask on.
I’m feeling super aural. Gimme those headphones.
Plz can u play ur son 4 Lewis 😀
Please play popcorn for Kit.
Hey – loving the show! You guys are incredible! 🙂 if you are taking requests – ” that’s life ” would be great to hear?!
Sophie was the fairy at our 4 year olds party last year. Maybe you can all come and play dressed as fairies for her 5th birthday in 3 weeks.
Hi, concert great but having trouble with the loud base balance.  Tweeking possible? Thankyou!
Fantastic you are all great musicians.
James and Carol
Love good aural, enter me in the prize draw please
thanks! It’s amazing stuff!
You guys are fantastic!!!!!!!!
loving the show
Great here is my email
Love the queen song
God bless Freddie
Stellar performance. But I really want to know how u support those cello’s.
Freddy Mercury Lives tonight
Head banging Wayne’s world style…
We are meant to sing along right. I really can’t help it with Queen.
My sis and i are singing along <3
Loving this song 🙂
Drummer makes me think of TISM. Know any?
Drummers mask is really creepy hahaha
I love the drummers mask
After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. Well done.
Cinema paradiso was moving!:)
Love the Waltzing violinists
Love song is making me miss my ex…kinda nice in  a weird way
I’ve really enjoyed the Cinema Paradiso main theme and I really want to win the “Oral” thing!!! 🙂
Love theme took my breath away
Me me pick me ! I want the headphones 🙂
We would love you to play some queen
‘You get rhythm’ by Roy Orbison
How much for the drummer’s hat?
Great start ! Bravi !!
Turn the recording down…I can’t hear the music !
Guitar solo from the sexy guitarist at table 18!!!
Song request: Us by Regina Spektor
Avenue q music!
Intro chick, marry me?
You are awesome
Play Dynamite please Ben I loved your music last time. I saw you
Abba songs please
Go Lyle!
You rock !
Enter sandman – Metallica
Looking forward to the show!!
Hi deep blue
WooHoo Deeep Bloooo.
Party Rock
Dancing in the dark Bruce springstine
Do a flip
Deep blue
Hello… Looking forward to tonight’s concert!  Thanks!
Hello from table 13!
I like chicken – Dom
Looking forward to the show tonight:)
Fog is awesome
Amazing show so far!
Deep Blue
Please tell Greta I will email her a link to drop box for the photos I took today 🙂
Alex Hodgins!  Kenny G, eat your heart out!
We want the stilts!
Exquisitely eclectic
Request It’s a living thing -ELO
loving the show!
Bohemian rhapsody.  Wow. You guys are amazing.
Theremin Girl Greta 🙂 !
What was that called?
Jasmin loves it! Can you ask Oscar and Luca to behave?
loved the skipping. Excited to see young blue…what an opportunity for our children. Thanks
Maybe a tad louder pls?
Can’t wait to see the show! Love you deepblue! With lots of viola love, Alice 🙂 xo
Can’t get enough Who
Go Jenny! Having a great time. From Leila Ishizaka
Hi Greta
Lamb of god!
Please play next : We are never getting back together
Hey deepblue. We can’t wait for show to start! We think u r awesome!
Hi deepblue!!
I am really looking forward to watching and playing in your show.
I have never seen you live.
Not long to go
Millie 🙂
Excited!!!!!!! Sandra
Hi. Good luck for the show. Best wishes. Clair Berman-Robinson and her Mum.
Hellooo so excited! :D:D:D your amazing! Good luck
Soo excited! Looking forward to a fantastic show!! Xx
Deep blue

Friday 12th

Your Reviews of the Show

Absolutely fabulous!! So clever & entertaining
Absolutely spectacular, didnt know what to expect but was definitely beyond expectation. Totally enjoyed the show. Thank you so much x
Even better than an explosion of rainbows in the face!
Amazing I loved every moment and I’m so glad I came to see it.
Can’t wait to see your next show
Awesome! 1 word
Amazing breathtaking and very well rehearsed also amazing how a rock song can become an orchestra piece
Brilliant. Great talent! Everyone was amazing! Liz, Evan and cello man! You are beyond talent!
Great night out. Thanks.
Fun talented & special bunch of musicians 🙂 xxx
Had a great time. Love the twists on the songs, especially paint it black.
I laughed. I cried. It touched my soul.
Fantastic.  Don’t miss them!!!!
Loved it loved it loved it!
Loved it!
I never want it to end!
It has improved since the last time I saw it – you guys have gotten more creative and some of the arrangements were pretty cool!
It’s the best tying ever so glad I got to see it the worse part was when it ended?? wish it could go on forever!!!
Love the horse
Nothings ever perfect but you. Came mighty close
So very good… Loving seeing such fun and creativity brought to music!
So f***king fantastic
So brilliant! It literally ‘blue’ me away!!
Special. A visual audible spectacular.
Very easy going, easy to get into!
Thanks for a great show!  Fun and skillful!!
What she said.

Who Are You – ‘How do you feel about living in Brisbane?’

Pretty good. Sunshine most days. Good friends. Love my job…
Well if you’re asking if I like it?… All I can say is , Does a Trojan Horse have a wooden dick
Pretty good. Never lived anywhere else but
Very good
Love this town by the river…
Pretty fantastic!
Love the town & its differences
Love love love it!!!!
Pretty good
Love it!
Love it. But wish the restaurants stayed open after 10 pm
Love it!
Love it! 🙂
Love it!
Love it! It’s home 🙂
Love it
Love it
Love it 🙂
Love it
Love it
Love it
Like batman in the 2nd movie, not the other ones
It’s a beautiful city, with many talented people :-).
I really enjoy living in Brisbane!
I live on Sunshine Coast fantastic
I don’t live in Brisbane but it’s Awesome!!! Especially seeing deepblue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??
It goes alright
Happy enough, with sporatic bursts of enthrillment…
Excellent. Don’t want to leave.
Best place bar none

Correlli – ‘What was your earliest memory?’

Watching the landing on the moon on our neighbour’s black and white TV
The strength and security of my fathers hands.
Throwing toys out of Pram
The Awesomeness of DEEPBLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sittinf on the porch as a young child, wondering if it was possible to fly over the trees.
Summer holidays @ beach 🙂
Running up a flight of stairs laughing
Sitting on the kitchen floor playing with blocks.
Scraping my knee on the brickwork outside my house
Picking mulberries off the tree in my nanna’s backyard
Recall or emotional memory?
My home & family
Playing the organ the first time
My sister setting the. Anthropomorphic show curtain on fire ’cause we were playing with matches ! Lucky we made it!
Going to the ‘gang show’
My grandpa’s funeral when I was 3
My dad’s first wife trying to run me over in her car
Getting bitten by my border collie when I was 2. Blood everywhere.
Getting a big’ crolly’ doll for chrisymas..they were all the rage
Having my first music lessons at 3.5
Being put under anaesthetic at 3.
Finding the egg
Don’t remember
A birthday cake in the shape of a beehive. It had chenille bees on it and I was convinced one stung me
Gardening, exploring the garden and watching things grow
Bounce – ‘Were you a good kid? Did you bounce?’

I bounced and enjoyed life… Not always classed as good.
I guess Not enough obviously
I am a relatively well behaved kid, other than having my mum drive me around at ridiculous times…
I couldnt stop bouncing.
Hell yes
Good kid bounced
All the time 🙂
A letter from column A. A letter from column B. off the walls?
Absolutely and I still am!??????
I was a good kid, but not particularly bouncy
I was a mischievous trouble makerand serial nudist.
I read. A lot
I still bounce on the trampoline with my kids! I’m 38
Not from memory.
Of course!
Pretty awesome. A LOT!
Off the walls
Not like that dude
Yeah absolutely.
Not really, but.yes.i bounced.
Yes and yes
Yes and no. I bounced many times .
Yep i sure was!!!!?
Yes & yes
Yes but not as good as these deepblue kids!
Yes and yes
Yes yes
Yes.  Yes

The Break  ‘Are/were the teenage years good for you? Why?’

Yes. Knew no different.
Yes and no. Didn’t
Yes and no. Practically living in the music block at school was what made me enjoy those years.
Yeah not bad. Lots of mistakes but hey!!!
Yeah of course. Foundation forming.
Yes and no. Did some fun things, but some that i regretted.
Yes, school was music focused! Good upbringing with encouragment
Time to read :)!
They were pretty good. G
They were. So much freedom! No responsibility.
They were great- life was trouble free & fun!
The best! They ended far too soon . Getting the feeling back though in my 50s – especial tonight!
Not so much…
No good. I always felt isolated
My teenage years are music filled! <3
Noooo i was in boarding school.
Not really…moved house and school too much
No ,  too shy
Mostly, apart from a few dorky year nine moments with a bad pe
I survived.
Mixed.  Too many hormones…
Lived & loved & learnt 🙂
It was great because I met my Heath
Heck yes! It was all about the fun.
Growing and learning
Challenging yet somewhat rewarding I suppose
Hard work
Blessed and privileged
Care free

Cinema Paradiso – ‘What was your first love or passion?’

A boy called J
All animals & food & ‘most people
A boy called alan. i thought we would get married…….
Animals, don’t take that the wrong way.
Falling in love with my best friend
Cycling- racing!!!! The sense of freedom was addictive
Bunny rabbits
Liz Young
First passion was the violin at age 5. Bizet and saint saeens all the way through primary and high school I wanted to be a violinist and composer.
I married her.
Garth Quigley in year 3. Loved that red hair
Mexican food.
Music and a boy i knew here in brisbane.
Mangoes! Now and forever! And Hubby bill of course
Peanut butter
Music is my first and only love
My wife
Music, especially piano
Sitting beside me
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
The piano
Video games
my first teenage love was an Italian Australian boy called Rocco, hehe

Perpetum Mobile  ‘What would you like to have more time for?’

Cooking, eating, friends, and a whole lot of nothing :)!
Enjoying the beautiful scenery around Australia.
Everything else but work…. More time for travelling to meet friends and family across the oceans.
Everything but work
Family and friends…
Fun & entertainment…like tonight.
Family and friends.
Life, love and patchworking!
Just being me
Person to person interaction is the only thing that delivers real joy in life
Play monopoly
My little people
Reading the bible
Reading and walking
Singing and dancing and gardening
Spending time with my puppy. Going to the beach. Hanging with my friends. Enjoying life
To ‘re-learn’ how to play the violin – & play it well like deepblue 😉
This music
To appreciate the little things
Songwriting and playing gigs
Visiting friends and family. I don’t call my granddad as often as I should, and so many people deserve more time than I’ve given them
Violin practice. And mornings lying in bed with the person who has my heart.
To learn to play music and play with my children, the product of our love.
To read
wow, love the choreography in this piece. Would love more time just to hang out and have all day adventures like in my 20s ie. doing lots of unplanned things in one day

Alien  ‘What are you most afraid of?’

Cane toads
‘the theremin’ 😉 😉
Being forgotten
Boogie men
Being attacked, Being alone
Fat lizards
Disappointing those closest to me
Giant snails
Insects / snakes crawling all over me
Grasshoppers. Lnp
Mediocrity and bad clowns!!!
Missing out
Sharks. being alone. And giving in to the depression that has such a strong hold over everything in my life.
Of being left behind
My 3-year-old. So much energy in one person should not be allowed
Spiders, heights and wet enclosed spaces
The cello guys face
Snakes & spiders
When Sophie gives me her cold look.
The fear of failure
This show ending!
The dark
This song…sorry doesnt grab me at all……
armageddon, this piece would be great at the start of an armageddon movie
Without friends.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Tonight’s flash mob choir featured singers from St Ritas & St Catherines Schools!

Party Rock Anthem

Tonight’s YoungBlue were from St Ritas, St Catherines & featuring private students from our own Amanda Tio!

Father & Son – Do you feel young or old? Why? How old are you?

Young, I haven’t grown up 🙂 29
Young, I’m still having a lot of fun, far to irresponsible to be old. 43
Young, I’m 30. your mind doesn’t change as you get older, you just know and have done more stuff. I feel the same now as I did when I was 15
Young, I still play with Lego. 28
Young, 18
Young, I’m 25 and will be young until I die
Young some days, old others! 48
Young some days, old others! 48
Young some days, old others! 48
Young my parents are old 57
Young! I have 6 kids… Sorry. I don’t know you well enough yet.
Young, 18
Young 61
Young – my children keep me young!
Young 🙂 43 😉
Young but aging quicker than I’d like. It’s hard to be an older female. 28
Young because I’m 10!!!!!!??
Young 48
Very young. I am very old
Yes, I love possibility. 48
Young – 42
Young (40)
Still young most days – only 53
Old everyone at work is younger
Old. I hate clubbing, festivals and parties, but love port and my slippers and dressing gown. I am 27. Get off my lawn.
Old in binary: 100010 years
Only as old as the man you field.
Old. I dont know why but i seem to feel not of this time and nostalgic for the past. I am 30.
Older. 44
Neither 50yrs old
In between.  23
Not telling….
No way! 58
Old because I have 3 daughters. 47
Im 53 but feel very young amd full of energy!!!
I feel younger than 32, that’s for sure…
I prefer to call myself experienced in life! Aged 41
I feel old. We married young and fell into a mid thirties pattern in our twenties. I love our life but i sometimes wonder if we missed our fun and became responsible too soon. I’m 25
I’ll be young forever!
I’m 39 but I still feel like I’m 20. We’re all lucky to be here
Have been listening to this song since i was 6-7yrs. Im 41 now makes me feel emotional – so beautiful.
Both. Young in mind, old in body. I’m 21 and need both my knees reconstructed and have arthritis in my hands.
Depends on the company.
Both because I an bigger than a three year old but have 85 or so years of my life left . I am almost ten
Cat syevens when I was at uni 1981
Far too young to know much about anything
middling, depends who i’m with
Young… Still in the prime of my life at 24… Yet sometimes old as I teach 6 year olds!
Young. Still curious. 47
Young. Coz I’m only 21
Young.   50 elapsed years 24 emotional years. 14 in wonder years
Young, no such thing as old.45

Somebody That I Used To Know – Tell us about somebody that you used to know.’

father Christmas he diminished  as the years went bye
Went to d hook lost contact he wrote fruit niinja
Tammy. We would jump on the trampoline and do the things that the heart shaped lollies told us.
She took my records and then changed her number! Bitch
Old friends tear I went to school with
Our old neighbor’s Helen and Ken  :(:(:(:(:(
My mum. Gone now but would have loved this. Viewing from heaven now.
My beautiful mother
My first love!
My dad – pased on but still in my heart & mind xxxxxxxx
My brother was kind, gentle and innocent
My ex,after26 years together i thought i knew him ….
I used to know Jeff Banks who used to be married to Sandie Shaw who was famous for Puppet on a String
I had a friend called Roy at primary school. We used to talk about the Blue Castle and Black Castle (good) and Green Castle (bad)
His name was Josh and I was 16. I still dream of him every now again. I’m usually yelling at him
Jackie freudenberg an old school friend from grade 5
I’m still getting to know him.
I used to hate this song – cause it played in the gym every morning – bad association .   But I like your version !
Great, i love the melody of bah bah black sheep in this song!
Great girl. Shes had a tough life but still smiles. Meet up with her after 10 years, and it was like time had stood still.
FYI the producer of this song described it as the hardest song he’d ever put together and almost bailed out on the project, but you guys owned it from beginning to end. Well done!
He was a good friend for many years and then his cynicism of life got to a point that i just could not bother making an effort anymore. This makes me sad.
Donno really! ????
Everyone I went to highschool with. You will always find new friendships
Ben used to walk into shoe stores, ask if they had any bananas, then when they said no, he’d look devastated and leave again.  It amused him.
A toxic friend who undermined lives
Bouher inlaw
An old friend who with his family are amazing musicians. 16 kids in the family, all sing n play instruments.
out of all of them, there is only I really truly miss
mrs Baxter always gave me iced vo vo’s

Haven – 
‘Do you have a special place where you feel you are you? where is it?’

Yes travellung
Yes. Most of Northern NSW.
Yes. Home.
with my friends who love me most, my husband, in my herb garden, singing with my band Scenic Tour
Up a  tree
With someone not somewhere
Yes in a quiet place while reading my book! ??
When I close my eyes I can go wherever I want to.
On the water
Spooning Sophie
Out driving in the middle of nowhere, music playing in the car and blue skies
On the land. Not far from the city
Right here – right now!
No but Evan is AMAZING!!
On my back deck
My kitchen
On stage
On straddie, walking on the beacjh!!!
On a deserted beach
In the sanctuary of my home with my husband and our daughters. I can truly be me
My haven is when I play violin, or listen to classical music. I feel completely at peace.
I do.  It is memories of wonderful places experienced
In my head I’m me. PS turn the volume up, there is a specific DB range that triggers a physiological pleasure response within the brain. Research and utilise!
In the ocean
My homeland – ireland
Everywhere. Being anyone else would be less fun
Behind the keys 🙂
Anywhere on or by the ocean.
@ home with those who matter xxx
Anywhere i can play the music i want to listen to.
At the beach
Behind the camera. Or at the pub.
At the piano whenever I can get there.

Friday On My Mind  ‘What do you look forward to on Fridays?’

Sunday as I work saturday
Red wine catch up with the girls
Not working on weekend
The Weekend!!!
Red wine and Saturday sleep in
Not working Saturday 🙂
No work! Only study.
Not much cos I work Saturday.
I like the dark spin you put on this song.
Not having to get up the next day
No school after Friday!!??
Not working
Kids playing ‘happily’ in the back yard & a glass of wine in my hand 🙂
Going to the Brisbane Powerhouse for great music!
Having a sleep in in Saturday and having rehearsals 🙂
No cranky teacher because tomorrow only his 6 kids
I was born on a Friday. It means I don’t have to be at work. Who would honestly rather be at work than be free?
Its a free night, don’t have to worry about the time I have to get up the next day.
Getting drunk, ayeeeee!
Going home after a week away travelling for work
Going on a nice drive through the countryside.
Going home.
Going home
Glass of wine, chat with friends…
Being able to get some real work done
Catch up with good friends
Deep blue!!!!!!!!!!
Day off uni
A good red and the weekend!
A glass of wine
A glass a wine with my wife.
A day off from work
I know this isn’t original but…. Deepblue.
The weekend.
The end of the working week and the weekend beginning!
The start of the weekend…… A glass of red and watching sport on tv when I have 60mins to spare
Weekend full of music and gigs
Wine on the back deck
Wine, cheese and telly
Wine & dine….whatever happens…fridays are all good
couch and a glass of wine

Audience Choice

Tonight it was a close tie between Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse and the classic Nutbush City Limits but Paint it Black came out on top tonight!

Paranoid Android – ‘What is your most significant memory?’

Playing frogger on a Commodore 64 bitches
Performing for Sir Richard Branson at the Aisa Pacific Summit in 2011
The birth of my children
The birth of my children
Peaches man
The day I married my husband!
Meeting Suzi!
My wedding day 🙂
My parents divorced when I was 6 and someone said to me ‘it’s better to have two happy homes than one unhappy one’. It was something I have never forgotten and they were right 🙂
Most recently…my mum passed away on 13 july this year.
My brother dying
I forget.
Going to uni…
Going on a nice road trip through Northern NSW 2 years ago.
Hmmm tough one. Living overseas and feeling homesick and then hanging in, and feeling like a superstar and enjoying life and  new people and experiences.
I was six and neil Armstrong took a one small step for man…
Finally getting the Invincibility cheat in Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. That was so freaking hard.
Feeling loved 🙂
Father and son
Every new day.
Getting married
Family holidys
Dad taking me to my first ever convert……war of the worlds live by jeff Wayne
Being charged by an elephant.
Europe from 2004+2012
Cant think! The music too good!
Deepblue of course!!??
The time I left home to start my. Own way in life
The moment I met my husband!
The insignificant things I was doing when I received significant news
To date the day I woke up and had my partner say I love you first thing in the morning
The passing of my grandad in our home when i was 9yrs. Not scary, just sad.
The day I realised that I was a strong person
Too many to list!!
Too many.., I am a collaboration of all my memories.
You mean I have to pick just one?
recent-my wedding this year
To date the day I woke up and had my partner say I love you first thing in the morning
Wedding day

Gypsy Robot  ‘Ever been a part of something where the whole is greater than sum of the parts? (Don’t have to answer that…)’

Yes. Absolutely. The theatre.
Yeah my own body!!!!
Yep, my bball team
Sharing a pizza?
Village Church. The church where Liz goes, etc
Nope. Got nothing for ya. 🙁
On your with lots of different choirs in a massed piece
Ok. That was brilliant!
Marriage 🙂
My family!
My family 🙂
Mexican feast
My marriage, definitely! Love ya babe!
A football team that actually played as team there is no I in transfer
Deep Blue concert? Toasted cheese sandwich?
Clean up during the brisy floods
I made a video game with a team of awesome people!

Song Suggestions

Game music
Early Nintendo music!
Fleetwood mac, pink flloyd, bach.
French, swing, blues
Fix you by coldplay
Dire straits
Doom metal
Clint Mansell’s Lux Aeterna (from Requiem For a Dream) would be awesome to hear
Children’s music
Doctor who or lotr would be epic
Coldplay, 80’s & 90’s arcade game themes
Bohemium rhapsody
Hip hop
Gangnam style
Highway to hell
Gangnam style
Liner tango! Or any other Piasola’s please!
Long way to the top by acdc
Love guitar, telecaster, looks like a copy of the one EC played at the only Blind Faith concert, Hyde Park about 1969/70.  So how about somethe from him/Cream….. White Room, Tales of Brave Ulysees, would be good by DB.
Led Zepplin
Metal ??
Motorpsycho – Vortex Surfer; Queens Of The Stone Age
Moroccan music
Love story theme, Jupiter, cold play
Mozart – vivaldi
My funny valentine 🙂
Philip glass
Pink floyd! Or the original James Bond theme?
Pop songs PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!????
Rock pop
Romanticism, film music ie pirates
Reggae, country
Skinny love- birdy
Skinny love by Birdy
Spice girls.
The theremin piece was great. Also loved the impromptu la vien rose at interval. Maybe a little salon music? But already love the range of styles. Thanks for a great night
The James bond theme.
Steve earl, jimmy Barnes
Smashing pumpkins have a fair few hits detouring strings
Whatever Heath said
Your selections have been good so far I don’t want to ruin it. Maybe Queen.
Throw in a piece from Mario or Tetris?

What is the last piece of music you listened to?

Commercial radio
City Girl – Jezebels
Claire boxitch
California soul
Bon Jovi
Bohemian rhapsody
Berlin philharmonic
Blind Eye, Mark Seymor
Arlo Guthrie
Apartment by Kate Miller-Heidke
A harmonica lick … Learning to play
Fleet wood mac
Dire straits on the radio
Franky Valley oh what’s night
House music
Ends – Everlast
Gangnam Style
Madelaine Perroux – Dance me to the end of love
It Notes –  Map of the Past
Keep on waiting
Jack Johnson
Lenard cohen
Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up
Opeth – Blackwater Park
Patti Smith ‘pissing in a river’
Mystery Jets – Somebody Purer
Ne obliviscaris of plague flowers the kaleidoscope
Michael Buble
Mozart requiem
Patti Smith Pissing in a River
Rhiannon – fleet wood mac
Pink floyd
Radio in car
Radio on bus
She’s Leaving Home from St Peppers
Schubert impromptu
Skinny Love by Birdy
Skyfall by Adele
Skinny love
Skyfall by Adele
The new Ben folds album
Times they are changing
The waifs
The scent of roses on piano
The one you just played!
Whatever was playing in the Powerhouse bar
You’re the voice
Verve – Sonnet


That blew me away with all the awesomeness and acrobaticness
Rolling stones you did better
Loved father and son 🙂
Takes gutz to come on stage in a horse head. You go!
Haven… What a great song! Just really touching
Regards Olaf
Dum dum
Somebody I used to know is just like the song!…. Without the words!
My school show choir did a cover of this song and it was epic!
Father and son was freaking awesome
The mask song! The mask song!
Alien scared me
From lachlan
Your performence was AMAZING I loved the first performence and we ( coralblue) WERE AWESOME:)
Great show!!!
Love guitar, telecaster, looks like a copy of the one EC played at the only Blind Faith concert, Hyde Park about 1969/70.
You guys rock, literally!!
Fantastic show so far guys, keep it coming!!
Where did you go ? Missing you already!
I liked ChoralBlue it was awesome!  Goosebumps galore:D
My cousin would like to know whether your young choir travel with you ?
Reminds me of my childhood. I was bullied by a violin concerto. There’s no comin’ back from that ! o_O
Song request: doctor who theme song
Omg u guys r awesome
Yep we loved that one
You’ve a spello – fundemental!!!
is this the movie where Carey Grant says ” Julie, Julie Julie” ?
You are all quite amazing at story telling through your music. Makes me really wish I hadn’t stopped playing myself.
ine just broke on me =%
I want the drummer’s hat.:-)
Old do ANY Steely Dan tune
Luv dem green tights yo
Great opening!
What are you wearing tonight babe? Ooops sorry wrong number!!
Play sum Red Hot Chili Peppers!!! That would be awesome!! Yeah!
Hello deep blue. Can you play superstition.
Hi Deep Blue. Good luck tonight!
Love it
Miss Tio we love you. From Lara and Mia
Go Sophie, you maniac cello player you! Tracy, Se, Roge and Sal. xxxx
Hello Amanda and Deepblue. Looking forward to a great show!
Oh now that’s better
Please play September song for John who has just turned 80
That music is not good thats on pre show… Too loud and hyping these kids up behind me!!!!
Love Ronnie xxx
Front row and ready to party
Yay! We’ve been to Africa! Best wishes for tonight! We are all here. Looking forward to the show!
Waiting to hear the extended version of what I heard in James st on the weekend
Your late ! Can’t wait ! Let ‘s get the party started.
Lightning crashes by Live pleeease!! Thanks!
Deep blue
Helooo, looking forward to the shooow
Deep blue
Pretty pumped! 2nd time seeing Deep Blue! All the best
Whadup homies? Play sum Radiohead, yeah? Peace.
Go Hannah
Go Hannah

Thursday 11th

What is the last piece of music you listened to?

Flying dream 🙂
Bohemian Rhapsody
Chris Rea
All Time Low – Don’t Panic
We will rock u
Summer of 69
Whatever this is playing at the powerhouse at the moment
Trash toungue talker- jack white
Say my name – destinys child
Jacques Loussier Trio play Bach
My daughter
Gangman style
George Michael
I Love It by Icona Pop
Flying dream 🙂
Mumford and Sons ‘Babel’
The Glitch Mob – Animus Vox
The black keys
Verdi’s Nabucco
Pink. And classic fm, but I don’t know what piece.
Kick push – lupe fiasco
Naked and famous – punching in a dream
Pie Jesu
Plastic bag by Katy Perry
Saint Saens Samson & Delilah
Your Cold Play song which I really like
Jack white
Flying dream 🙂
bohemian rhapsody
Summer of 69
Royal crown review
Talking about my generation !
Red – Taylor Swift
On a Day Like This-Elbow
James Tayler
Led Zeppelin Achilles Last Stand
Nikko at the powerhouse listening pod

Who Are You – 
‘How do you feel about living in Brisbane?’

Was great until Campbell came along. Now – so so!
We don’t yet but can’t wait … Two years up North to go !!!
its a pretty good place
Love it
Love it
Love it!
Love it – vibrant, easy going, access to beaches, islands, raibforests, mountains, Multicultural, endless community activities, arts, and markets galore
Ok. It’s cheaper than Sydney
I love Brisbane. Best state
Love it
I dont
I live out of Town, but Qld is the perfect state
Love it
I love Brisbane. I wish Brisbane liked itself better.
Great, it’s easy going, love it. Apart from Newman.
Best place

Correlli – 
‘What was your earliest memory?’

Eating a cake for my grandpa’s birthday. It had fish on it
Meeting Goofy at Disneyworld
3rd birthday
Just turned 3 seeing a toy piano and Cathy doll under the Christmas tree in , the lounge room looked so big, floorboards seemed to converge in what seemed like the distance.
First day at school
Running round in circles
Playing in the garden with Mum
Playing on the slide with my friends at childcare
Sitting on my great grandfathers knee
Playing cars with my big brother
My mum
Train trip to Melbourne when I was 2

Bounce – 
‘Were you a good kid? Did you bounce?’

Definitely I was sooo energetic one of my nicknames was boing!
Nope. Yep.
I enjoyed my little world.
No i do not think so
No. Yes – lots!
Yes and yes
Yes and yes
Yes 🙂 and Yes … On a bouncy ball quite often
Yup n yup

The Break – 
‘Are/were the teenage years good for you? Why?’

Yes. Fun
Yes, had lots of fun with friends
best time. All fun, no responsibility!
Yes, they are extremely care free if a little filled with teenage drama.
Yes. Played in a band.
Yes they must have been because I survived
Yes discovery
Yes discovery
Yes on the whole … Enjoyed gaining independence … Travelling … and falling in love with my French pen pals brother … Lol
Yes, All fun and no responsibility
No because Catholic school
Were good. Loved being young. Parties
They made me who I am.. Good for me? My mum is surprised I made it 😉
Party times
Pfff, i guess i was a good puber
Exploring having fun, taking risks and I made it through!
Bullying sucked, but the friendships and shenanigans were awesome
Good b/c Friends
Finding out who i was
I loved life, whistling and giggling through my teens, I did have moments of low self confidence. I also started to form my sense of self, values and passions.
Being a grown-up is much better.

Cinema Paradiso – 
‘What was your first love or passion?’

I loved adventure. That never fades. Life is nothing without passion, I did forget that but have it back now 🙂
Heh my first crushes were Sidney Portier and Elvis. Blossomed late with my first true love from uni at 20. Passion? The quest of the meaning of life.
A good mate.
A girl called Helen in year 9
Model making
My wife of 40 years
My passion is music because without music i would’nt be how i truly am.
Music <3
Movies like Grease and Saturday Night Fever
Religion, strategy enough
The brother of my French pen pall … Oh and horses 🙂
chocolate and sci fi movies 😛

Perpetum Mobile –‘
 What would you like to have more time for?’

I would like more time to do all the things i could’nt do when i was in hosptal.
For myself
Gourmet food
Doing everything that I want to do. Four bands just isn’t enough sometimes
Exploring the world, human endeavor, natural beauty, being with my partners grandson and playing with a dog.
Cello 🙂
Any time for myself at all
Beach and reading books
Nothing 🙂 we have endless time! (And I don’t work, lol)
Relaxing and spending time with my fiancé
Sport and exercise, music and school comes before that 😛
Sit on the porche and read a book
The people and projects I love
Travelling …
Writing these responses, holy crap you guys.

Alien – ‘What are you most afraid of?’

Dishonest people
Deep blue in masks…  Aaaggghhh!
Being alone
Being bored or boring
I’m afraid of losing my whole family.
Heights, clowns
Hmmmm tricky. Extremism of all religions and types that destroy.
Growing old … Well older … Oh and spiders
Tony abbott
Not being able to dance
This was fantastic!!
SPIDERS.. I bet half your audience will say that
Through the duration of this song, the drummer.
Your drummer 😉
Your drummer!

Bohemian Rhapsody

Tonight’s flash mob choir was the Lesbian and Gay Choir of Brisbane!

Party Rock Anthem –

Tonight’s YoungBlue were from St Patricks, Ferny Grove, Ferny Hills, Samford & St Olivers!

Father & Son – Do you feel young or old? Why? How old are you?

Youngish 39
young. still having fun and able to do everything i want. 34
Young. Not telling!
Young. 43
Young but getting wiser-older but lots still to do (54)
Young. 38
Young. Energetic, playful, enthusiastic, passionate, working to make many differences in the world, enjoy all ages, adventurous, often mistaken for 5-10 years younger, oh yeah 50 in December.
Young of course, lots to do yet, m
Young 64
Young and always will b young at heart. 36
Young … Love life and learnt to appreciate every day … 49 and staying 49!!!!
Young 37!!!!
Young 43
Still young at 40
Young Age doesn’t matter, not when you dance
Sometimes very young, sometimes really old – but I’m pregnant, so that isn’t possible. I’m 34, but officially an ‘elderly gravida’ – old pregnant woman. Huh. Lol
Old! Or maybe more old fashioned. New tends to have such a superficial tinge to it these days. I’m 31
Spring chicken! Strong bones. 18.
Old. Everyone around me is younger. How old do you think I am?
I’m still a baby – 22
No longer young. Not yet old
I think myself as young because i still have much of my life ahead of me and i am turning 13 tomorrow.
Middle we have kids who make us fell old, but feel young inside 49
I was born old! My nickname at school was ‘grandad’!
I don’t really think of myself as anything.
I am what I am – 60
Forever young
I am 57 years young
Both my mind is flexible and open.I keep finding the excitement that is usually the realm of children.47.
Forever young
21and young. Watching all the oldies trying to work smartphones tonight has really soldified that gap between us.

Somebody That I Used To Know – ‘Tell us about somebody that you used to know.’

Gotye on MySpace (I think he deleted it)
I used to know my pop untill he pased away.
David was a beautiful  Welsh soul, he found a story in every situation and loved life and people
Charles- brilliant, charming, drunkard- died young
I used to know…. Nup. Can’t think! Next song is on..
Hmm tricky, whoops next song. I’ll skip
Beautiful trouble
My x lover  parted on good terms but never heard from him again
Justin O’Neil we were at uni together. He’s here tonight
My ex.
Long ago
My friend in Sydney Charlie
My girl friends back in the UK
Too sad
What’s in the past stays there
They thought me unconditional love.
Too many ex-friends
Somebody used to play this song way too loudly at 2am every night. And then it was on the radio, and then in shopping centres. Everywhere. It’s everywhere.

Friday On My Mind – 
‘What do you look forward to on Fridays?’

Ooh yeah!
Friends, the weekend, tango, family time, music
I look forward to just relaxing on fridays
Friday night football
Knocking off
A drink
As I have my own biz it’s not so significant. Relaxing, friends, love, movies, maybe music
British crime drama on ABC TV
Sat n Sun
Rest, freedom, my own agenda, creative pursuits, my friends
Sleeping in
Personal time. My friends. My garden. The weekend
Party party partaaayyyy!
Speech therapy with my son. Seriously…. He loves it!
The opposite of Chronos!
The coming Saturday and Sunday
Take away
The weekend
Weekend and drinks!
Yoga and 5.30 drinks
the weekends
The weekend

Nota Bene – 
‘What do/did you want to be when you grew up?’

Animate cartoons
An artist
A newscaster.
A swan
A poet, but less pennyless.
A designer
A mother
I want to be a paramedic and a part time job as a brass tutor.
A Singer
A better version of myself….
A chemist
Bill gates
Fighter jet pilot
Bruce Springsteen
I wish I had been a florist
Marylin monroe
Still lpoking
Me 😉
Olympic Dressage rider … Particularly freestyle to music…. Ended up a mum of four … Best job in the world !
Superhero. Lucky me!!

Paranoid Android – ‘What is your most significant memory?’

My arrival in London
Love, lonely, sensual, accomplished, devestated, cosy, fierce, grief stricken, joyous- the many not the few
Marrying my husband and havin my son. Not on the same day!
In a kibbutz on Lake Galillee. It’s night, and I’m standing there, powerless, as she just walks away.
I’m eclectic there’s many… Crewing on a tall ship on the Mediterranean, speaking my poetry at a heart politics conference, young homeless kidstelling me the Christmas Away i organised for them was the best, being in love, the birth of a baby, learning from the uni of life,
Meeting my wife
Baby brothers 3 rd birthday
Being able to see my pop before he passed away.
Being told to ride down the hill on my tricycle with my eyes closed and breaking my arm…
My relationship with my father.
Playing in the bush as a kid
Remembering who I really am
Recent trip to    Hong Kong
My children being born …
Playing in the back garden with my sister
The birth of my children
When I first met my hubby dear
Two births, both the best moments ever.
Too many good memories to pick out one
Wondering how i knew my full name when i was
Way to many

Audience Choice!

Tonight it was a close tie between Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse and Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones, but Rolling Stones came out on top!

Gypsy Robot – ‘Ever been a part of something where the whole is greater than sum of the parts? (Don’t have to answer that…)’

You bet…
Yes a choir
This song was brilliant. I loved the robotics from Sophie and wayne and the other girl at the start
Yes. A fruit salad. Gotta love em’ pinapples.
Part of this show today. Can’t choose the parts, the whole package is awesome
The choir I sing with. Sometimes when we sing, a one, it comes the closest like moving as one flock of birds
The Deepblue audience ….
Called life
An orchestra, musical.. Research.  And a family.
My ex wife
Cutting limes


Song Requests

Anything dance/techno or Whitlams
007,pink, ladysmith black mambaso
Anything Cold Play
40’s and 50’s.
Seriously though, most of the music I listen to is pop or dubstep. I loved the Alien peice (song?), it was great XD
Jeff buckley, pink floyd, robbie williams
Blue Grass
Bet you could do a great job with a beat box number-
Anything by gershwin-
Patsy Cline…
Harry potter. Pirates of the carribean
Lulluby from Nickleback
Lulluby from Nickleback
Meatloaf Bat out of hell album
More scary stuff
Love the rock and classics 🙂
Rammstein ‘engel’
Radiohead – Creep The Glitch Mob – Animus Vox HIK DRUM SOLO OMFG!!! JUNGLE DRUMMMMAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!
Pink Floyd
Neil young. Bob dylan. Joni Mitchell
Surprise me!
U2 please Shake a tail feather, rocky horror, Daddy cool
You’re onto something doing film music I think
muse, garbage
Viva la vida or David Bowie!

Your Reviews!

Awe inspiring & worthy of a place amongst the great orchestras
Amazing, the best show ever
A. Amazing B.we are taking the drummer home C. Emma please, we want to see you real hair!
Deep blue were great a few years ago but even more awesome now !
Better than we expected. Very entertaining.
Everything amazing except work on the beginning
Franning amazing!!! Christ!
Great! I loved the encore a lot – thanks!
Great innovation and energy 🙂
Favourite moment Paranoid Android
Great energy – liked most of the arrangements
Love it and would come again definitely
It was amazing, spectacular and funny in one
I love coming to your shoes
Loved it 🙂 great mix of songs
Never ceases to amaze me 🙂
Sex appeal mixed with hard core geek rocker. Amazing show and talent
Unbelievable! L
Thankyou so much. I loved every moment of it. I
So brilliant! It literally ‘blue’ me away!!
You guys rock and blew my previously little mind! Keep up the good work  🙂
Wow, wow, wow … Amazing … Thanks for a wonderful evening Deepblue
So diverse. Great idea for marketing and audience interaction with the web ‘app’  love the difference in genres of songs
Seems to stumble between not taking itself seriously, and taking itself way serious. Cool ideas delivered incohesively, and the mc banter talked down to the audience like It’s a primary school class.
Your show is amazing. Lets raise some money for aussie kids who want to play music but  live in poor circumstances. Aussie kids only get 30 mins music per week at school, not enough! Lets change that as many kids miss out no money for instruments or lessons. Tracy francis


will u pls play Happy birthday for Cass? thank u Jen x
Somebody I used to know. AMAZING! Brilliant and fav so far
You guys are the best! Was I the only one who saw Evan change instruments there?
Fantastic show, only wish I had brought my daughter, she would have loved it. Definitely next time
Good job i was suprised. Keep the suprises coming!
Oooh that was scary !
Can’t wait to see how you incorporate our app answers into the show
Two guys should serenade each other
I love you all.
the skipping what was that? sensational! hula hoops next time?
Kids by mgmt
Not sure if I was the only one who saw Evan change to a cello there 😉
That was coolio
That was awesome
oh that should be ever . Request Paint it black. stones
just loving it better than dues
Hotel California and Wild Thing Please
Can you play Dare You To Move by Switchfoot?
I love Liz!
Great intro. Hot chick!
Deep Blue so excited to be here. Bring It On!
So looking forward to the show!
Waiting for the show… Excited!!!
Go the Deep Blue experience!
Hi Deep Blue

Wednesday 10th

Support Act tonight featured the Queensland Academy of Creative Industries – Auroroa Australis!

What is the last piece of music you listened to?

Beautiful Disaster – 311
Babel mumford and sons
Arrival to Earth – Transformers
A piece called fanfare played by a 7 year old
Aurora Austarlis
Adventure club – rise and fall
A drop in the ocean by Ron Pope
Ben Folds Five , Draw A Crowd
A friend playing his latest song
an Eagles track on Radio 4kq
Ball Park Music – iFly
Mumford and sons, Babel album
Set this world on fire
Something off Bjork’s latest album in the car on the way here – other than Aurora Australis, of course!
Juggernauts – Enter Shikari
Eskimo kiss – the kooks
Rhianna shine bright like a diamond
Tessellate by Alt-J
Drive – Incubus
Spiegel im spiegel by Arvo Part
I can’t see what I’m typing
Regina Spektor -Lady
Peter and the wolf – whilst studying
Endors Toi by Tame Impala
Incubus – drive
Something by The Low Anthem
Dirty three
Something by mraz
Man of colours Lisa Edwards version
Body in a bow – city and color
Can’t remember
Coulears – M83
Eels jaja
Mr. Clicketty came
Justin Timberlake – Signs
Hysteria by Muse
Pink Floyd
Running Trax CD
Songs from musical , music man coz im the drymmer in the show band and the music is stuck in my head. Listening to some nice music  while om waiting to see deep blue now but ? Who it is.
Bohemian rhapsody
Pulp  – Dishes
Mountain Goats new album
Don’t know
Taylor Swift
Hannah Rosa
Fleet foxes
Everybody Leaves in The End by The Temper Trap
Pink Floyd – hey you
Robyn – With Every heartbeat
Chuck Berry – Jonny B Good
It works fine on my computer but I can;t see the text on my iphone
Get on up when you’re down
Monsters of folk – dear god
Something on the radio
Love me 2 times – the doors
Something by yoyo ma
Everybody Leaves in The End by The Temper Trap
China by Sparkadia
The Phantom of the opera
Ya Mama – Pharcyde
The frames
We The Ghosts music
The xx
Thom Yorke – Black Swan
The Enid
The current piece played by ‘Aurora Australis’
stockholm syndrome – muse
Turning tables adele
The Hives – Walk Idiot Walk
Zhopa by Vulgargrad
Who Are You – ‘How do you feel about living in Brisbane?’

love it
i’m so ronry
great … would not live anywhere else
Very lucky and happy
Yeh alright aye
Pretty all right
Pretty good
Pretty good
Pretty good, thanks for asking.
Pretty schubert ay.
Neutral, I guess…
Preeeeeeeeetty Good
Miss it when I’m away, indifferent when I’m here
Meh… Brisbane needs more things like Deep Blue to contribute to its soul.
Loves it. Trip the light bristastic
Love it, better than back in the UK
Love it
Love it
Love it!
Love it.
Love it 🙂
Love it
It’s small and hot but not bad.
Love it
Its great.
Love it
Liife is good. II have to live in a city
brisbanr is a  beautiful one
It’s just where I’ve always lived…
It’s ok
It’s fine. Nah it’s good. It doesn’t matter, cities are just lots of people.
It’s a small city
It’s okay but too hot at the moment.
It’s great.
It really is the sunshine state
I love it
It’s a shit hole but its my shit hole
I love living here, will always return to Brisbane.
It seems a little insignificant in comparison to Melbourne or Sydney
I enjoy it.
I enjoy it.
I don’t know any different
Feels like bubble-wrap.
Ehhhhh. It’s aiiight.
All good
Brisbane is the best although we are just out of Brisbane
Best place in the world, that why I live here!
Absolutely love it

Correlli – ‘What was your earliest memory?’

the daisy bush scraping the wall outside my bedroom window at approx3
Waking up late for school and accidentally wearing my slippers out the door
Walking on a giant nail
Walking through a park.
being born
christmas 1996
Summer under the sprinkler naked
Standing in a chicken shed
Stealing soil from my neighbour
Standing under a hills-hoist.
Pushing a kid out of a cubby house
Play pen bars 🙂
Playing outside with the family dog
Playing in the dirt as a 5 yo in the hot sun,no sirt, no shoes, no hat, no cares
Playing with my own poo.
My 2 years old birthday
My old home
On a swing when I was 2
Living at my granmothers house when i was about 3then moving to our own house when Iwas4.
My christening.
In a dark room at night, in Adelaide, crying out for my mother, when I was about four.
Laying in the nursery after I was born… dying for a beer
Knocking myself out while flying a kite by running into a tree
I lived in a house that had a corner couch. I believe I was just under 2 years old at that time.
Holding my first dog at age three, he was like my brother for his thirteen year life.
Giving my Neighbour fruit from our tree over the fence.
Do the Bartman
I don’t remember… Urrrrrrr… I remember holding my brother for the first time after he came back from the hospital
Getting muddy in a puddle, and then getting smacked, and then getting in the bath, then the puddle again.
Getting circumcised
Blogs loofa lol buytgggvhgvb
Crying as dad came home from work at the train station.
Collecting the dog from school after she followed my brother there.
Coming to Australia
Being silly
Another girl blew out my candles at my 3rd birthday party. I held a grudge for 5 years
Being shot in the leg by a lawn mower
A pool party
Being on our farm in country WA
Ballet, when I was 5
A picnic down the river in my old town

Bounce – ‘Were you a good kid? Did you bounce?’

yeh i WAS a good kid
Yes, only bounced on my head when I fell out of trees
half half
Yes, but now I just like to party 😉
Fix the audio!!!!!!
Yes and yes
Yes no
Yeah, and I was fat, so yes I bounced..
Yep ??
What do you mean??
Pogo stick styles 🙂
Of course
Only when dropped
No but I bounced on a trampoline since I was three
No, and I wasn’t allowed bounce i was in a cupboard
No I splatted
Not really. I was a picky eater.
Jump bounce up down
Kind of. I was annoying. And no, but I bounce more as an adult.
Like a mother flipper.
I was and still am. Lolololololol.
I was a very naughty child
I wa good kid and bouncing is fun
I still bounce
I was amazing
I bounced heaps.
Hells yeah I did!
Haha I was a good kid ;6
Fine. Average probably, someone has to be.
Heck yes
Hell yeah still do
He’ll no I got bashed by mum, but yes I bounced
Bouncing on a crazy hopper for hours on end
Bounced heaps man, I guess I was alright. Asian parents meant I tried hard for good grades
Yes no
Yes, only bounced on my head when I fell out of trees

The Break – ‘Are/were the teenage years good for you? Why?’

When i was 17 i had a very good beer, i had a very good beer that i purchased with a fake id, my name was brian mcgee, i stayed up listening to queen, when i was 17
Throw this shit nigga nigga whatuop
They weren’t bad but you have to put up with other peoples’ shit.
They pretty much sucked because I was a muso at a football school…
They pass all to quickly!
They were alright, I loved high school 🙂
They were fantastic, because I had Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy!
Not really !
Not too bad
Not sure? I’m only 12!
No not really. Left home  at 15 and started my adult journey. Now on a musical journey, started yo kearn drums n percussion at 51! Lovin it. .
No, I was gender confused
No they were full of
Miserable do many life decisions , absolute poo
I was a terror kid
If they were optional, this might be a reasonable question. It’s kind of dumb as it is.
No – big fish, small pond.
I haven’t lived them yet, I’m eight..
I learnt a lot about myself and other ways of thinking
Half jlf
I guess. They were up and down .
Good music from the 90s, Merds (the lollies) and the Internet. The answer is yes.
No responsibility
Can’t remember. But I sure love having a teenage boyfriend 😉
ok I lacked a bit of self confidence due to baby fat and pimples
Yes, mostly. Friends all close together
Yes and no
Yes, because of friends
Yes grade wise. There was a bitch in high school I didn’t like though.
it’s aight.
no very hard
Yeah  I was the sneaky good girl
Yes, they were ok.  Some ups and downs but on the whole not too traumatic.
some of them yes, some of them no
Yup!!! Awesome friendships were formed 🙂
Yeah they were pretty cool, because I had a pretty cool school.
Yes good friends
Yes they were.

Cinema Paradiso – ‘What was your first love or passion?’

Um…, Donna, a girl in grade one… – or maybe my Matchbox cars…
Paint and clay, then my husband Steve
guitar and playing and singing hymns at church services
Piano 🙂
My first love is my dog. My second, my xbox. My third, wine.
A girl in my preschool class.  Unfortunately I was too shy to take it any further than secret passion from a distance:-)
I met a guy when I was almost 16,  called Russell Morris(not the Real Thing) we met at Deep Purple concert and lasted 5 yrs. we keep in contact. Hr rang me out if the blue 2datys ago after 3 yrs. He never married, i married twice!
I loved opera… I could sing all day and not care what the neighbours thought! Oh, and David Bowie.
My dog
The ocean
A boy, who taught me a lot.

Perpetum Mobile –‘ What would you like to have more time for?’

Schoolwork and leisure activities…
Reading books on the train
Sitting in the sun and reading books
I would like more tine to finish uni assignments. But I chose to come to deep blue instead. Best decision ever.
My kids
music, drinking wine and eating cheese while discussing life and love with friends
Play and learn more music. Laugh more. Watch old classic movies -aydrey hepburn my favourite.
Walking. Smelling. Singing. Dining… Living.
Walking on the beach
Family gatherings…
My friends
Creating music that moves people – and this was easily the best piece so far!
Cheese and wine
Camping, gardening, spending time with family
Each other just us. And family. Very important!!!
Ah it’s the Woodford song!
I would like to have more time for nonsense things! 😀
Alone time!
Creativity an family leisure

Alien – ‘What are you most afraid of?’

wetting my pants
Missing out – and this was better than the last – loved the mood in the opening, and the jungle beats – but why did Liz conform!!!?
Losing those I love
wetting my pants
The light
Goannas, complete darkness,myself, violins
People who play violin while wearing masquerade masks
Not hearing more production like that.
Same as everyone, failure:-)
Snakes !
The Drummer!!!!
Losing my family.
Spilling my wine
Mistakingly referencing a theremin in conversation when it’s a different instrument.
Losing my hearing
Losing a loved one.
Not evolving
Answering this question. Or is that a deflection…?

Bohemian Rhapsody

Tonights choir was the vocal collective from the Queensland Academy of the Creative Industries

Father & Son – Do you feel young or old? Why? How old are you?

Young cos I use emoticons :p
I think of myself as a youngish middle I am 53
Young, 34, because I am 🙂
Young, and always will be inside 🙂 27
I’m 20. But I generally get told I’m 12
Young (17)
This song is so nice!! Love it 😀
Old, because young people are silly. 20
Still young. Under 30 so cheaper tickets. Old when I hear teens talk on the bus
I think of myself as young because the world is still so filled with opportunities that I can’t decide what path I want to take yet. I’m 19
Old enough to have some sence but young enough to enjoy life.
Young cause i cant let go of my childhood 18
Old at heart 🙂 36
Young when I want to be, adult when I need to be.
Young mentally 54
Young…ish. 24
Young. Still active and still keep up with the kids, no, better than the kids, I have more toys. 46 Years young!
Young 48
Coz I’m to silly to be old 46
I think of my self as young but capable, im 14 almost 15
Youngish 42
Young Because i still have so much to learn, 51 years young:-)
Neither. 62
Very old. Too old. It’s tough to have fun. I need more child in the way I live my life, but coming along tonight has reinvigorated that!
Young. Not telling 😉
Young 37
Mature.  Im 50 but feel I’m at the best part of life.  Free to be who i am.
Young! Because I am. 24
Young – i am much older than i act or feel
Young – I’m 23 now, but I think I’ll always stay young.
39 – young, please, yes I’m young!
28, still a bub!!
A young 53
A young 53
28. I’m an old person in a young persons body.
Feeling old at 50 but sometimes it does not seem much different from being 21 when you are with good friends!! Loving this show well done to all of you. And so are my two girls 12 and 14 so something for everyone! X


Featuring the QACI String Ensemble from the Queensland Academy of Creative Industries!

Friday On My Mind – ‘What do you look forward to on Fridays?’

Spending chill time with family
I look forward to going on a date with the long redheaded girl. She should give me her number…
heading north or south to the beach
Sleeping in and no students
Chilling out.
Sleep in
The sleep in on Saturday.
Finishing work and then going to a gig!
No more kids to teach until Monday, hooray!
Going home to Noosa
The relief of no school 😀
Drama class
Drama class
The weekend!!!!!
Nothing. After a long week of work all I want to do us sit in my jammies and play computer games. 🙂
sleep in on Saturday
Picking up my costumes for work.
Slowing down
The weekend
A beer, a hot bath and sleep (maybe I am old…)
Bottles and bottles of wine
A drop of wine or three! Spending quality time with family or friends on the weekend.
A nice cold glass of wine

Nota Bene – ‘What do/did you want to be when you grew up?’

A vet (• )>
Dont wanna ever grow up
A singer, until my friend told you have to take drugs to be a singer, then a fireman.
A cow
I wanted to be an Antartican pop star
Wanted to own a pet shop…
A carpenter
An escort
A chiropractor or a music teacher
I always wanted to be a music teacher which I did but now I work with special needs students
Perry como
Cardio scientist
I want to take the horse Hm and put him in my backyard.
An adult, but I’m just a 46 yo kid, oh well, I’ll just have to wait to grow up
Happy and unique.
A physicist
Rich n famous, but if that doesnt happen, to love, be loved, play n listen to lots of music, live shows etc , travel n eat good quality chocolate and eat delicious food. Enjoy my new grandchild (boy) due in 4 weeks!
A policewoman and a steam roller
still trying to decide
Opera singer
Everything. In particular a fireman, stockbroker, and a boy.

Paranoid Android – ‘What is your most significant memory?’

Having my children
Finding spiritual meaning in my life – now I just have to figure out what that means…
Getting a puppy when I was 10. A golden retriever called Floyd
When I was in year 5 I was cementing with my father, when I got board I decided to play with the gears by running my fingers along it while it was moving, after a while I changed hands but when I reached mu middle finger on my left hand I put it on the gears to far and it ripped 1 cm of the top of my finger
Trying not to cry on planes and at airports
Finding out I was pregnant with my daughter
Getting married.
Getting married.
One of my fave songs!!!
Meeting my wife
Giving birth to my son.
Most memory’s are significant, otherwise you wouldn’t remember them
Birth of my 3 children. Losing my grandmothers. Paris. And all the other gr8 places ive travelled so far!
First child
Being born
Giving birth to my son.
giving birth twice ok two significant memories
The first time I tasted .
Too many. Realizing that some things are meant to be great, and tragic at the same time.
Spending time with my grandma

Song Requests?

Acdc, thunderstruck
Aus hip hop brah
Teardrop by Massive Attack.
I will wait by mumford and sons! Amazing
Transformers, and stuff with intense guitar 😉
Rolling in the deep
We the ghosts
Cool play
Incubus drive
Fireflies by owl city, affirmation by savage garden, more jazz
CLASSICAL PLEASE. Meditation by Massenet. Liszt, Paganini.  If you played a Chopin nocturne or Chaconne by Vitali I would die from happiness
Little star
70’s porn crossed with circus-gypsy metal
Katy Perry
Beach boys, but only completely faithful recreations.
Everything they play would sound amazing
Pop!! All the way!
Holst, pink Floyd, Brazilian chiro, Argentinian tangos, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ramstein:-)
Phantom of the opera goth style! Elenore  rigby. pink floyd dark side of the moon or anything from that album. Holst. Evanessence or similar
Lots more Muse, and A lot more Richard.
Rock n roll
David Bowie, biyatches!
Electro house and dubstep or drumstep watever floats ur boat, u would get so many young people in if u played good tunes,
Dub step
Medley of 80s music
Eye of the tiger
Rock lobster. Again and again.
Wu Tang

Any suggestions for us?

Keep up the amazing work
Nope, too good
Groovt cosrumes
Love the encore piece
Keep it up.
I love coming to your shoes
The young blue kids seemed nervous/awkward when singing but contrasting they played fantastically!
Deep blue needs a wind section 🙂
Nope fabulous
Deep blue needs a wind section 🙂
Keep going:-)
Deep blue needs a wind section 🙂
Your show is amazing. Lets raise some money for aussie kids who want to play music but  live in poor circumstances. Aussie kids only get 30 mins music per week at school, not enough! Lets change that as many kids miss out no money for instruments or lessons. Tracy francis
Keep making great music
More known songs… The unknown ones were incredible, but the crowd really seems to respond on a personal not if they know the music.
No more Popcorn!!
Everyone have as much facial expression as Greta.
Better sound system. At times u can hear one better than another even though it’s a duet line.
More recent songs


Love love
Hi.please include us in the draw. Thanks. Kim
u guys have to be jamacian because u ja-making-me-crazy, hehe
“Right, mate. Time to wear the horse hat!”
was of course amazing in this performance.
Somebody that i used to know was an amazing performance which showed the strength of the school group quartet but also what they could become! Deep blue
Now it’s kickin !
Loving paranoid android!!
Father & Son… Such a gorgeous song! And beautifully done.
Deep blue breaks the mould! Sexy double base too!
i love ur skirts, really need one sooo bad!!!!
Awesome show! Im soooooooo jelly I wish I could play like that!
What was that weird-ars vibrophone thing with the antenna that the lady in the back was playing? Can you show the audience her playing it? It was cool!
Loving the show. You are amazing performers and fantastic musicians. My email address is thanks f
hi my name is liz, u guys r awesome LOVE ur tights!!
Awesome Deep Blue!  🙂
Email 4 headphones
🙂 you guys are awesome!
Michael Jackson!!!! Please please please!!!
Van Morrison please!!!!
Cold play please
Ooh queen. Love it. What a lovely surprise with the singers sitting next to us. 🙂
Okay, the drummer in that white mask? Totally creepy…
I am clearly a romantic. This is a lovely piece. Sigh!
I’m in queensland youth orchestra and we’re currently playing the Christmas Concerto and you played it so well
Soooooooooo brilliant!!!
This is love wil I am
all the best for your opening performance love Therese (the base player’s aunt)
Friday on my mind please. Darryl  and Del
Deep blue
Loved seeing Aurora Australis tonight – I used to work at QACI and started that group – so good to see they’re still going strong!
Hi deepblue!!!! Super excited for tonight!!! 🙂 🙂
Hey deepblue!! You sound super so far!! 😀
By interesting I mean good:)
deep blue
Row F seat 15
Interesting choice of support!
Hey 😀
Heeeyy deep blue!
You guys are great!
Good luck tonight! Cant wait! Nick e
Deep blue
Go Sunderland and go Man United