DeepBlue people

Unlike the traditional orchestra, deepblue celebrates its people and their individual personalities, attitudes and skills. We believe that it’s crucial in any performance for the performers to communicate and connect with the audience and take the journey together.

DeepBlue people are passionate people who want to make a difference and want every member of the audience to have an unforgettable experience.

Hundreds of people and dozens of organisations from all over the world have contributed to the deepblue vision and it is this vast sea of ideas that the deepblue orchestra has been developed from.

Here’s a quick introduction to some of the people who have or are contributing to DeepBlue so far

Alice-T  Amanda-T  Daniel-T  Emma-T  Evan-T  Greta  Heidi  Hik  Liz-T  SofieT Sophie  Wayne Untitled-6  Jenny Maxine Zinia




People we’d like to thank

for their inspiration, participation, commitment, creativity and even just support and encouragement. You have all contributed to the success of deepblue and we thank you.
Luke MollerCarolyn BarkerQld Arts CouncilRic SalmonWendy IrwinMatt Hickey

Andrew Ross

Shari Limblom

Jennifer Jackson

Chris O’Neil

Ian Grandage

Sue Wighton

Kieran Swan

Garry Smith

Christopher Naylor

David Comeau

Yanto Browning


Tina Radbourne

Jenny Hodgson

Liz Thomas

James Wengrow

Kim Burgess

Camden Casey

Katherine Philp



Keith HawleyAnna RookeSallie CampbellPaul McCarronEllisa NolanRobert Davidson

Sue Street

Michelle Holme

Greg Dodge

Queensland Leaders

Phil Finkelstein

Greg Hirn

Katie Woods

Lindy Johnson

John Kotzas

Thomas Haymn


Tony Grace

George Bickel

Jade Hernan

Kellie Bates

Sarah Milne

Tim Tate

George Meijer

Anne Kowald

Square Eyed Productions

Jennifer Radbourne

Amanda DallasJacob BroomhallMark BromilowNick DorwoodLouise KingEpoch Strings

Brad Vernon

Michael Casey

Naomi Otto

Murray King

Youka Snell

Martin Buzacott

Andy Lesmusky

Roland Adeny

Music Lab

Joel McKinnon

Paul O’Brien

Tara Simmons

Lisa Millar

Phil Chambon

Gail Geronomous

Yenna Setiawan

Nicholas Svensson

Lyndon Terracini

Clair Booth

Michael Patterson

Peter OwensWing and a PearMatt & Dancing Bean CrewTim TateMathilde DumontJustin BlissKate Thomas

Briony Luttrell

Saraya Beric

Pauline Mann

Tim Davies

Shannon Brown

Leon Vandegraaff

Nigel Oram

Jason Zadkovich

Jill Standfield

Mark Mitchell

Steven Baker

Katai Chang

Dougal Scott

Ed St John

Mark Barnier

Jason Organ

Alex Hodgins

Dougs Jackson

Allana Sheard

Mike Howlett

Phil Graham

And the thousands of people who have sent us repertoire and show suggestions, messages of encouragement and offers to participate, we thank you and hope that we are able to continue to produce the shows you’re asking for. To see these messages, click here. deepblue is music driven by people powered by passion.