Evan Setiawan

evan2Evan was born in Surabaya “the city of heroes”, Indonesia. He spent the first twelve years of his life with little care for music. His earliest performing memory was when he had to sing solo for his grade two class, which he executed so badly it seemed he was musically hopeless. All this began to change when the organ fad hit town and his whole family decided to take music lessons. Soon he would be on the organ night and day, just to keep ahead of his competitive siblings.

When he emigrated to Australia his dad realised that the organ was too big to pack into a suitcase, and that was why Evan was bought his first violin. Much to his family’s horror he was on the violin night and day as well. He was learning so fast that he skipped AMEB violin grades 1 to grade 5 within a year, and within two years of playing he surpassed his teacher at that time.

Fast forward a couple of years, numerous play-along CDs and a few near give-up phases, Evan now has a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance with Honours and is doing music full time. As a violinist he was always curious about violin music outside the classical genre and he has a love-hate relationship with the music of Bach.

In his spare time, Evan likes to explore new styles and techniques in violin playing, watch documentaries and hang out with friends.

Age you started playing?
Organ when I was 12 years old, violin when I was 13 years old.

Instruments you play (in deepblue and elsewhere)?
Violin, Cello, Piano, Organ, Flute and Erhu

Party tricks?
Stilt-walking, and some very upside-down ways of holding and playing the violin.

Other roles in DeepBlue?
Directing strings rehearsals, sponsor liaison, costume consultant, song arranger.

What you like most about DeepBlue?
Jamming, playing, performing with fellow DeepBluers.

Favourite Songs/music style?
Classical, ethnic, soundtrack, rock, hip hop and pop

Favourite book / movie?
The Bible

Favourite deepblue gig?
The Block 2005.

Favourite DeepBlue track?
Bollywood Seven.

Aquarium, learning about nature, scuba diving, traveling.

What draws you to music?
The way it can project things incapable of being expressed in words.

Which of your musical moment/s or achievement/s are most memorable for you?
Playing at the Australian Pavilion during Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Who was your most memorable mentor?
Spiros Rantos and Brachi Tilles.