2010 Audience Responses

Audience Responses from our 2010 tours of Australia

Warrnambool 30th October

Hey u guys seriously rocked the house and its ok I had my own little mosh pit in my head, thanks heaps for a fantabulous memory
U guys were awesome. My dream is that you will perform again.
That was awesome!!! Thank you.
Mmmmmmm feeling like a little nick cave wouldn’t go astray
Dont you guys ever rest. Fantastic intermission. Jon
Fleur de lys please
First time ever seeing you and i think you guys are awesome and if you guys came back i would definately come back and see ya
“U have got cool jackets Chris & maggie”
What a wonderful show!! Am so glad i came from melbourne to see you all. Thanksfor a great musical experience. Carolyn from sunbury, victoria
Please play 50s 60Smusic
I love the show. I love the music. You looked like scary zombies in the last item. (:
Can we have anything from the Shadows.
Oh and louder!!!
Great show.
Can you please play theme from Shaft?
Mum thinks there should be a dance floor- i agree! We can’t sit still… 🙂
Love to hear Any pink Floyd song
I think someones been stealing right hand coat sleeves too. Ha ha jonathan again. Great show.
Ive got monday on my mind.
Sunday on my mind.
I wana mosh pit !!!
Can you play paint it black
Goosebumps thank you jon
“You are brill and fantastic. You guys must practise a lot I play piano ”
Me again I cant believe this. Adagio is one of my all time favorites. Most beautiful playing. Jon
Awesome piano
Perpetulum mobile please! 🙂
My dream is to have Deep Blue perform or record one of my compositions. Call me, jon

Melbourne 29th October

“Thanks 4 an awesome show Tell us when u r in melb next Thanks, Caitlin”
Please come back to melbourne soon!
Good show enjoyed it dominique young blue
I would have never ever dreamed of going to a string orchestra. i am so glad i did it is absolutely fantastic
THANK YOU!! You guys are AWESOME!!
Could you possibly play Rock Aria from ELO please?
1 word awesomeB-)
Awesome show
Hey, can you guys play ‘Requiem for a Dream’?
The only disapointing thing so far is that intermission came way way to soon. You guys are omg amazing. Ryan.
Absolutely fantastic! You guys are brilliant! Well done. I wish you loads of success!
Hi emma i see you are all grown up now 🙂 last time i saw you you played the piano in gawler xmas time great to see you ! It all sounds fantabulous
Omg!! You guys are fantastic! I was speechless at the interval when my dad asked me weather i would like to be in a band like that. It was fantastic!
Love the show – i really do. But those one-arm jackets do look intensely silly!
Excellent show so far, really enjoying it.B)
Play kashmere
James bond theme please
Omg! Friday on my mind is fantastic!
Friday on my mind made more awesome!
Could you guys do Ballroom Blitz?
“I just LOVE bollywood. Best song ever:)”
Could you play You’re the Voice – John Farnham or any Beatles song please?
Electronics great…all played, no sequencing!Barber beautiful! George.
Can I take the keyboard player home? He’s CUTE!!
Congratulation Dane and Alice love Courtney
You are awesome. Take u home anyday 😉
LOVED hearing the music in the foyer on the way to my seat! Think the show will be GREAT!!
“Hi guys Can Not wait to get on stage!:) ”
SO excited to finally see you guys again!!!

Shepparton 27th October

Brilliant ! Good show coming from a fellow musso. Loved the kids part.
Your show has given me the want to pick up my fiddle again. Its been a long time ! Like 20 years !!!
U r having fun & so r we.
The boys rule!!!! So much energy and not even a break.
The blonde cellist is cute 🙂
That was AMAZING!!! Very impressive especially the dancing/jumping double bass and the balancing cellos!!! Wish I could play like that :):)
Sensational!! Ur music & performnce is so alive. I’m loving it, particularly the upbeat numbers. Lyndal
New meaning to movement and expression in music!
Is that the normal way the bow is held 4 playing bass?
Great easy on the beat – how about some Russell Morris
I wish every kid who played a string instrument could see deep blue. You are showing us the possibilities.
I dream to one day play my cello as good as you guys! Looking forward to those Young Blue kids 😉
Great show so far
This good and fun
Bad blue ! Cant see all the words.
Metallica please
Bridge over troubled waters and Rhapsody in blue
Can you do the Simpsons theme please?


Wollongong 25th October

Can you do the Simpsons theme please?
You guys look great but it’s not as good without the bald guy out the back ;-p
Would love to hear phantom theme punked up
And personality, and attitude, and creativity. Ok, i should stog using all my boyfriend’s credit lol.
Initiative, colour, life, enthusiasm, exuberance!
Foreign land – eskimo jo. Maybe mix it in with something else ?? ;P
Dream: that deep blue will become as popular as deep purple cos you guys rock
Bittersweet symphony – the verve 🙂 p.s. You guys are really cool
Anything by tool..
I’d like to be a fairy..pippi age 5
Please play Elegy and Tomorrow Never Knows.


Wangaratta 17th August

Awesome show 2nite! U r amazing musicians and incredible performers. U looked like u had fun.
Wow, we loved you all. Amazing show, concepts you would never think could b combined so well. Thank you! Maree & Fi
my dream is 4 workd peace and unity maybe we can achieve it through music!
Love the fun you’re all having – so why r u ‘deep blue’?!
Please pla david guetta, getting over you. Please please!
The guy up the back looks like Edward Cullen
The guy with the long hair was a little creepy. His eyes look into your soul.
Hey, could you play my heart will go on from Titanic?
Robert Miles: Children, pl
“You rock so hard awesome drumming my dream is to be a pro drummer!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jalousie – Spanish Classic
:-)When is yr next cd coming out?
MacArthur Park
Your music is going on my ipod
Turn it up please. Let it rip!
Great night so far. You are all so very talented! Would love you to all introduce yourselves so we know who is who! Tracy
‘I have a dream’ for Aunty B.
Great stuff:-)
Hey, could you play bohemian rhapsody?
My dream is to start hip hop and one day become a famous hip hop dancer. Sent by Tom
The sun always shine on tv, please thanks it was a soundtrack on slumdog millionaire I think.
Love the one arm lace ups
I think you guys should re name urselves: Deep space blue! In wang PAC now. Wow v dynamic juliana
To b able 2 play the violin that beautifully
Amazing show, not even half way through and its amazing! I still think you guys should try out cliffs of dover by eric johnson!
Great stuff!
Neika a youngbluer would like to request “”a man in the mirror”” (Michael Jackson!)
Charazarde i choose you
I live 4 my dreams & dream of living. I’d like to hear u play the theme song from bilitis
Dane owes me child support.
The excitement and anticipation is killin me id love to hear pirates of the carribean at worlds end
Hey deep blue, can you please play I’m yours by Jason mraz? Thanks
Hey this is ruby and rory here! Can you do a cover version of ‘Down’ by jay sean? You guys are awesome. We saw you last time you were here.
I recon that you’s should play cliffs of dover 🙂
Lady gaga – poker face 🙂
I dream that Rangaas will rule
Hi can you cover any Owl City pieces such as Fireflies? Regards, Sylvia


Albury 15th August

I absolutely love the keyboardists music and I would someday aspire to be like that.
Yr website says there is a DVD. Where can we buy it. Also can u play popcorn? Thanks, Rob
hey great playing would luv to hear some coldplay 🙂
My dream is to be an amazing dancer. Can i dance in the nutbush too please?from chloe (:
Brandenburg concerto of bach
when the devil went down to georgia
Requiem for a dream, stairway to heaven, abc theme remix, please turn up the bass 🙂
Music for a found harmonium
Please can we reques Leonard Cohen
Is the keyboardest really robert pattinson in disguise?
We r loving the show u look great and sound fucking fantastic can u play silly putty x
Please, please, PLEASE!!! play Phantom of the Opera!!!!
Requiem for a dream, classical gas, smoke on the water, beethovens fifth, farmville, stairway to heaven
My mate says that the guy that plays black cello is scary 🙂
The guy with the dreds is mad! I love his hair!Love your show, love your passion. Your personalties shine through your music. Would love some David Bowie, big fan! Thank you! Rich
Love the show. Could u please play Albioni’s adagio? Thank u Sue
What about queens blue rapsody
We Loved the wii theremin!
I liked that last one but i felt sorry for the musician with a broken violin. Oh well Do u do any Queen ?
Do you know anything from The Blues Brothers or Ray Charles
How did you get the wii remote to sound like a theremin??
I love the facial expressions on the musicians faces when they are playing. The expressions vary depending on the type of music. I find it fascinating.
Awesome the bloke in orange is funny great talent
Doctor Who theme!!!!
Request; bitter sweet symphony – oasis (dedicate to SEMB if possible) great show!
Can you plz play the theme 2 the magnificent 7
Hey great playing we would like to request viva la vida by coldplay thanks
I think you guys would sound great doing anything from war of the worlds!
Fantastic so far could u pls play my heart will go on thankyou from daphne and kylie
Hi would u play sum queen please.thanx
You guys are awesome espcially Greta! from Celeste
My friends and I love twilight so If you know any songs from the twilight series it would be great if you could play it!!!
Eleanor rugby. Would be
I want to know Naomi’s dreams.
Devil went down to Georgia
Were r the violas ?
My dream is flying turtles!
Play anything by nick cave!
I am Cameron. I am 7 and I dream of being a really good horse rider
Dynamite by taio cruz
To be a world famous singer loved by millions and i would like to hear the climb from clancy mcadie
My dream is 2 win the grade one world pipe band championships which i have just competed in in scotland from kate millward have fun 2nite
Run to paradise by the choirboys
Hi deepblue we were here last year loved your show had to come back. Looking forward to lots of fun and drama. Keep up the great work.
Josh groben you lift me up
Black betty 🙂
break out the theremin 🙂
The going down of the titanic. Celine dion.
Could you please play the song hey soul sister by train?
Crunchy Granola Suite please. Yelly
Can you play Bella’s Lullaby from twilight?
Can you play Downstream off Braid 2?
Ava Maria
Can you play the theme to Last of the Mohicans?
Could you please play new york new york m thanks heather”\


Wagga Wagga 14th August

I loved seeing how much you genuinely seem to enjoy each other’s company. Keep enjoying yourselves, it shows!
Emma, wayne and sofie. Thankyou. You inspired me. Dane. Marry me!
I have the same keytar!
Wow a theremin solo ….. shades of Led Zeppelin.
Clocks- cold play
A cheerful cello piece? You’re fantastic!
Too the man in the striped shirt … I like your beard. From katelyn
Thanks for Mario. You should do Hong Kong/Red Revolution … Or whatever that one is called 😀
The piano player looks like robert patternson
Can u play mozarts duet?”,,
Bring me to life by evanescence, please, great show”,,
Just realised before intermission that quiet a few members were showing bare arms hehe. Loving the show thanks
hey guys – gr8 show. Can u play the theme from pirates of the carribean?
Please play ‘i dont care’ by apotalypica (sp?)
Can you please play prelude 12/21 by a.f.i
Can you please play requiem (spelling?) for a dream?
Can you do bohemian rhapsody
Somewhere- west side story. Please!
Can u please come to young on your next tour?! The arts council would love to have you!
Please play david bowie medley
Can you play explosive by bond? Ps, this is Emma. And I really do like your jackets 😉
Do you do any split enz?
Love the show cant take my eyes off the stage to text:)
I think you should do a Lady Gaga song!
Like yor costume.. Dreamt it up or got them cheap..
How about “”It’s my life”” by Bon Jovi. Thanks from Heather.
Request: bittersweet symphony – the verve. Emma likes the jackets 🙂
Love mon fri. Love u all. U fantastic better than mozart + fun
can u play cats in the cradle cat stevens thanks
Where’s your head at- basement jaxx
i love all visual effects
Loving the key boarders funky little dances in the background
Speed of blue or paint it black?
To see my young blue daughter play celtic music on stage . Kev
Start a show like this for woodwind
Oscar 6, remy 8, and isla 3, would love to hear ‘the simpsons’ theme.
Do u know any thing by aaron zigman!?
Can u please play laras theme aka somewhere my love ta
And handels ombra mai fu?
opening amazing!
Big fan of muse! Loved your butterflies and hurricanes! Can you do new born?
Love Greta!
Can you Please do the mission impossible theme:)
The lights look awesome
You’re hot
How do the cellists keep their cellos on their chests while the play like that? Is the guy with dreadlocks single 🙂
my dream is to be able to play well and be able to enjoy it. Sarah
I also dream and hope this is a telstra number
Hunting for witches- bloc party
Space Oddity, please! Joel x
My dream is to be a biscuit when i grow up possibly a chocolate coverd biscuit but plain is good im not fussy
Do Mario theme song and Zelda theme song 😀 you guys are awesome.
It was my dream to play the cello brilliantly. Ive given up. Inspire me.
Dear deep blue during the show can you please sing babe from Justin Bibbers Cd John
Tango una cabeze
We go together. From grease. Or greased lightning.
Dream-great performance last night, definatly inspiring – now my 11yr old daughter would like a keytar. Thanks, Jen (Canberra)


Canberra 13th August

Loved the show, thank you! What was the gorgeous cello piece that the composer played starting in a cupboard? Adagio armadietto?
Hi great show tonight thanks you guys are awsome and im thinking about doing cello
I’d like to hear hong kong western
10 and 12 year olds loved the bowie, not to mention their parents!
Mad theremin skills
Loved pump it at the end just GREAT
Wish it was longer……awesome guys!!
I dream to the space odessy + life on Mars.
You guys are great! We’re here for my dad’s birthday… His name is paul…any chance we could get a happy birthday. Much love!
I am in young blue and the show was awesome
Your defiance for boundaries and genre is challenging and encouraging. Keep developing your art.
Omg … STILTS!!!! Freakin awesome dude 🙂
Just awesome. A fantastic experience thank you
Pls pls come back soon!!!
You guys might love ‘pachebel’s rant’
Request: abc dance remix song
Is that Sallie that used to play with Kate miller heidke?!? Awesome! Love you!
Tubular bells!
Sup guyz hru u rock the piano guy looks like Edward from twilight
Placebo – taste in men. Well, it’s a dream of sorts..
Play some hip hop/rap
You guys rock
What is the deep resonant bass that makes the whole room vibrate not the bass drum
How about “space Oddity”
Inspirational and beautiful
Pls do SPEED OF BLUE if thats its name
Who eva plays black cello u r a god 😀 love from a sexy euphonium playa
Make a souvenir program 4 next time wit nice pics.i just bought the 2 cds.it doesn’t look like it has the songs u played 2nite,does it? 😀
Come on eileen by dexys midnight runners
The Chicken Dance!
Can u do miley cyrus’s the climb?
I dream of making music with my friends – Jemima (age 9)
We must know, how do they hold up their cellos whilst walking around??
Love it so far! Dreaming of coming back next year!! Sam (young blue)
Doctor who theme doctor who theme doctor who theme doctor who theme doctoe who theme doctor who theme doctor who theme doctor who theme doctoe who theme! PLEASE”
Show is epicness. Can u play speed of blue?
Can you please play super massive black hole – muse
It is awesome!!!! i play the violin from alexandra.
Clubbed to Death by Rob D
we don’t have to take our clothes off – Jermaine Stewart
Journey: dont stop believin
I dream of a world free of illiteracy
Please play khachaturian and flying dream
Can you please play Daryl Braithwaite’s The Horses – thank you
Dreaming of some pink floyd? Shine on you crazy diamond? Stuff of dreams
I dream of playing the violin – Emily (age 6)
Loved the piece after gretas talk when all were in red lighting what was it called? Mary
Please play Raising Up Water!
I dream of making a difference… – Stu
No flutes?!? What sort of orchestra is this? Haha but seriously you people are incredible 🙂
Requests – id do anything 4 love, meatloaf; ice ice baby. Thanks!
Gen Y rocks!
When you did the zombie thing I swear you looked like the Berlin Philharmonic. Same facial expressions.
Get him a new one!
thanks im having so much fun
… and I’ve never seen a viola player enjoy himself so much without a beer actually in his hand …
Does Friday 13 lend a twist to Friday on my mind?
I never thought I’d see the day when I saw a string orchestra dancing Bollywood. But I’m glad I have http://tweetphoto.com/38632094
Why the one sleeve
I now dream of playing cello
My dream is to meet Doctor Who and him to take me with him! From Charlie
My dream was to be the next margot fontene. 51 years on and its still a nice dream
How about verve bittersweet symphony please?
Loving the guys one-sleeved jackets … Is that a statement 4 the poor penniless muso ha ha! Or just manly musical muscle
Welcome back to Canberra, Deep Blue 🙂
William Tell Overture A dream of adventure
My mum would love it if you played the 1812 overture. 🙂
Hi i think you are great. I want you to do a violin cover of dance the way i feel by ou est le swimming pool one day 😀 thanks
How many are there in the orchestra
Life is what u make of it, I dream of the ultimate wave…. Sweet show so far
Wah wah jennings can really bust the rock moves
Hi enjoying it atm can i send request for ben folds five ‘brick’ thanks! Sarah
Horses by Daryl Braithwaite
Great could you do a classic devil went down to georgia
I have malteesers caught in my braces and I kind of think I’ll fly with Peter pan one day soon
Hi can you please play viva la vida. Thanks fox
David bowie!
More muse
I want to do violin in college. how hard is it to learn?
You guys rock!!!! Yay muse!
Explosive-bond. by the way you guys are amazing.
Hi Wayne, your in my dreams tonight!
Fireflies by owl city
Jessies girl. Bohemian rhapsody, fireflys by owl city.
Looking forward to the show. yay
Waiting waiting waiting…
The Doctor Who theme. Keep holding on by avril


The Gold Coast May 26th

Absolutely brilliant – I LOVED it! Please come back soon! Amber
Wonderful you made us feel your passion.
Where’s my ukrlele? Great show!
You are fantastic!
your version of paint it black was actually my earworm today! the stuff dreams are made of =) jo
Adagio by Albinoni \n
My worm is thomas Albinoni’s adagio
Our 7yr old wants to go home and practice his violin.. Come on Mumma I need to practice. So cute. Thank you….
Please wish my good friend hardy happy birthday. 🙂 you guys are an inspiration . Blessings
Comfortably numb
Bowie please please please.
please play perpetuum mobile 🙂
Ear worms: omg-usher and ur luv is my drug-kesha
Pls include CLOCKS by Coldplay! LeHunts
Hi i luv ur songs i think ur great go marons amber
Do nutbush pleees.u r gr8
Any lady gaga?
I dream about playing as well as those children!
“Paint it Black, please, Yvette”
Homagod it’s awsome
Any chance of playing theme from zeferrelis Romeo and juliet or William tell overture. Love it so far!!!!
I can only dream to have such talent!
Flight of the bumble bee. If possible please
Guys loving the performance. Lynn
Would love to hear – red room revolution & American beauty 🙂
Can you play omg by Usher? Thanx Kim
Out of africa pls from karen porter
Imagine by john lennon
Can you guys play Finished Symphony by Hybrid.
howz about unforgiven by metalica cheers enjoyn the show awsome
Intermetso pls from isobel here from victoria
Please play me celtic music from pip and maybe the earth song from michael jackson thanks
Pls play flying dream. Its my favourite
Elo. Living thing
Luvv the showpls play hey soyl sister by train thanx
Wonderful and inspired! Can you do any michael jackson or raciabel
The Bollywood song by Phil Wilson rocked!!
My dream to live life to the full
I would like to hear the star wars theme or TNT
Pls incude CLOCKS by Coldplay
Knights in white saturn 🙂
Its such a wonderful experience you provide for young musicians, our son is in young blue tonight. He is so inspired and excited . Thank you. Kelly
Pachabels Cannon
You only live twice
Dancing in the dark
To be successful , happy and famous
Looking fwd to an exciting show! Please play april sun in cuba, as its magic!”
I would like my familys gypsy band to become famous.\nThe Potts
Adagio for the strings by dj tiesto
I’d love to hear a theme tune from a video game
Love to hear hearts a mess .. gotye. Looking forward to the night.