Check out the Feedback and ESP responses from our show up the Sunny coast! Big Love to the Tim McGee and the Nambour Civic Centre for hosting the Winter Workshops and massive thanks to all the YoungBlues who came to the workshops and performed with us!

Write your review of tonight’s show here!
Great to see something different also loved the easy and relaxed presentation.
Fantastic!!! I wish my son had come as well…
It was great .
Awe inspiring. Xx
It was incredible!!! Absolutely loved it!!
Awesome show – especially loved the ‘original’ numbers, plus Radiohead and Gotye – terrific arrangements! Love to Liz, Evan and Jenny my old uni mates, you brought a big smile to me and my family 🙂 And who is that fantastic viola uni-cyclist/upside down stunt woman??? And did you like my 9 year old niece Ava’s comment ‘Supernatural Political Soup Club’?!? She was so chuffed you read that out. Thanks for a great night xxxx Fiona
Didn’t expect much from red neck Nambour but you were absolutely amazing. worth the greatezt capitals !
A smorgasbord of talented musicians. The show was a feast for all your senses. Thank you Deep Blue for sharing your talent and for the wonderful experience you have shared with our daughter. Amazing! Tamara (Katelyn Hussins mum)
Incredible wanted to see MORE!! But still I really wanted u to play popcorn!! But still I loved it

Liam from the young blue (shallow blue) workshop
The drummers cute!
We loved the nirvana song!!!
HEY! <<<
Looking forward to a great show. Cheers. David.

What other music would you like DeepBlue to play? (styles, song titles etc)
wedding song, youknowtheone!
Pop 2000’s
Viva la vida
Muse, muse, muse!!!!
Nine Inch Nails would be cool with strings!
POPCORN please please please!!
More psychedelia, suits the ensemble perfectly.
Les mis!!!!
More Russian polka !
Hip hop
First Aid Kit???
A bit of jazz
Anything from Cold Play 🙂

Who Are You 
90% Really Like

Corelli Christmas Concerto “What’s your earliest memory?”
53% Really Like

Singing in the car with our grandma driving home after school.
Loved my fellow Baba lover Pete Townsend’s song Who are you. I met Pete backstage in Brisbane 5 years ago. More classic rock please.
Going to a farm auction
Swinging in garden
Watching street lights come on for the first time. About 3yrs old.
My grand mother giving me French candies when I was 4 or 5. She died afterwards.
Not skipping!
Choking on a fishbone

The Big Bounce “Were (or are) you a good kid? Did you bounce?”
90% Really Like

From my trampoline into a tree
Yes a vey good kid. I jumped rope all the time and still do. Can beat you!!!
I could bounce with the best of them
Not a huge amount of bouncing, but a good kid
Yes. Yes.
Yes of course
Yes and yes

Smells Like Teen Spirit “Are/were the teenage years good for you? Why or why not?”
65% Really Like

Yes good fun good friends
Yes good fun good friends
No. Boring. A waste of my life. The 70’s and 60’s were boring.
Lonely and angst ridden, like this song
Hormones suck!
Yes. Always a risk to be had – everything new.
Oh yes it was a great gateway to adulthood.

Cinema Paradiso “What was your first love or passion?”
72% Really Like

So, so beautiful. I want to be young again
A vacation love discovery. Discovering the feelings behind love. So strong.
Puppy dogs

Perpetuum Mobile “What would you like to have more time for?”
66% Really Like

To spend time with my son and my mother who died.
Spending time to have fun with the kids
Reading and writing
Playing with my kids
Reflection times listening to great music from wonderful musicians like yourselves!
Reading and music
Playing with dogs
Having fun and time to play with my friends and family.

Alien “What are you most afraid of?”
61% Really Like

Death and failure
Stacy, the evil penguin dancer.
Not being enough
Spiders and, as I recently discovered during this trip (after a wrong turn), mountainous roads with steep drops!
Supernatural political soup club
Not being able to breathe
Falling out of a crash-landing plane into a ocean of shark?
Losing my friends and family
Bio weaponry
Mum’s parsnip
When they were wearing the masks ….. The scariest thing I’ve dreamed about is I was on a plane the forgot to close the door & we all feel out into crocodiles.
(Jessica age 8)

You’re The Voice
80% Really Like

Working with singers from all over the sunshine coast we flash mobbed

YoungBlue “Do you know any of tonight’s YoungBlue performers?”
Really Like 100%
We worked with YoungBlue for 3 days in our Winter Workshops Performing Pharrell Williams’ Happy and Phil Wilson’s Bollywood 7

Yes. That cello stunt man Sid Bell!
Yes. Eleena Jackson
No. but they were brilliant
No, sadly
Yeh, izzie
Yes Olivia
Lara Holdsworth

Father and Son “Do you think of yourself as young or old? Why? How old are you?”
60% Really Like

Young… Life’s to short to feel old!!
Young and spritely 44
Young brain. Battered body. 42
Young because I’m only 11
Middle aged! Just 53…
The mirror may show something different but I enjoy being young in mind and spirit 🙂 I am 51 and about to watch the last of four children complete year 12 🙂 She is very musical
Young 44
Young 53, not yet growed up
Too young to be mature.
Young … 9, 11, 14, 16
Being only 14, I have my whole life ahead of me and plenty of time left to follow my dreams.
I am 54. I look younger but I feel life is nearly finished
44 years young

Somebody That I Used To Know “Tell us about somebody that you used to know”
70% Really Like

There was a person at school that would always bully others but never me, to this day I still don’t know why. I haven’t seen her in years until I found her on Instagram and Facebook
I used to know a wonderful man. He used to read me stories when I was little. This man was my great grandfather. I miss him with all my heart.
A rich businessman who was my biggest love passion. We live in different places now
My grandfather who is gone now. A lovely man. We all miss him.

Friday on my Mind “What do you look forward to on Fridays?”
84% Really Like

Sleeping in on the weekends and watching cartoons in my pj’s and eating nutella from the jar
some quality time with my son. no running. enjoy life better. cooking.
well from now on it will b a deepblue concert .
Violin and piano rehearsal
Football. Not!
Beer, whiskey, Saturday
Leaving school

Paranoid Android “What are you most paranoid about?”
70% Really Like

Things becoming too predictable. Consistency scares me, and yet I feel it is hiding behind every corner.
That Heidi?? on ladder upside down will fall on her head.
Facebook hacking
Having to deal with teenage boys who only stop yelling until they get what they want.
Someone eating my chocolate
I become paranoid when a watch people perform. I always worry that they’ll mess up and I don’t want them to because I know what it feels like to mess up in front of and audience. I’ve been in that position. It’s terrible.
Not much but I love this song
Going back to school and seeing my teacher!! ??
Dogs chewing up stuff

Gypsy Robot “Do you think music can be co-created, or do you believe in the solo genius sweating it out in a lonely garret?”
84% Really Like

There is a possibility for both of those answers, music is created by inspiration.
This piece proves it can….
There r as many forms of creation as there are songs. Xx
music is alwzys co created whether it is with yourdelf or with your surrounding environment
co created yes
Def co created
Team work!
The band is always better than the lead singer
I believe in both.
Some of these stories floating in out of the big screen would be great. Crowdsourced music is fascinating
All music is collaboration
Both the song of our lives requires others
Co created
Both. Xx
Co created
All music is co-created as soon as an audience hears it and plays it back.

Misirlou “What would you like DeepBlue to perform in the future?”
90% Really Like

Very upbeat music. black,soul music
Rocky Horror
More like this!!!

What style of music do you like?
Folk music
Rock, punk
All types. Just love music.
Lots of styles
Lots. Mostly listen to alternative post prog and industrial.
Hip hop
Jazz, indie pop, folk
Mostly all
Classical or baroque
Folk, indie, pop, country
Florian Zabach

What’s your favourite DeepBlue piece or do you have any other song requests?

Otis Redding
You’re The Voice – John Farnham
Viva la Vida
Somewhere over the rainbow
War is over
Somebody that I used to know
The good the bad and the ugly
Surprise me… You usually do!
On my own, from les mis.
Lose yourself by Eminem
Nothing else matters by Metallica
Problem by Ariana Grande
Classic electric guitar eg Santana Clapton and all the great pieces of music made famous by great players like this
Gotye & Muse
Hysteria, muse
I don’t know any. Anything off the Laterralis album by Tool.
First time
Atom heart mother