India Stories ESP Notes

Welcome to DeepBlue’s show India Stories. This is our Electronic Show Programme where you can find out more about the show and performers. We hope you enjoy our buskers who are raising money for The Nepal Australia Friendship Association.

SLUMDOG Remixed by Kayne Davis
This is a remix of songs that featured in the movie Slumdog Millionaire and field recordings from our visit to India. These were the feelings we got when we first arrived in India.

Q. What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of India? (ticker)

KHAMAAJ by Richard Grantham, Greta Kelly & Dheeraj Shrestha
This piece is an original which was written for the show by Greta on Shahkeman, Richard on Shahi Baaja and Dheeraj on Tabla (Indian percussion). Richard bought his Shahi Baaja on our trip to Mumbai the day before we visited the slums.

TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS by Lennon-McCartney arr by Robert Davidson
This piece was based on a C drone played by George Harrison on a tamboura (Indian classical instrument) it was one of the first pop songs to do away with chord changes. Our version of this piece has been sped up and many rhythms that the strings play are based on traditional Tabla rhythms.

Q. Are from the country or the city? Tell us where

PERPETUUM MOBILE by Simon Jeffes, Penguin Cafe Orchestra
What blew us away about Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia, was seeing how efficiently they recycled rubbish. Did you know that if the workers in Dharavi stopped for one day, Mumbai, with a population of 12 million, would cease to function. The choreography of this piece was was inspired by the recycling process we witnessed.

Q. Do you recycle? Tell us your tricks. (ticker)

MISERLOU Traditional arr by Robert Davidson
This Turkish/Greek tune about an Egyptian girl became a surf classic. We’ve taken it from a slamming dance tune, slowed it down, and added in Shahi Baaja, Shakhaman and Tabla, featuring Evan on solo Violin.

Q. What would it take to push YOU to crime?

Sometimes all you need is a good beat and generosity to bring a community back together.

Q. How do you get involved with your local community, friends or neighbours?

We have workshopped this piece with communities all over the world. This show is inspired by these experiences and relationships. Tonight we are excited to present our very own community!

Q. Who do you know in YoungBlue tonight?

BIG BOUNCE By Phill Wilson
The choreography of this piece was influenced by the playfulness of the kids we met while we were running a workshop with Dharavi Rocks

Q. What is your favourite game?

DRINKS & MONEY by Andy Ward and Levi Dowsett

India, like many countries, is extremely multicultural and with this mix of religions, races, backgrounds & cultures brings compassion and understanding or divide….

Q. Have you had a forbidden love story? Don’t answer this if you don’t want to 😉

PAINT IT BLACK by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards Arr Garry Smith
Our version features Dheeraj on tabla and digitally processed cellos. The original piece featured sitar (traditional Indian instrument) and was about despair and desolation.

Q. If you see a red door, do you want to paint it black? (Bar graph)

GYPSY ROBOT by Dane Alexander
Dane co-created this piece with a group of DeepBlue fans. He is working on a new exciting piece for Robotronica (our next show on August 23 at QUT, Gardens Point).

Q. Would you like to join in this project? If so, please write your email here (don’t worry this won’t come up on the screen!)

ONE DAY LIKE THIS by Guy Garvey, Elbow
We love connecting with people wherever we go, ChoralBlue is a great way for us to meet people we would never meet otherwise.

Q. How do you meet new people?

Did you know the most famous actor in the world is a Bollywood star called Amitabh Bachchan. We were lucky enough to play for him at QUT when he was in Australia.

Q. Do you have a favourite Bollywood movie?

Thank you for coming to see DeepBlue’s India Stories, we hope you enjoyed the show! We have a few last questions for you, we’d be grateful if you could help us to improve our future projects. If you’d like to do this later, leave us your email and we’ll send you the questions which you can still answer (Google form)