Jenny Dalseno

jennys bioAs a young girl, Jenny loved to dance starting ballet classes at the age of five. She soon began all styles of dancing from tap and jazz to contemporary. Unfortunately, when she began pointe shoes in her ballet class her teacher told her that her ankles were too weak and she would never make it as a dancer! Devastated! What would she do now? The answer…Violin…and it turned out she was a much better violinist than she was a dancer. Since then Jenny has completed her Bachelor of Music at The University of Queensland and her Masters of Music at the University of Tasmania. She has performed with many orchestras including the Gold Coast Youth Orchestra, Queensland Youth Symphony and The Symphony and Opera Academy of the Pacific. Jenny now enjoys sharing her passion for music with others and teaches the violin and viola to kids and adults of all ages.

What you like most about Deepblue?
The best thing about Deepblue is that I get to play the violin, dance and have lots of fun!

I love to cook…and eat! Especially anything that involves chocolate.