Ironside DBAYS ESP

DeepBlue had a great time working with over 100 students from Ironside Primary School in Aug 2014! Big thanks to Indooroopilly State School & Ironside Primary for having us and to all the incredible YoungBlue’s that performed with us!

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One word Amazed
Really good show. A great broad range of music.
Well done!
Loved it so much! Thank you the musicians that played happy Birthday for me it was lovely! (although… I am going to think twice about what I put on a questionare now ^^) But you now have an extra fan to your orchestra!
Great and funny
5 rubber space chickens with floating zebra unicorns for pets
Fantastic show, I’ll be back next year
Best concert. Wish i brought more friends. NIGEL is my son. Thank you so much

Who Are You “How do you feel about living in Brisbane?”
Really Like 81%

Like I am blessed
Love it
It’s boring

The Big Bounce
Really Like 70%

Were (or are) you a good kid? Did you bounce?
Yep and yep
I am a great kid and I bounce
My siblings tease me about being too good!
A don’t bounce enough
I’m a tigger and I luv to bounce
Slow to change to the next song
Sorry. Not a bouncer
A lot
I am a good kid And what’s bouncing
Is is the guard stuff in front of strip clubs?

Smells Like Teen Spirit Are/where the teenage years good for you?
Really Like 80%

They are great because YOLO xoxo
Loved them
Oh yeah!!
Yeah. Miss Nirvana
No they weren’t!
In retrospect they must have been good for me – they were defining and I like the way I turned out. But going though 14-17 was awful!!!
Good old times
Good old times
I have not been a teenager because I am 8
I miss Corelli
Love my teenager years~! Get to be crazy and silly all the time! (and get to blame our age group ^^)
A wild ride of confusion, joy, heartbreak and fun!
Don’t know yet

Cinema Paradiso What was your first love or passion?
Really Like 80%

Matewis my cat
Teddy bears mostly blue dog (who is a blue dog)
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no comment
Or nothing to comment on
A hard toss up between music and books. Both I have adored from a very young age and will hopefully continue to for a long while yet.
Dogs and animals
Andy’s into was very good

Perpetuum Mobile What would you like to have more time for?
Really Like 85%

Snowboarding an shopping and sleeping
The fun things in life
Spending more time with my Grandma
Would love to have more time to hang out with my family… School has been keeping me busy…
My children.
Sitting in the sun
My mum and t.v
My mum and t.v
My children.
Everything. There is so much to do in this world, and I want to be able to do and see and experience everything.
Anything but homework

Alien What are you most afraid of?
Really Like 90%

The dark
The dark
Super octochickens from outer space with multiple guns including freeze, lazer and dart. And riding horses.
Being forever stuck somewhere with no one and nothing to do. Staring at walls of dull colours for hours on end. Basically the popular portrayal of mental asylums.
A Big Mac
Ceiling fans
Aliens, of course!
Losing my son
Musical theatre


Father and Son
Really Like 85%

Do you think of yourself as young or old? Why? How old are you?
Young. 41
Too bad the cello went dead
I’m still in school. 14
I’m 40
I had jelly and custard at my 40th!
YOUNG and restless
Old enough to know of Yusuf when he was still a cat.
Young at heart. 37
I think I am young because I am still very flexible. I am 8 years old.
Old because I am one of the oldest in my class. I am 10 years old
42 years young!

Somebody That I Used To Know Tell us about somebody that you used to know.
Really Like 90%

My Grandma her name was Ros.
This isn’t a someone but Lucy lamb my old teddy bear who I lost.
That is a awesome version! Even better than the 5 musicians sharing a guitar!

Friday On My Mind What do you look forward to on Fridays?
Really Like 92%

Monday morning
That school work really gets me ticking.
Sleep in on Saturday
The last day of school for the week and the beginning of the weekend
Sleeping late on Saturday
Have a double music lesson and get to play music for 2 hours to end the hard school week! Oh! And of course the weekend that follows! ^^
A break from Ironside State School, the weekend and playing with my friend who lives 5 houses away.
Being able to turn my phone off or on as I wish!
Fish and chips

Gypsy Robot Do you think music can be co-created, or do you believe in the solo genius sweating it out in a lonely garret?
Really Like 86%

Well, it’s pretty obvious that music composition can be a collaborative endeavour, because that was just amazing!
Where’s riff?
I like to rock out by myself because I have no friends
I don’t know what any of those mean 🙂

Hi deep blue how y’all doin on this fine winters evening! ?
Hi Liz. Have a great show. Excitement out here in the seats! From the Savage family.

Have you seen DeepBlue before? If so, where?
St. Peter’s Lutheran college
Yes at Kelvin Grove
No i haven’t sorry~
But they sounded amazing during sound check so excited~!
First time and looking forward to it!

What is the last piece of music you listened to?
Smell like teen spirit
Peter sculthorpe
The Beatles. Yellow submarine
Pretty hurts – Beyoncé
Pink Floyd from the turning away
Viva la viva
Party rock anthem
Let it go
It’s all about the beat
John Denver The music is you
Not yours
Let it go
Cold play
Deep Blue rehearsing ‘Who are you’ – outstanding choice. The pre-show screen display should have an apostrophe in ‘heres’ to be ‘here’s.
Happy Birthday arrangement made for me in the last period of school!