2009 Audience Responses

Some of the highlights from our 2009 tour!


Amazin show! So much talent! Thanks 4 sharin it! Gutted the rest of the town had 2 miss it! Maybe next time! Cheers!
OMG u guys r awesome 🙂
Man you guys are gangster. Life on mars was the best version i have ever heard. =)


Fame and fortune aside if my daughter loves her music as much as you do ill be a happy mum
Awesome fusion of electronica and strings just love the strong chords
Both my mum and i love you guys i am pretty sure i am screaming the loudest
The music so far has been worthy of goose bumps all over. Just love this refreshing take
awesome thank you for playing bowie. how do you hold your cello in the air and play?


Wow! Awesome show. You should have a dance / rock only night. Standing room only. There’s too much energy to sit on your but! Can’t wait to see ya’s again!
How are we suppose to cope with so many beautiful violinist with such skills for plucking?
That was so FANTASTIC!


Loved every moment of ur performance! Cds will be thrashed 2 max! Wil come & c u again.
You really know how to make music fun.
That piece was so moving and eloquent. Just lovely 🙂
That was spunky!! Really loved the interaction with the audience too
This is the best cultural thing I’ve been 2 in ages! Where do I sign up haha


A major part of this music is the incredible theatrics and videos
Is this to make life difficult 4 cello teachers?wow!
The keyboardist is flippin awesome
Hi \nI like all the smiles and looks between the musicians


The guy on the stilts is verry amazing!! Great entertainment for the younger generation..


I LUV U GUYS SO MUCH…(& 1day I could be like u!
Not since the Coors, have we seen a finer collection of beauties, string and talent on the one stage.


Thanks so much again for playing muse!! Awesome!! Sik show! Going to see it again!
I freaking love you guys for playing muse!! They’re my ultimate favourite!! I had a heart attack when you said you were going to play them!!
I have never enjoyed a live concert so much in my life & i’m 60 !
Truly amazing…I want MORE !
The cello piece was so incredible
It’s obvious to see that you guys really love your music!
You guys are brilliant! Beautiful music! Breath taking! Wonderful from the moment you started.


Thanx deep blue! Brilliant show. We loved it.please come again. And thanx for the inspiration for our children!
Love it! You look like You’re having so much fun!
I don’t need in interval so just keep goin ay!

Here’s a sample of some of the repertoire SMS requests we receive:

Somewhere over the rainbow
anything from the brand new heavies.Sex on fire kings of leon.holy grail.hunters .
Cyndi lauper or Bjork??
Devil came down 2 georgia dueling violins???
Metallica? Please. 🙂 something from the s and m album?
Does Deep Blue do Deep Purple? Or Led Zep? Loved Mahler!
Karma police by radiohead.
Queens bohemian rhapsody
Can you please play nutbush , or don’t worry be happy on the theramin
omg more bowie
Hey, could you play jesu’ joy, of mans desiring.
celene dion my heart will go on – from titanic
Can u play billy geane by michael jackson
Please play pink floyd another brick in the walk 🙂
Got any Silverchair in your repertoire?
Kate Bush . Wuthering heights.
Please please PLEASE play butterflies and hurricanes!… And the film medley!
some old old Elton John – Tiny Dancer
Please play muse butterflies
Beatles a day in the life
techno bach partitas wld be Gd.
by tool or muse!
Anything from Radiohead. Like ‘Paranoid Android’
Pls play something from ELO.
Please play blue Monday
How about-‘this guy’s in love with you’.
“Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys, or “Caravan”
Do bond songs,:)
Fatboy slim?
Edward scissorhands danny elfman. Ice dance.
vaughan williams fantasia on a theme by thomas tallis
American Beauty,
Mission impossible theme and anything from breakfast club.
Please play some Spice Girls…
Please play Oh Fortuna!
– Lux Eterna – Winter from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Danse Macabre – Bach’s Toccata and Fuge. Regards, Steve Marriott.
Do u know any songs from grease
Twilight soundtrack-full moon
the devil came from georgia
Can you guys play pirates me the caribean
Do you know any neil diamond
theme song to ‘angel’ tv series?
Akadaka by acdc
Would love to hear Meditation.
play the nutbush!
Play a walt disney song 🙂
Can you rock rondo alaturkka
could you play popcorn
Pink floyd
Unchained melody by the wrightious brothers, thunderstruck by acdc and holding out for a hero by jennifer saunders.
dead kennedys
Cld u pls play figaro?
Leonard cohens
Climb every mountain from the sound of music.
swan lake, tchaikovsky,
Rhannan by police
love story by taylor swift or swallow tail jig or day in the life by the beatles !
Could you play pump it by the black eyed peas?
my 9yo requests the star wars
Sheep may safely graze by bach from australia the movie
Blasphemy- by immediate music.
How about La Bamba? Or The Gypsy Who Danced With Fire in His Shoes?
summer rain or cry for u
Need gonna fly now from rocky
Viva la Vida
River deep mountain high
marlbro theme or the magnificent 7 and part me the 1812
more Davidson
request blister violent fems
play butterflies and hurricanes? 🙂
the 1812 overture?
The sailor’s hornpipe?\nThe love theme from bladerunner, \nmarriage of figaro with a techno feel
hall of the mountain king fur elis blue danue entertainer
stairway to heaven.
Fleewood Mac Tusk
phantom of the opera or dueling banjos
El tango de roxanne from moulin rouge
Can you also play ‘memory’ from cats musical