Deanna Connelly


Deanna started off playing the violin and singing at Ferny Grove High School, and she found out that she was pretty all right at doing those things.
She found she especially loved the violin, so much so that she studied it at university and came away after many years with a Bachelor of Music and a Graduate Diploma in violin performance! These qualifications meant that she now owns an academic gown that she frequently uses for Harry Potter dress up parties.

Deanna loves playing in DeepBlue because she says it feels like a party on stage with some of the best people in the world. When she isn’t onstage with DeepBlue, you might find her playing casually with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra or teaching at any one of a bunch of Brisbane schools.

Deanna also loves electronic dance music, and she spends most of her spare money on chasing EDM festivals around the world. She also dabbles in cosplay, and you should definitely like her cosplay page.