2011 Audience Responses

AudienceΒ Responses from our 2011 tours of Australia


Dandenong, The Drum Theatre, 9th September


Almost as good as Eric Burdon & the Animals

The sight of a cellist on stilts doesn’t get any less awesome no matter how many times you see it! πŸ˜€

I’ve heard of multi-tasking, but!!

hey can you please do another muse song?? loving the show! your awesome πŸ™‚

My best friend gabe whos sitting next to got me to come to this show and its awsome can you plz make stand give him a clap because hes awsome

My little boy wants twikle twikle little star

Woo u guys rock. U all have good taste in music


How you doing πŸ™‚

Hey sup

We are a group from yarra valley just like ansa. We have always dreamed to be like ansa and deep blue! They are AMAZING

We love the show very much and we are fens already !

Beautiful half time busking

Absolutely loving it πŸ™‚

Request: yellow submarine – beetles

I am Kyle and I am 11 years old my dreAm dancer…

Friday is always on my mind!

Firework !!!!or Y MCA !!!!

On shore processing, respect and care, keep Australia multicultural, welcoming & growing

Loving the trip back to the 70’s. Supertramp is the shit

I’m ready!!!


Warragul, Enterntainment Centre, Victoria, 6th September

I have a dream, a dream like no other, a dream that no man nor woman would dream of……. To be….. A roadie!!

You guys should do tears for fears songs

The show is INCREDIBLE so far, loving every minute of it. πŸ™‚

hi just want to know whether one person or a few were instrumental in creating deep blue? u guys rock!!! lynda

Outstanding! The one place I never thought I would be is here. Tonight listening to deep blue. Glad I took the chance.

Very entertaining! Bring back the horse head!

I always dreamed of having a horse

Love the music and viualisation but pump up the volume great show

Brilliant show guys. Loving it !

You’re doing great. Keep it up

What is the guy on op side doing?

Hello! Great start πŸ™‚ really amazing. Looking forward to the rest! It’s really cool. πŸ˜€ my dream is to represent Australia in dressage at the Olympics.

anything by yellowcard thanks guys Sydney NSW For maps and directions: http://r.whereis.com/0i8ofVn

I saw u guys at woodford festival and u did close to me by the cure. Can u play that tonight for old times sake? U rock. Thanks monica

Always dreamed of walking led zepplins stairway to heaven

Turn it up please.

Hello. Wow! Congratulations. Just saw your show. U were all amazing and so talented. Loved it. Good luck and keep following your dreams. Happy birthday A!


Sale, BHP Billiton Entertainment Centre, Victoria, 5th September

Ladies – i want my figure back please.

we need a bass solo man πŸ˜€ <3

You are all amazing, but i’m afraid you’re missing an instrument, you need a harp, and i’d be happy to show you one πŸ™‚


More more more

Evan!!!! It’s your unknown cousin! Played in Young Blue and it was so fun πŸ™‚ My friends and I love you!! We love Deep Blue!! P.s. happy birthday alex!

Please read mine out

Hmy dream has always been to be a door stop. A shout out to the door stop guy. πŸ™‚

To be able to play: ‘things. ain’t the way they used to be’ on anything!

Thank you

I got scratched by a rat in my dream last night . . And then i woke. .

Heey!! If you played smooth criminal by michael jackson it would sound awesome!

We dream to have our first album recorded in a studio

I dream to see my little girl play with you! Nette

To be an actor or a makeup artist

To go to the Greek Islands!

My dream is to be married to the man with the black cello. Or his jacket.

My 76 yr old mother thinks the ‘b’day boy’ is gorgeous! She hopes he is having a great birthday…x

Could u please play the devil wen’t down in georgia

Regards, Luke from Victor harbor in SA!!

I used to dream i was flying but in silence.do you have any flying music?

Kiss from a rose – seal

Could u please play the peice with the great guitar riffs. Claire.

Best concert eva u guys rock πŸ™‚

can i get a photo with u guys at end of show and whats bass guitar guy name? and can my mate get a photo with him? cheers from phelo

As a kid, I used to dream of flying in a magical yellow raincoat. You had to get a good run up though or else fall on your face.

I have a dream to travel the world and live in Paris or Noosa!

Why isn’t the birthday boy wearing his birthday suit? Give us a real show!

Amazing show. Thank you!!

Looks like we have edd the talking horse again

See if u can keep playing till we fall asleep-bet u cant sue

Yah pretty funky

I hav a dream that all peopl will b set free from oppressn 2 kno their true God given worth.


Geelong Entertainment Centre, 3rd September

I would like 2 walk with baby elephants and see how u walk with them.Lv u

Please pay the tube pulp fiction song

Is that the world of Goo song?


Slightly less treble on the electric high hat. Keep it up!

Are we transported to the future? YES! Is this pure musical sentience? YES! Are your phasers on stun? I AM STUNNED! -ray

Can’t wait for next act. Go youngblue!


Have a young violinist here who loves ELO – can u play any??

I dream that I’m awake. Being caressed and carried away by waves of pure blue synapse soothing music -ray

My dream is to be a piano expert and because now I always make up my own music on the piano.

Luv the show. Saw you inWarrnambool. Got tonights show as birthday gift. Keep oninspiring people to dream and helping them achieve them.

My dream is I have always wanted to be famous. Astrid

hi there,was there last night,we loved it thankyou!can’t find you in Facebook tho,what are you called?lots of deep blue,not u tho.thanks

Oh and if u wd like some bellydancers when u come bak let me no, that would be fun πŸ™‚

Fantastic shows guys and dolls from lin mount gambier

We love you guys! From the young blue kids! πŸ˜€

I love the girls dresses! Rock on.

I am reading this message out.

That cello guys gunna give me nightmares!

Awesome piano playing dude!

Hey guys you rock so much we love you!!! How about fireflies by owl city? Thanx guys.

Hey your hot guy reading texts


Has anyone seen my wallet?

Deep blue no ongaku ga kirei. Dansu ga dai suki! Haha πŸ™‚

The guy that places the electronic drums wearing a tie and after intermission. Plays double bass wats his name and number??

Great show can u do Smoke on the water by Deep Purple pls


Mt Gambier, Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre, 1st September

We really loved 2nite. U were fab! My dream- 4 my 2 daughters 2 play an instrument as gd as u all

Great stuff guys , any heavy metal …….love ya music

What’s the number to text?

Awesome! My 10 yr old is inspired to practice her violin more now. Thanks.

Enter Sandman by Metallica would be pretty cool :p

My husband requests Wizards in the Snow, if you are still looking for requests

Awesome! Better in the flesh than on TV. As predictable as it is, how about an upbeat version of Canon?

U guys r awesome. We luv u guys :-)x

Dont stop believing party rock anthem please

How bout com on eillien

I liek musik lol!!! XD :)))

Great first half! Looking forward to the second……..still needs more trombone. πŸ™‚

Pump it, by the black eyed peas please πŸ™‚

saw movie theme?

mozart c minor mass and/ or nightwish end of all hope please.

Great to see a group of young talented musicians who clearly love their craft.

Could you play Beethovan’s Ode to Joy.


Bendigo, The Capital Performing Arts Centre 29th August,

Amazing so far! My dream is to complete a Phd… I will …one day! A request… Can you please play the William tell overture?

Will you marry me Tom Sly?!

I saw Deep Blue about 2 years ago and couldn’t wait to see you all again tonight! You’re fantastic!


Say hi to that hot chick for me. Cheers ragan kang


Good luck guys. Im ur number fan, love bernard πŸ˜‰ I play alto. Where ur sax mate?

When you starting bro? From yutaro okuda πŸ˜€ xoxo

What is Waynes cello made of ?

Luv the total experience. Very well done. Even the interval is fun! We are from Amsterdam. Guess u would be a hit there too! R&D

Are there any violas or are they all violins? Our 7 year old daughter is watching and she plays viola, difficult to tell the difference πŸ™‚

Home! Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros!! Thanks.

Come on Eileen!!!

50 ways to lose a lover; silverchairs Tomorrow; anything Jackson 5; Britney spears toxic; is the guy with the ponytail Hugo weaving?

Do you have any japanese music to play?

Can u pls play something by vanessa mae like Red hot? Thanks!

Dreams: travel around the world and inner peace. R.

The duet from lakme – any chance??

For John to have a shower before a 10 hr drive x

Request for anything Pink Floyd , Split Enz, or Mozart … Eine Klien Nacht Music. Lees family

Bendigo performance: we have high expectations. Hope you blow us away. Don’t know what to expect. Look forward to it. R & D


Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre, 25th August

Love to hear fantasia for strings on a theme by Thomas tallis (or a small part of it!) love yr work as usual

Your awesome! Are u playing here again soon? Or in Sydney?

What a fantastic show . Thank you!


Rock toccata fuge in d minor

Im a deepblue virgin…im loving it! Thank u πŸ™‚

Great show guys! Know any Pink Floyd?


Please play popcorn! Also price tag. Thanks

My dream is to be a pro guitar player I also think u should add more technical stuff I think the show is awesomely wired and fantastic

Can we also add Pachebal’s Canon? Thanks

There seems to be a bit of a buzz but other than that pretty good. I would b interested in seeing some improvised solos if thats ok. πŸ™‚

Fabulous show. Love it! Come back again. Do you know any Linkin Park? Jenny

How about some metalica? Sandman?

I seen russel morris. Have u?

the bass player should take his shirt off

Bohemian rapsody ,phantom of the opera,la mis,

Is There Life on Mars, Nutbush please

How about mustang sally?

How about mustamh

Bohemian rapsidy please

Beautiful!!! :o)

Yann Tiersen…

Do mustang Sally!

Looking forward to the show. The asthmatic in me wants you to turn the fog off.

We saw you in ipswich last year. We can’t wait for the show tonight. You are all brilliant!

I would love to hear an arrangement of toccata similar to how sky did it.


Orange Entertainment Centre, 23rd August

You spoil your great performance by the crappy videos that distract the viewer from your talent.

Congratulations on an amazing show! You are all so talented, beautiful and funky. Karen from Orange – originally Parkes.

Dear Deep Blue, Better than a schnoner of Guinness, a schooner of Guinness, some tapas and a schooner of Guinness. Thanks. Steve

You guys are brilliant i loved every moment tonight didnt want it to stop i would love to have your talent just AWSOME

Fantastic show! Many thanks. Now my husband is dreaming!

Cool! Thanks so much! Great to see you again!

As my phones dying wish it wishes for journey dont stop believing

Can u play some pink floyd? Maybe beatles? Hendrix?

Annika and cody in row d are having an awesome time even though its way past their bed time

My husband wondered if you can do Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer? Great show!!

Your lights are too bright but otherwise loving it, you guys are amazing

I was waiting for the Thriller sequence!

Dear Deep Blue, Play a bit of the “obsesred” tune from Grandma

Awesome! Turn the drums up

Journey- dont stop believing

Hi πŸ™‚


Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, 21st August

Spectaclar show at Bathurst thnx

Awesome show. Love the carbon fibre cello and the stilts. Eliza


Jenny Marshall, be my wife! Or at least civil union partner! πŸ˜‰ amazing show guys!

Teenage dream- katy perry

My dream is to front a jazz bigband in velvet!!!

My dream is to soar the skies. Fly through the clouds. Be a captain for qantas.

I know its sad but can u do the soundtrack song to schiendlers list? Or even just play the platoon song again it was amazing!!!! Thank u thank u thank u πŸ™‚

Loving it πŸ™‚

OMG!!! Totally awesome

Nella fantasia

I think its great how they interact with the audience

Make chinese nerd guy Do the funky chicken on stage. No its not racist.


With the male to female ratio on stage, at least some of those gorgeous girls have to be single!

Fri night in Hicksville (tamworth) rocked. My 6 &4 yo have watched dvd over n over. Truly inspiring. My husband has suggested u cld do gr8 mix with ACDC. KM


Dubbo, Dubbo Regional Theatre, 20th August

Love you guys & gals! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent and a little bit of yourselves with your fans! With love & laughter

Great show please come back colleen moffitt

Ur show is great. Pls play anything celtic

Those belt packs with the coloured lights remind me of a game of laser skirmish.

Great night come back to dubbo

Fabulous entertainment! Fabulous musicianship ! Inspiring energy! go Deep Blue!

This is beautiful

Any chance of something a little Irish? For Ilva & Carol πŸ™‚


Can u play johnathon livingstone seagull please

Maybe Rolling Stones

Something Irish pls thanks for a great show

If you ever intend to open a group in newcastle or sydney let me know :p uber keen… Its like suzuki and bond combined

The show is amazing and the drumers hot πŸ™‚

Some ELO please

My dream is to win a deep blue t-shirt for me and my friend. Felicity

My 7 year old said at intermission….the man has gone to have words with the lady that stole his violin.

You guys are awesome!!! I hope ill b as good as you guys some day :-))

Request penny lane or anything from fiddler on the roof

Show is amazing and the drummer is hot πŸ˜‰

Or what about “inception”

Ur rockn! Smoke on water? For callum. For brad queens rock u?

Spirit in the sky. by Norman Greenbaum

Do you know pirates of the caribian? Great performance btw

Great experience welcome 2 dubbo

Pump it by the black eyed peas please

Very good. Keep on playing yor music with fun & frivolity.

Spiderman says “A little bit of uh ha, and a whole lot of oh yeh”.

Bollywood with Young Blue

the drummer speaks some amazing Japanese! from some young blue kids πŸ™‚

Dear deep blue. We’d love to be as awesome as you when we’re older. Lots of love, young blue πŸ™‚

Great show! Come back soon. Thankyou!

Hi guys, im loving the show, looks like your having so much πŸ™‚ i really like your facial expressions, very animated. πŸ˜€ Meghan

Would luv 2 hear era – ameno, or evenesence – bring me 2 life. Joel

Anything collective soul, but preferably shine.

Anything from sky would be great too please, mehico perhaps


So far so good. Luv music & way they perform. Its defnatly not borng

Arrival to earth from the transformers soundtrack, it’s an orchestral piece by steve jablonsky

Sh;V H9ehavm[5s@{v  5r.XFt\BH9h^]”H9tBI# d\7 R9 -sRQ”,X1k@RL-ori$h^A+fH”jD

Hi, this is Cass & Mon. That was really cool and WEIRD but in an AWESOME way. Loved it!!

Nice work on the tight rope – at last all those circus & music lessons have paid off

And its flipping awesome! Haha Loved the stilts!

Fab, fab and fab

The devil went down to georgia


Tamworth, Capitaol Theatre, 19 August

Luca wants to be an astronaut


My new dream – to hear you all again! Excellent thanks!

U guys r Amazing! Can u Plz play the entertainer?

Hotel california. Please

All children will be given opportunity to live hopefilled lives

Shindlers list?

Dreams Great stuff I dream u will return to port soon top concert thanks Robmusic studio

Can you please play ‘Aquarius’ by Aqua? Thanks, JENNY in row U

Any elo?

Dream that love will prevail on earth

Please play Nature Boy

How did you come up with your name deep blue?

Love songs like only you

Have you got any bohemian rapcity in there


Paint it black by rolling stones

If i were a rich man from fiddler on the roof please

Bohemian Rhapsody, please

S^5+FZ4nNV -iFG-Y0sJ

Pachabels canon!

Loving the performance πŸ™‚

Awesome guys!

Pink Floyd

Rock around the clock

Bohemian rhapsody please

How do the cellists hold their instruments? Not being rude!! Amazing show, thank you!!

Excellent concert. Could you play I see red for my husband David and or Pachabel’s Canon thanks


Port Macquarie, The Glasshouse Entertainment Centre, 18 August

My dream is to go home and watch the footy show… Oh yeah! And world peace πŸ™‚

Can you play anything from the Tron score? Haha

Hi everyone at the Glasshouse, how about Bohemian Rhapsody? Hi Andy from Bruce and Graeme

Flower duet or and Michael jackson earth song please

Guitar riff pls

Or Annie lennox

Great show. Had no idea what to expect but SO glad I came. Heather

Under the board walk please. Sounding good!

Awesome – any stilts tonight?

I dream of Sean

Sexual healing marvin gaye

Love the guy with the pony tail πŸ™‚

Can u do that pulp fiction

I’ll buy you a new violin.

My wife & i drive 2hrs its bloody great

Maybe Bob Marley: ‘waiting in vain’, or ‘no woman, no cry’? Kev πŸ™‚

Ditch the hummmmmm beautiful concept and sound and look but ……..Glasshouse must do better ……ditch the hummmm

Would love you to say happy birthday to my mum PETA & grandmother BUB who are here for their birthday heaps of love xxxx

Too cool! Love the no rules!!!!!! Welcome to port Macquarie, thanks for coming.

Have fun in our town

Beatles or blues