DeepBlue at Spanos Theatre

Join DeepBlue and local musicians for a show like no other!  The Spanos Theatre is hosting DeepBlue’s show which starts at 6pm on Sunday 11th October.

DeepBlue, the Australian orchestra unleashed comprises strings, electronics and physical theatre amplified and magnified by video and interactivity.

Participants from DeepBlue’s Professional Development Program and YoungBlue workshops will guest in some pieces.

Date: Sunday 11th October, 6:00pm

Location: Spanos Theatre,  California Polytechnic State University, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407,  Tel: (805) 756-7113

“Think ELO and Nigel Kennedy’s exuberant lovechild on stage. Think cello player walking backwards on stilts. Think 17 young and mobile players enthusiastically performing everything from Bowie to Rachmaninoff and you have the DeepBlue Orchestra.”
Review, Fairfax Digital Independent Weekly

“There was quite a lot of ‘Pow!’, quite a lot of ‘Wow!’, and it was definitely ‘Now’.”
Australia Stage review by Peter Bleby

“Throw non-stop choreography that illuminates conversational exchanges between instruments and theatrical realizations of string technique into the mix and this stereotype is forever wiped… The approach is immediate. Note bound, seated, reverent and retiring these determined, bright-eyed communicators are anything but.”
Australian Stage review by Gillian Wills: