DeepBlue USA

DeepBlue, is a highly successful Australian music model revitalising the traditional orchestra and ensuring its vibrancy and relevance in the 21st Century.  DeepBlue harnesses the power of disruptive technology to engage audiences and create immersive, innovative and compelling shows.  In October 2014 we met with students, researchers and faculty from Cal Poly, professional musicians, local music teachers, young musicians and many of California’s creative community to plan DeepBlue’s 2105 & 2016 US tours.

DeepBlue is very excited to be heading back to California to present workshops for all ages in October 2015, San Luis Obispo, California! From workshops for your musicians and non-performative music makers to professional development workshops for adult musicians, teachers and professionals.


 The YoungBlue Program 9-11 October Spanos Theatre    REGISTER HERE

DeepBlue’s YoungBlue Program is an action packed series of workshops, which will change your young musician’s attitude to music and performance forever. For Ages 8-18 From 10-11 October 2015. Instruments: String players, percussion, electronic musicians, keyboards, drums, guitar & Non-performative music makers. This workshop is valued at $350 and for a limited time only DeepBlue are offering discounted rates.  Choose the dates you would like to attend:

Friday 9 October*  3:30-7pm    $30
Register here

Saturday 10 October* 9am – 4pm    $60 (BYO morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea)
Register here

Sunday 11 October 4-7pm   $30
Register here

If you have any questions at all please call Sophie Loades on +1 (323) 989 7210 or email

*If you’d like to participate in the performance at 6pm on Sunday let us know in person at the workshop you are attending. You’ll need to be able to come from 4pm on Sunday, but don’t worry this will be included in the price you’ve already paid! If you’d like to come along just to watch the performance on Sunday come along at 5:45pm for a 6pm performance!


Professional Development Program 10-11 October Spanos Theatre  BOOK NOW

DeepBlue’s Professional Development Program will enable teachers, professional & passionate musicians to build skills vital to working in the contemporary creative industries. For music teachers, professionals and adult musicinas, ages 18+ From 8-11 October 2015. Instruments: All musicians & non-performative music makers.

This series is valued at $250AUD but for a limited number of music teachers, professionals and adult musicians we are offering these workshops free of charge!

From 10 Oct 9am – 4pm; 11 Oct 4pm – 7pm


\What others have said about the DeepBlue approach to music and performance:

“The young blue program was exactly the type of experience the girls needed to get them excited about their string playing and to see that it can be fun! Your show was truly electric – we all left on a high and the girls were still buzzing with enthusiasm the following Monday at school.” Music Teacher, Killester College

“I wish they had this when I was young. I had the National Music Camps and the Australian Youth Orchestra – all great of course, but this is an added dimension which rounds it all off….” Music Teacher

“We loved all the different activities the kids got to participate in and to be able to see such an amazing change from just one week. Keep up the great work!” SummerSchool Parent ‘12

“I had lots of fun, loved and learnt lots like putting together a performance and playing around with technology that made your instruments sound cool. I also made new friends that were TOTALLY AWESOME!” SummerSchool participant

“I just wish I was a teenager still, when I was a ‘young’ musician there was nothing as exciting as DeepBlue. I saw the MSO in the townhall. I fell in love with the violin, but my impression of musical life was not half as exciting as you present it!” Classroom Music Teacher, Gippsland Grammar ‘

What is DeepBlue?

DeepBlue the orchestra unleashed comprises strings, electronics and physical theatre amplified and magnified by video and interactivity.

The group remix Radiohead, Gotye, Bowie,  even Ravel and DeepBlue originals combining lush strings with big beats and rock ‘n’ roll. The performers’ exquisite playing, precision moves, physical antics and immersive visuals are guaranteed to enthrall audiences.

Since 2008 DeepBlue have received huge exposure through their live performances and TV appearances across the country, and at massive festivals in India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malyasia, Thailand, Indonesia and China. DeepBlue’s last three Australian seasons sold out. They have completed five successful national tours, performing at major metropolitan and regional entertainment centres involving thousands of school-aged children in YoungBlue workshops and performances (see DeepBlue Achievements document for further details).

 DeepBlue were finalists in one of the highest rated episodes of Australia’s Got Talent 2011 and won the Australian Performing Arts Centre Association’s 2009 Drover Award for Excellent Audience Response.

DeepBlue have developed three shows, four CDs, one DVD and completed nine international and national tours. This output was achieved through meticulous planning, a strength recognised early in DeepBlue’s career by the Queensland Government Vortex4 Best Business Plan & Best Financial Plan 2006.

DeepBlue , which began as an Australian Research Council project in 2006-2008, has been inspired by the challenge of reinventing the orchestra into a globally successful business model that is:

  • technologically innovative;

  • community and customer-focused;

  • sustainable and resilient;

  • artistically excellent.

DeepBlue videos

DeepBlue at blueFROG Mumbai

DeepBlue at the 5th International World Forum on Music

DeepBlue on ABC Open

DeepBlue in Vietnam

DeepBlue performing on Australia’s Got Talent 2011

DeepBlue reviews

artsHub Review by Nerrida Dickenson 4.5 stars

Australian Stage review by Gillian Wills

Overview of the project

DeepBlue is not just a musical performance troupe, we are also a dedicated group of musical scholars, teachers and researchers who are attempting to find a way to increase interest in live, orchestra-based performance and revitalizing an art form that is in dire need of support in the USA and around the world. As most people associated with orchestral performance knows, the audience for orchestral performance is aging and is not being replaced by younger audiences, while orchestras around the world are facing severe funding cuts. In the USA alone, in 1998 there were 1,200 orchestras but by 2007 there were only 117, and the numbers continue to decline. One of the best ways to combat this decline is to revitalize orchestral performance itself, finding new audiences along the way, and teaching a new generation of musicians about the power and tradition of orchestras, while providing them the freedom and support to innovate and experiment.

DeepBlue’s performance success is based upon years of research and development at the Queensland University of Technology and the program in Creative Industries. Four DeepBlue musicians and group managers are currently conducting Ph.D and Masters -level research on the group and related topics in performance and music pedagogy. One co-creation project of DeepBlue composer and Ph.D student Dane Alexander’s, involves fans who have offered to critique various interations of a musical work. As a result, DeepBlue has thrived as a form of research and development, innovative performance and music education, and as a new way to connect with audiences earning us the Australian Performing Arts Centre Association’s Award for Excellent Audience Response.

The purpose of our project in the US is to build the DeepBlue concept in America and revitalise orchestras around the world. Currently the project looks like:

October 2014
Project development with key partners in California:
Cal Poly staff, students & researchers
Community groups
Sponsors, organisations & businesses
Auditions for DeepBlue USA

October 2015
Demo performance of DeepBlue USA with YoungBlue feature
Professional Development Program for performers & teachers
YoungBlue Program for young musicians
Cal Poly student project development & pitches
Cal Poly research presentations & projects

The DeepBlue Professional Development Program will cover all the elements of becoming a 21st Century DeepBlue hybrid musician offering training in technology (Digital processing, development and composition & analogue manipulation), stagecraft, choreography, composition & improvisation, public speaking, creative development etc… The next step in the program is to deliver workshops for young musicians with DeepBlue.

DeepBlue have conducted workshops with thousands of young musicians and wowed sold-out audiences across Australia and Asia. DeepBlue are passionate about encouraging young people to experience a different way of playing music and the YoungBlue Holiday Programs are no exception, providing a one of a kind opportunity to the young musicians of today.

April 2016
Brisbane Development and Beta performances with select DeepBlue USA & Cal Poly students
BETA technology developed in California
BETA any musical/visual ideas developed in California
Performance extravaganza at QUT with DeepBlue performance

May/June 2016
Develop a Californian DeepBlue
Develop and apply CIP 2 Performance to California, develop this with the DeepBlue we’ve developed in California

For professionals

Our aim is to build a DeepBlue concept in California and over the next 3 years. Teachers and professional musicians are invited to participate in DeepBlue’s professional development workshops to build your skills as a 21st century hybrid musician. The end goal is design and build a show together which we will tour across America.

DeepBlue instrumentation currently includes:
Electronics, percussion, strings, synths and samples

Skills you can bring to DeepBlue:
Technology, circus, stunts, live & pre-recorded visuals, video, design, composition, creativity, imagination, administration, bookings, management.

DeepBlue ran auditions in October 2014 at the PAC Pavilion, San Louis Obispo

Online Auditions are now open for musicians in the SLO area.  Visit our Online Auditions page for more info and to register.

Professional Development Program – October 2015
Show Development & Touring – May/June 2016

We want to meet you when we are here this year. Audition registrations open now for Thurs 23 Oct 2014. Register for your audition today and find out more about the project and why you think you would fit.

For kids

The YoungBlue Program, now in its fifth year, aims to empower young musicians to think like musical entrepreneurs. By learning through doing in a supportive environment YoungBlue participants are encouraged to design and present their own unique performance. Embracing the rapid evolution of the music industry, DeepBlue inspires YoungBlues to think out-of-the-box musically and creatively. In 2015 DeepBlue will bring their holiday programs, for the first time ever, to the USA! Participants will work with members of DeepBlue, industry experts and exciting guests, workshopping music, dance, improvisation, composition, technology and live performance, stage craft, circus antics and much more!

For students

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia are partnering with Cal Poly to bring students real world learning outcomes. Developing student run projects for an international touring act including development of the electronic show program, lighting & visual design, new performance technologies, set and venue design.

To find out more about the projects available to students at Cal Poly get in touch with David Gilette:

Dr. David Gillette, Professor
Director, Liberal Arts & Engineering Studies
Colleges of Liberal Arts & Engineering
San Luis Obispo, California 93407
American Office: +1-805-756-2331

For researchers

There are collaborative research opportunities with QUT in performance, Interactive Visual Design, robotics, games, apps, new performance modes & models etc…

To find out more about how you can get involved with collaborative research opportunities in Australia contact Andy Arthurs:

Professor Andy Arthurs
Professor, Creative Industries Faculty,
School of Media, Entertainment, Creative Arts,
Music and Sound
Phone +61 7 3138 3296

For community groups

Researchers suggest creative industries have a role to play in community well-being and that music is an inherently social act, and one which contains enormous potential to bring people together. Ranging from our most well-known YoungBlue program, which aims to empower young musicians to approach their music with a totally different attitude, to ChoralBlue in which we work with a different local choir in each town we tour to. Further afield we are working with a community in Zimbabwe to help support their project the SCHONA Music School and back home we work with a variety of local schools and charities. Of course, the DeepBlue audience is also part of our community. We love how they’ve been interacting with us particularly through our unique Electronic Show Programme (ESP).

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved with any of our community engagement programs email Sophie.

Sophie Loades
Performer, Tour Manager & Community engagement coordinator

For organisations/businesses

To find out more about how you can partner with DeepBlue in this innovative project contact Greta Kelly

Greta Kelly
Performer, Publicist & Bookings