Hik Sugimoto

Born near Tokyo Disneyland, Hik’s musical development began early when he started play on pots ‘n pans at age 3. He then upgraded to a real drumkit in high school. After countless stints in local rock/metal/j-rock/doowop/ gregorian chant bands, he decided to become a little more serious and in 2005, began studying drums at QUT. Apart from being the stickman in deepblue, Hik also works as a session drummer and a drum teacher in Brisbane (and is always accepting students of all levels!).

One of the many multi-instrumentalists in the group, Hik can play piano, guitar, mandolin, saxophone and violin. Some “lucky” deepblue audiences may have seen Hik play violin with youngblue onstage.

As an Internet addict, Hik updates the twitter and facebook posts while on the road with the group.

He can be followed at: http://twitter.com/deepbluespeak, http://www.facebook.com/DeepBlueOrchestra, twitter.com/themightyhiksta

Outside music, Hik is obsessed with motorsport. Whilst being a competitive go-kart racer in his teens, he was stuck on whether to become a formula one driver or a rockstar as his career choice. He still dreams of competing in the Le Mans 24 hours endurance race. Hik also passionately follows football (all codes), cycling, nba, major league baseball and cricket.

Other interesting facts…

Hik can perform a few close up magic tricks.

Favourite Artists?
Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel, Meshuggah, Pat Metheny, Radiohead

Favourite movie?
Pulp Fiction, Ghibli Films

Most memorable gig?
Opening for Joe Satriani at the Tivoli. Joe is cool!

Hik worked as a drum tech for solo drumset artist Grant Collins.

Intolerant to alcohol, but sometimes ends up drinking on tour with DeepBlue.