Electronic Show Programme ESP

ESP (Electronic Show Programme)

Since DeepBlue began, they have constantly interacted with their audience through mobile technology.  Initially, inviting their fans to SMS in their dreams and song requests, DeepBlue now get to know their audience via their ground-breaking web app, the hyper – interactive Electronic Show Programme (ESP).  Audiences use their mobile devices to access the eSP that is full of info about DeepBlue’s music and opportunities for audience to interact in real time with the performers, and an opportunity for us to read your minds! (Is the sound to loud?? Who do you like the most??)

If you’ve been to one of our Who Are You shows recently? Do you want to find out what people have said so far about the DeepBlue shows they’ve seen? Click on the links below and scroll down to check them out!  You can also check out the Who Are You Electronic Show Programme Notes if you couldn’t access it on the night!

Audience Responses


Indooroopilly & Ironside ESP

Nambour ESP

Vietnam 2014 ESP

QUT RiverFire 2013 ESP

India 2012 ESP

Powerhouse 2012 ESP

SA & WA Tour 2012 ESP

Playing Australia 2011 Audience Responses

Playing Australia 2010 Audience Responses

2009 Audience Audience Responses

2008 Audience Audience Responses