2008 Audience Responses

Audience responses from our 2008 shows and tours across Australia


Love it! It is excellent. Very modern.

Great choice of song. Very clever as great people will recognise it. Sounds fab.

Great arrangement SALLIE!


Flying Dream was awesome!

Ggrreat fantastic and wow. Love thag theremin.

Bloody brilliant Best 2 numbers so far Chill and vienna
Looking forward 2 American beauty Steve

Amanda is a star!

Please be gentle with the cellos i like the pop numbers. tim

I hope you have a energy filled ending similar to your opening pieces great work the music is far from flat and even without the visual aid your all captivating

Wow this is new! what are those cello doing are they standing?

Stage set up with groups is great. I like seeing people make eye contact

Wow fabulous so far loved Vienna Bowie and the opening. what a great idea and lots of luck. JB

Wow- being taken to all kinds of emotions and places!

I like the dress of the violinist in white with silver tie

Last song looked great. Explanations are great.

This is just beautiful.

that last one was amazing

Love this one!

A beautiful sound quite haunting

Awesome! Mars, close 2 me – amazing! Couldnt stop 2 txt – too good!

This is awesome Sallie!

Great show so far, all of you. Particularly loved the Flying Dream cello piece. The Cure was great fun, and I had no idea the cello could rock out like Nutbush.

Awsome show so far guys. Makes me want to play the viollin again. Keep up the good work.

Loving it all especially the cure

hurry back, we cant wait for interval to finish. amazing performance on the theremin

A…mazing! Emma hales rocks my socks!

WOOT WOOT, amazing. emma h is prob the best

Would have txt during the show but could not take my eyes off such an engaging show amazing! tell the world! and give them all a massage after what a great performance!

totally rocks! the cellos have amazing stage presence!

Great work !

What no sex pistols? Great show

Not loud enough, cant hear the drum and violin solo

Fantastic concert American beauty Was awesome
Into the deep was best number Steve

Beautiful !

Short skirts

Heya! Thought the show was great. On a scale of 1 to me, id give it 9 elephants walking through a baron rainforest. . . The stilts were cool. . . Wouldve likd 2 see some jugling tho. . . A bit disapointd there. . . Maybe next time. . . Hi ho silver away!


I like this one. The visuals and music go beautifully together

Love it. Beautiful

Fhjghnygshhdfvh hell good! >:-) Marty..

7 – 4!

Anna reckons it’s 7/8. Do we get a beer?

Even better! Gfhtfcgtfsd :o) Marty..

Gr8 enxore! :-p


How do you hang onto cellos ?

Great! Encore!

As a fellow artist i found the evening unbearable. I expected an evening of orchestral music not an acid trip of 80’s music, movie themes and musicians in goth. Please be more serious, leave the dancing to dancers in the future and stick to ‘actual’ music, not music for the uneducated, base, masses.

Only just read the program and saw the sms option… Although it has since finished I would like to say it was invigorating and inspiring… Hats off for raising up water… It was a stand out! Hannah

Deep blue was wonderful tonight! I’ve never tasted this kind of concert before. Thank you!


American beauty theme!

You need the flash gordon theme done by queen πŸ™‚

Film theme medley


String quartet in f

Feels so weird doing this in a theatre. Looking forward to the show. Break a leg πŸ™‚

Id like to request paint it black, space oddity and symphony no. 5! Id LOVE to hear those pieces!

Pale blue orchestra together


Off the planet


Brandenberg concerto

Start now?

The 7th section is in place. At the moment we’re ‘shallow blue’ ready to go deeper…

Your video on stage is making me thirsty

Really looking forward 2 hearin vienna. From Gillian and Ashleigh. Xx. U rock my sox off!

Cool intro


A blast! Kate + Steve



Math rock? Sounds excellent!!!

More of that, excellant.

That last track was fantastic.

Go the guy on the drums

Need a ballet dancer for this 1

Classical strings with an overpowering drumbeat…balance problems between violins and drums.contrived and too much use of synthesised string sounds- you’ve got good string players,let us hear them!


U didnt disappoint me with vienna FANTASTIC

Your really good!

U have returned me 2 Vienna – ultra gd – kate

I Think your great!

r u on the stage

Nutbush city limits

Pluckin’ the bow(ie)! Cool!!!

David bowie great – luv the rock

Holst, Mahler, Bowie all good! Not convinced Mars works without brass but then I do play euphonium. Hoping also for Radiohead or else Icehouse/Peter Gabriel.

wow! excellent climaxes love all the expressions, looks like fun! excellent work! great song choices!1 πŸ™‚

We can almost hear the words


Loved the Bowie.


Wow excellant bowie hope you do some floyd

Why does the smallest person always get the double bass? Ps the red headed girl is hot πŸ˜›


U guys rock

Of course I might have requested Jakatta if I’d thought of it. Nice! I’ve been into The Cure even less since Robert Smith’s bodyguard wouldn’t let me near him to get his autograph for my then hairdresser who IS inexplicably a big fan.


Pls dÃnt use strobe lights

Great concept

I wasn’t sure you’d pull the cure off but that was fun.

I Love the use of all the different music. I also like the graphics.

This track is great!

I really enjoyed vienna. Gave me chills. I could almost hear the words in the strings

Great stuff!


Go the drummer dude

Fantastic can i buy a cd


Totally awesome! Great guys

Loved the cure brilliant would like more

Absolutely, you’re totally right. We should have the worm working by the tme we’re back in Adelaide. Great comments, thankyou.

More closeups of musicians please

We loved the cure piece- amazing! More of this music- but whole show so far has been fantastic! Lauren

Wow. You guys are amazing. Never seen anything like this. Props to the awesome arranging.

Enjoying it

The 4th piece was beautifully presentd. Loved the 5th piece, masterful. The 6th and 7th piece was well choreorgraphd. Fab concept, love it!

We want popcorn!

that chick in white was hot!

Very powerfull emotional music loved phils work

amazing, but needs to be louder to experience the full intensity.

We want more stuff like bowie. Give us some music from lord of the rings! Love what you are doing

The cure close to me is my favourite song ever what a great version Janet

luved 1st 3rd and the last one before interval

Awesome! U guys rock da house. Come on!!

Loved david bowie number n the chilli

Symphony no 5

Red room revolution

Loving it! Would love to hear paint it black πŸ™‚

Merry xmas mr lawrence


Loved the first half cant listen and text at the same time not that skilled

The drummers briliant for a blind man

Loved the mahler and the bowie

Ravel. String quartet in F.

Thankyou 4 the most wonderful performance i have ever attended. U have blended the arts of classical music,electronics and visual arts in a seemless display.

Didn’t wont to interupt my enjoy ment, thankyou for a wonderful, magic evening so far. Penny

Didn’t want to take my eyes off the stage so am writing during interval. Congrats. Innovative, creative…u guys are a powerhouse!

First piece was a bit of a rip off of koyaanisqatsi but bowie was good would be nice if the performers were not in the dark so much!


Loving the music, You also need to make clear that its ok to cheer – we’re in a venue where that is normally considered rude. You need to make it ok by announcing this.

Very original and entertaining so far! Looks like fun up there but my mother thinks mr drums should take those glasses off. We’re inside! And it’s night!

Theme from brokeback mountain

Great first half

Please introduce songs by name and artist

Play more thomas newman – finding nemo music. It would fit in well with the deep blue theme. πŸ™‚ i love the house music before the show and at intermission.

More mahler pl s

The music sounds good … American beauty theme is by far the best so far

Love the bowie song

Can we have paint it black thanks

Please play brandenburg concerto. Please.

Its all yum

Your music is lovely. This from a guy who knows little of music and less of classical. The girl in white is mesmerizing me! She is simply gorgeous! Matt πŸ™‚

What+s the interval music? Luv it kde

Brilliant show very creative looking 4wd 2 2nd half Well done come back again 2 Adelaide KnR

My wife liked first piece best and Bowie next best

The cure was spectacular. Very moving

Won’t it be kind of hard to text you during the show? Good idea though

Too btfl eyes and ears t the same x

Great show so far

Young blue U ROCK MY WORLD! Gillian & Ashleigh….


Excellent guitar solo

Great show! Can u pls play Pachabels Canon TA


Nut bush city limits…please?


Cant get u outa my head by kylie! Plearse


That dood is cool.

πŸ™‚ That was gr8! Audience still constrained by convention though. Wld b good 2 have camera on sound & lighting desk 2. They’re artists 2.


Evolve revolve …yes

Cool Kids

And the magic keeps the kids are great


Hey dp crew good to see ya doing something forward thinking… not since dunston build this hell hole have i seen such vision in adelaide… but i think the execution of the msg idea could have been more encouraged… btw can we get some sort of election debate worm happening?

U guyz r sooo good!!B-)luv ashleigh=

Play Popcorn!



Please can you play nut bush city limits?

Young blue concept great kde

Thanks love ya work

Good song. The keyboardist is cute πŸ˜‰

I wish the clock did that on my lunch break

I only just read about the text part of your show. But i would have texted in the first 5 minutes. Its great that you can bring music alive for a young audience. Good luck. Im here with my 10 year old sister who is just captivated

Absolutely loving all of it! The energy the imagination the richness of sound added to the creativity of no conductor no music stands and moving around on stage makes for a truly inspiring event. Congrats! Hope you take this around the country and show off this amazing talent and imagination. Sonia Green.


Loving this song

I really enjoyed that song!

I€ℒm not sure that is safe to do with a chello

Nut bush! Oh please, i love it so bad Xxxx Xxxx please!


Time signature is 7/4. Do i get a beer bought for me by the cute violinist?

Time signature
Combined 3/4 4/4

And elegy was superb

7/4 c u after 4 the beer xx

I wanna hear popcorn!

Luu this one

This is awesome. Wish i heard this at future music

I like this song but I don€ℒt know why. It has depth. Though they should see a chiro

This song’s awesome. Release as dance track

I could have so mutch fun with one of these

Like the popcorn!

Like this 1

clap clap stilts


Go the crows

Keep up the good work!

Best legs on stage, short black dress, blonde hair!

Not only is sally hot she can write great music! Cheers frank

Make that a dvd

You should all came to my house to play when i have a party on. Mind you if you did i’d have a lot of partys.

Choreo is cool

I think the male Cello guy looks like count dracular but in a good way and the Dj guy rocks laura

Great D.J.

Wicked song. And the cello player with headband is fine

That went off! Especialy the keyboard solo. Make tina proud

T rex next time?

I can’t believe you make her carry that bass on and off the stage like that. No fair.

Guy in the goggles is awesome!!! πŸ™‚

Very cool vid

Greta Hot.

We loved the elegy in 7/4 but what was the really cool piece in 15/8? Janice

The whole show was fantastic. You are all so cool thanks for the great music

Superb! Loved it absolutely

Love the music in the credits. <3

Wowie, have never seen or heard anything like it! V impressed! Bet none of you have any trouble picking up.. So cool..

Awesome! No one can be told about Deep Blue … they must experience themselves. Young Blue were terrific, great to hear and see the next generation.

I think the guy next to me is a stones fan. He obviously enjoyed paint it black

Thank you all for a magnificent show. I’ve had just as much fun as when i saw U2… And that’s saying something. One of the best times of my life. Thankyou. πŸ™‚

Loved the show! So fresh and lively and exciting. Thanks.

Thankyou 4 a great evening of entetainment! U all looked as though u had a ball! Good luck with the show!

Excellent work! Come back with woods & brass

One of the best shows I’ve seen . Ann

Stunning performance

Amazing well worth coming all the way from the UK 4. THANK YOU :-)))

Black magic woman was fantastic!!

Vranjanka is the best.

The show was brilliant please come back to adelaide soon. Im goin to tell all my friends not to miss you when you return.thank you for a wonderful evening

Hello! Black magic woman was absolutely fantastic! It was wonderful! Loved it so much!


Great show. Thanks πŸ™‚

It was a great show. Congratulations

And that time signiture is 2 ova 3

Hurry up!

So far, so good!

Fascinating! Cool! Weird!

Fantastic sound, you want to get up and dance

Love it!


A full bodied translation – midge would be tickled to hear that. carol

hi.i want misirlou.thanks.

Absolutely beautiful ! Xx


That was a cool string piece πŸ™‚


You are great, can you please play Bob the Builder?

Cant wait 4 nutbush! do u take requests?

Mister stardust himself. Wonderful.

10 year old loves the visuals

Please could you play Chances of anything coming from mars War Of The Worlds

Love the light display and the cameras showing the players!!

Great to have some popular numbers for us oldie parents. Can we do the madison later?

massanet meditation


Violinist in white dres superb

This is from trish an jodie, we think u r awesome and r loving the music so thats why we dont wana make a sound, jodie has neva seen anything like it an i will neva 4get xo cheers

Liked The first part of bowie

Thank U 4 making 2 old ladies feel fabulous. Your fantastic

Stunning! Beautiful

Hey u guys r awesome would love a few solos and just a bit of madness

This is brilliant!

Liked the acting in flying dream

The music is great and i hope to enjoy the music much more.

The performance is awesome so far and i hope to enjoy it more. just a couple of recommendations, turn down the volume for the first song and during a song i can’t remember which there was this really high note that hurt my ears and is really high for children so it would be good to turn the volume on that down too.

More cool solos from the guy in the cap!! please

Lovin the beats, riffing interaction tween strings

I go to a lot of live gigs. Classical to rock! But this is hot!!

More verbals


Loving it all especially the funky no’s!

Please play Nutbush! fantastic show so far.

Wow u r just great

Great show! Can’t wait for the break to finished. Lvked the first track the best but all good.

Please, PLEASE play Nutbush!

Bloody brilliant, very entertianing.

Vienna was fantastic. Loved the david bowie. How are the cello supported when the musicians move around


Can u please play the brandenburg concerto

‘hatman’ was neither funny or necessary. The 1st piece was clever, but 2 loud. 2nd piece was pointless, 3rd & 5th ok, 4th & 6th excellent, the rest were ok.

Having a great time the dj. Is bring an awesome energy! Everyone fantastic!

The guy with the glasses the drummer was funny and cool.

Hey guys! Doing a great job. Love the concept. I saw some tina turner on the list-any chance of this one today? Maybe an encore?? πŸ™‚

Cool show! Can we buy a CD from here this afternoon?

Most of the ‘visuals’ are annoying although some are clever. The ones showing you guys are a nifty idea.

Brilliant when are you coming back i want to inspire my nephews keep up the fun thank you Janeen

We think your show is fabulous! We appreciate all the hard work you have done! Thanks, Ian & Deb Nash

Fantastic so far.Loved holst.Bowie great.

Bowie brilliant Hong Kong western amazing. First half of show phenomenal. Bring on next experience. Talent on stage has to be seen heard and felt to be believed. Thank you so much for sharing your excitement

David bowie piece was good.

Really enjoying the show. It’s great when you’re personality show’s through in to the amazing music you are making. I work with disadvantaged youth in the northern suburbs of adelaide who have been disengaged from school for 3 months or more and who r wanting a more flexible learning time2obtain their certificate 1&2 in music foundation.They are great@making the music but r really struggling with having a stage presence and would love any tips on how 2 make this happen.Not sure how long you’re in adelaide for but would love 2 organise a visit if any1 is interested. Keep up the good work.Amy from Anglicare

Awesome first half – loved the theme song from House!

Theme tune for Angel T V Show

Please tell us how you hold up the cellos.

Could u please play the brandenburg concerto.

Young enthusiastic you guys are going places we love you, may your creative ideas flow like a river of talent, indeed this is the tip of the iceberg you are the new new! Cant wait till after interval

Abs fabulous

Theme tune for Angel T V Show please

bowie rocked !

The show is great but i feel that a break was not required justine

What is the name of the track playing at interval and where can i get a copy?

We need to hear Nutbush City Limits!

Simply one of the best performance we have enjoyed in a long time


Young blue rox Norraine

Way to go whoopee fantastic

It would help if we new the name of the number about to be played. It would also be greatly appreciated if the performers did this and introduced themselves while doing this. Another thing that would have helped is an introduction to the performance.

All good so far keep up the good work…Love the young blue!

Blackmagic woman WOW

They are great

Absolutely Fantastic!!

Come on lets do some more . . . Yes πŸ™‚ wonderful stuff

Great to see the young ones showing off their talent. They are fabulous.

Go Katherine

The kids r superb. Ed


Love the combinded orchestra.

Am really loving this but is it too late 4 paint it black or nut bush ?

Love the cool girl who played sax

Onya carlos

Sensational sumptuous delicious

Love the glittered eyebrows!

Young blue stole the show. I would luv 2 here them again!


Rok on young blue

Does the camera operator hsv the hots 4 the violinist in white??Feature some of the others

Great musicians but please give us some upbeat music!


Love the moving around and smiles

Really like the clock and type writer film with the music. Makes me reflect on my life so far. Also the dj guy is awesome!

That was amazing

Im sad that theres not another show tonight as i would have gone and bought another ticket to it. So far its amazing has left me speechless. Just brilliant.

6 4

I reckon its 13/8 timing.

Time signature 7..8

Hang on πŸ™‚ its 15/8! Ur Gr8! Kosta

It is three and 4

Wanna dance!

Wheres Mike Oldfield?

Great track! Bring out a CD

That track was fab!

I always wanted 2 learn the Theremin. Its way cool!

Great solo on the thereoim



Love the walking on stilts while playing cello!:)

Could u please play the brandenburg concerto.

Luv it luv it luv it

U guys r fantastic. good on ya. where can u get yor cd?

Tubelar Bells please.


Great. But the inside of sallys head must be a mess

Tim, great hands! Loved your solo. Thanks

You guys are simply fantastic. Bowie blew us away.. Fade to black had us dumb founded. Awesome.

How do they hold those Cellos

Lights need to come into audience more

Nutbush? Best version iv ever heard! Record it!

Hot! Put this on qantas!

Bravo an incredible feast for the senses. Thank you thank you thank you TO YOU ALL. Indeed some of the best arrangements ever heard especially nutbush. ENCORE

Great performance!!

Fantastic! Come back 2 adelaide please!

Where do i get the cd?

14-8 time? Yes or no? U guys rock. Sophie neubauer Xox

That was so cool

I really hope we wereo’t cheated out of our beatles medley by bloody nutbush? carol

Great show. Good to see Greta,Sallie & Dane getting into it the whole time. GO STILT-MAN!


Cud not text b4 cud not take eyes off stage fabulous

Love to hear you do yackety sax

Magnificent experience. Pushed me to the verge of tears at times. Well done and thank you.

I am now inspired to add strings to a song I have been working on in honour of my father. Thank you all for the journey. Amaranth

That was absolutly fantastic guys! I couldn’t text during the show cause i was enjoying it too much πŸ™‚

Total talent wish u had a cd as i would love the opportunity to appreciate your talent again

What a wonderful musical experience make a CD i will buy

I thought you were all fantastic in evry way with evry number. i felt luky 2b sitting in the frunt row,i woz ther with my mum. u guys look grate 2gether. it must b a thrill 2b involved in show like ur’s on an off the stage. ur all hot gdluck an thanx Brett

U guys were just so so amazing. I cant wait till u r back. U r that great that u even walked back to ur hotel with everything. I think that is amazing. God bless u all

Awsom concert yesterday at 3.00 my partner and my son and his girlfriend had a very enjoyable evening THANKYOU

Hi i went to your concert yesterday afternoon i really enjoyed it it was vibrant and exciting you are a very talented group thanks for a wonderful afternoon janet 0400116764


11:39 AM,Penis

11:57 AM,Ziggy stardust!

12:06 PM,Lovely

12:07 PM,Lol

12:20 PM,Stilts… Classic… Next try playing with ur teeth

12:22 PM,Artfully conceived and delivered. Engaging and entertaining! A great blend of art and technology. One note: at times I feel the mix is lacking in bottom end.

12:28 PM,That guy who was on stilts thinks he’s slash haha. Awesome double bass spin too!

12:50 PM,That was an awesome show!!!!!!! U should try bohemian rhapsody it would sound cool -emily

11:33 PM,Man you guys were awesome today. Keep up the good work!

11:43 AM,Its too loud!

11:45 AM,Love the blobs n images

11:49 AM,U made Mahler Kewl

11:52 AM,Beautiful! Absolutely stunning!

11:53 AM,Dave bowie set is pretty rad

11:57 AM,”So beautiful, I could cry!”

12:14 PM,Awesome

12:16 PM,Yeah boy!

12:18 PM,Are the drummer and the stilt guy from outerspace? If so can i go for a birthday ride i their space ship!

12:18 PM,Awesome!

12:20 PM,”All good.Love the drama + fun. Percuss on strings + duelling musos a bonus. Stilks fab, luv Y”

12:22 PM,Black dress with blonde hair has very good stage energy. As does swampy cellist.

12:23 PM,Wicked!

12:25 PM,Thankyou for the keytar!!!

12:29 PM,Cool

12:30 PM,Oncore! Oncore!

12:30 PM,Loved sallies outfit where did she get it from? LoL! How old is the youngest there? And is dane single?

12:37 PM,You guys were fantastic ! Loved it ! ! !

12:40 PM,The show was great!

1:25 PM,”Perhaps something by Faithless, say Insomnia. Malcolm”

4:48 PM,I thought the show was great nd would pay 2 see it again. It waz awsome

7:26 PM,Testing

7:27 PM,Lovin it! πŸ™‚ nic Xx

7:28 PM,Hello!!

7:28 PM,Show ok but it is not started

7:30 PM,When are you ganna start? Hurry up

7:30 PM,”If u can’t break a leg, break wind! ”

7:30 PM,Its so high up here in the back row here i might get a nose bleed!

7:31 PM,Is it time yet?

7:31 PM,awesomeeee πŸ™‚

7:32 PM,Could you play The Doors- Riders on the storm please

7:33 PM,Love the program! Come on and play! Xo

7:33 PM,Go Somerville! Ness Goodwin

7:33 PM,Get a fucking move on i wanna see the show not some gay slideshow


7:34 PM,Lap dancer to row h seat 20

7:35 PM,Beutifully epic!

7:45 PM,I love this one

7:47 PM,More from the first 2 sections

7:48 PM,Electronic music feels over powering. I get orchestra visuals but the audio doesn’t match. Perhaps this is desired effect but i feel why all those string players when their sound seems lost in electronica.

7:48 PM,”How cool, Ultravox reborn!”

7:48 PM,This means nothing 2 me xxx

7:49 PM,This is totally awesome. Gone are the dreary old orchestra days. Completely inspiring

7:50 PM,Like Wayne’s cello!

7:51 PM,Yes going well

7:51 PM,Great the Standing Cellos.

7:52 PM,Black cello guy is eye catching and we rate the blonde gal behind him esp facial expressions and general animation

7:52 PM,Not getting connection btwn image and music in last piece

7:52 PM,”You guys rock! Jessica , age 10, sitting in the front row,”

7:53 PM,Good lord that thereminist is marvellously attractive!

7:54 PM,Breath-taking!

7:55 PM,LOYE the visuals

7:57 PM,Really enjoyed mahler

7:58 PM,Iunfortunately 4 me i have v gud hearing. The volume is hurting my ears- am i the only one? It interferes with the goose bumps!

7:59 PM,”This is more like it, mahler, bowie, would rather start with this before the re- imagining sets in. Lead me in, build me up to the other stuff”

8:00 PM,Omg how cool was that

8:02 PM,Turn up the toms

8:02 PM,The bowie is awesome. Love the lights!

8:03 PM,”Blue is the taste of a lover’s symphony. At the zenith, light and wind..Its depth, safe and starry”

8:05 PM,Love the theremin and the Bowie.

8:06 PM,Where are you all from?

8:10 PM,How old is the band. I like.

8:11 PM,LOVE!

8:11 PM,This is hell good

8:13 PM,Brilliant

8:13 PM,Something needs to be done about the amount of talent on stage..it is too good! Excellent!

8:16 PM,”This already happened but it would be good if during American Beauty theme, the blue violin is directly in the light as its a beautiful instrument and tonight it was somewhat ‘in the dark’ bcoz of the angle of the lights.”

8:16 PM,”Now for the looks and outfits.They r all gorgeous, of course, cos of their youth.. Like white dress gal, patterned tights gal, midge ure, asian guy in flat cap, the gal doing solo cello now for their look and energy. Black tights, white shoes = minnie mouse fashion crime. Sounds beaut this one.”

8:17 PM,Live camera is really effective.

8:17 PM,Flying Dream is incredible and is making me teary.

8:18 PM,That was beautiful

8:22 PM,Prefer if video graphics were not diluted by live footage of performers during this piece.

8:23 PM,Lets have the whole show written by you! Awesome!!

8:23 PM,”Awesome, fRom jessica ”

8:25 PM,White dress & black shorts. Niiiice!

8:27 PM,I loved the original composition. Good fun

8:27 PM,Mahler superb I cried western thing needs better visuals dog thing in original was better

8:30 PM,Visuals a bit repet it I’ve

8:30 PM,Play khe sanh

8:31 PM,Congratulations. That was truly special.

8:31 PM,Fantastic. Maybe just some more lighting.

8:31 PM,Mahler was beautiful but flying dream bought me to tears beyond a dream thankyou

8:33 PM,First half was wicked! The guy with the man hat is insanely talented. πŸ™‚ nic xoxo

8:36 PM,Harry potter magical interpretations

8:37 PM,I thought the whole show was really great!

8:38 PM,Ideas. Filtered/censored audience texts appear almost live on screen. Names of the featured soloists appear on screen. Subtitle appears to say ‘this is a theremin’ cos i’m over hearing people confused about what it is!

8:38 PM,So far the show as awesome

8:38 PM,Great show so far. For future performances try and learn kashmir by led zeppelin

8:38 PM,”Lonely,hungry,sensual,curious,wundring y…?”

8:39 PM,”Great show so far! Here’s a suggestion; try adding a piece of video game music. Sounds strange, I know, but some is very well composed, especially ones by Nintendo. Consider it! ”

8:40 PM,Andy arthurs like who! Is he still alive?

8:40 PM,F*ing awesome. You have to play ‘paint it black’ in the 2nd half!

8:40 PM,Dedication 2 Lydia…glad sad n mad grr

8:40 PM,Fantastic so far love to hear a drum solo

8:41 PM,”A pink floyd medley would be mind blowing, you guys are fantastic!”

8:41 PM,Loved the theremin. Did not think we would ever c 1 live. Brilliant show.

8:41 PM,Ur all brilliant at 1 with ur instrument luv dive in mahler no 5 flying dream 2mor never knows0418878556


8:43 PM,Violin player in white is stunning love the fancy stockinga on wild red head guy with black cello almost a man crush

8:43 PM,Freaking awesome. Dnt know what can be improved

8:44 PM,Can you please play perpetuum mobile

8:44 PM,Keyboard guy. Im brunette. 22. Did my grade 3 piano exam. Teach me more??

8:45 PM,Your show is completely AWESOME!!! You guys have talent. πŸ™‚

8:45 PM,Wow that was great. I really enjoyed it. I cant wait to see the next part. You rock!!!!!!

8:46 PM,your show rocks my socks! u guys have talent! love the flute too! πŸ˜€

8:49 PM,Love it al.

8:49 PM,Play Canon-please!

8:50 PM,We want more evan setiawan. We want his babies.

8:50 PM,Chill was really cool!

8:50 PM,Ve’y nice!

8:50 PM,Dane….Take it off!

8:50 PM,”Interlude between songs needs something… I know your fingers need a break- comedy, videos, music? Otherwise it feels like a school concert- it certainly dosent sound like one though!”

8:50 PM,”You guys r awesome! I dnt wnt2 txt in th prfrmnce, its2 engrossng!”

8:52 PM,Great

8:52 PM,Great sound!

8:53 PM,Hey sallie great gig love everything. Brian and Wendy Fenn

8:53 PM,”From the guys at the top corner, mind blowing sensation. THE FUTURE OF YESTERDAY.”

8:53 PM,Every kid wld wnt2 play stringz if gt were like this!Where r u frm+ whn r u bk in briz?

8:53 PM,”Do master of puppets by apocalyptica, for the celli πŸ™‚ go dbl bass! Louis king says hi 2 wayne.”

8:54 PM,Put big text on screen for YOUNG BLUE and up for a little bit longer to brand them more strongly.

8:55 PM,Loved the cure and symphony no.5.

8:55 PM,”Next time, i think a real drumkit would go a long way! It would sound alot better, and compliment the use of strings! Other than that it has been fantastic! ”

8:56 PM,Grt 2 c young musos mentoring young blue

9:01 PM,Piano sound is a bit tinny. How about a more organic piano sample…

9:01 PM,kick ass

9:05 PM,Great visual with pendulum

9:05 PM,Awesome! I really like the feel in perpetuum mobile. Mitch albury.

9:07 PM,Misirlou?

9:07 PM,Hear Say blurb was not on screen long enought to read it. I was interested to read about them after the nice intro by Liz.

9:08 PM,Beautiful!

9:11 PM,Love hear and say piece and footage. Also loved little blue kids.

9:14 PM,Come on Liz. Don’t be afraid to shake it a little and dance.

9:15 PM,Simple and effective graphics for this song.

9:17 PM,Seriously good drums

9:17 PM,How about some haze lighting. Would be effective lighting technique in venues that have smoke alarm isolation.

9:17 PM,I think its mr alexanda- hes awsome to watch he doesnt stop groovin you should get him to break dance

9:17 PM,Only technoi have ever liked

9:21 PM,How does the theremin actually work?? How does it know where his hands are?

9:23 PM,this rocks!

9:24 PM,Blonde! You can dance! I dig that

9:25 PM,Midge ure on stilts rocks

9:25 PM,Seriously good music. Be careful with longer nos like 1 b4 tim doesn’t bcome monotonous unlike this 1

9:26 PM,Go the thereminp

9:27 PM,Please play misirlou!!

9:28 PM,Hurrah for Wayne the cello maverick!

9:29 PM,What a performance! Fab The violinist in white – what a *.

9:30 PM,Loved the vampire man on Stilts. He’S rockin!! Nic πŸ™‚

9:31 PM,Stones number had balls

9:36 PM,You guys are fab!!

9:36 PM,Fantastic to see musos having & showing fun!

9:36 PM,awesome!

9:39 PM,Awesome

9:43 PM,The hand held camera intro-ing the band is a total vibe!!

9:44 PM,fab!

9:45 PM,two chix entangled in each other. I’m coming back!!

9:46 PM,Loved the show! Alice is awesome!!

9:47 PM,Idea. Explain what the 2 computer guys are doing playing early on. Nut bush excellent! Great use of camera at end. Alex is cute need to see more of him! Also i now have a new lesbian fantasy which involves two violinists. Love everyone’s work x x

9:48 PM,I could do better. Haha no way man! Rock on!

9:50 PM,Great show i love it

9:50 PM,Guys! That was by far the most amazing performance i have seen in a very long time!!! Loved it to death and everyone is raving about it! Thank you so so much! – your new admirer

9:53 PM,Pls proof read the credits. Director of stings? Everyone have? Carlie surname? From feedback wanker

9:53 PM,All me up at Westside Christian College LOVED your preformance. So cool. So amazing

9:55 PM,All round amazing performance! Not a fault!!! LOVED IT! PLZ GIVE LIZ MY NUMBER! HAHA thank u for a great experience!

10:01 PM,That was by far the best show i have ever seen and liz is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. Will u marry me? We would of course have to travel 2 a country were gay marriage is legal as i am a girl. But hey i dont mind. πŸ™‚ but in all seriousness u are all extremely talented! πŸ™‚ good luck in the future to all of you! From a huge fan. Nicole Gaughan. πŸ™‚

10:04 PM,Brilliant work. Not sure how you could improve on something so perfect. Id love to see what you could do with pink floyd’s High Hopes. Well be back to see you on my dads birthday when you play in the redland cultural centre.

10:08 PM,Awesome concert best I been to and I been to many. See you at your next gig

10:14 PM,Raising up water elegy into deep strings in f popcorn speed of blue nutbush @ encores blew us away thanks heaps

10:16 PM,Pacing in first half problematic. Slow numbers too soon in show.energy level drops

12:01 PM,I’m not sure this number is still up and running. But. Is it possible to pay for or get the sheet music for some of last night’s performance?



Olivia says that now the music is sickly awesome

Sweet child of mine


lets go i cant wait

We have the #, nw get on with the show! Please πŸ™‚

Request – Khatchaturian, the theme from Onedin Line.

Bohemian rhapsody please thx alvida n gilles

Vienna is an excellent choice. Members movements during the show an awesome addition.

They look to be having more fun than a normal orchestra!

Love the screen snow flakes. I’m tripping:)

Keep it up.

Play some gotan project please.

What a awesome feel good modern orchestra! Love the second song!

Do you know any Bruce Springsteen songs?

would like more up beat like bollywood

Best so far, really enjoying it! Would love to hear muse

Love the cello solo in space odity!

Beast of burden

Go Evan!

Can you play Bryan Adams summer of 69?

Dancing violinsts! Wow

Fuck me dead mahavishnu

Aw yeah, State Theatre suits DB v well. – photo clare. πŸ˜›

Who’s the hot babe in the tartan?

Loved the Gustavs and the one just before the interval

Fantastic sound, well done!

More modern stuff please! It sounds great electrified.

beautiful music, and would like some more music that teenagers would recognise.

Uz sound and look gr8, evan gr8 old american look loose the volleys, never bn a fan.the audience is gripped, excited and intrigued.

We have a birthday boy named daniel who turns 11 today. Any chance of a happy birthday (corny, i know)

My daughter bought the tickets 4 my birthday not knowing what it would b like its fantastic and far more than i expected congratulations well done

Play muse!

More rock and pop please

Can you please do something irish, or enigma, πŸ™‚ you are doing a great job, love the dj and big bass .

Bowie elegiac, if i knew all the words would sing. Maybe karaoke?

Play sweet child of mine

What’s the strange instrument on the front far right hand side of the stage ? Can you play something crazy on it for us?? Like material girl by madona… Thanks!

Heard u do Muse, can’t wait

This is so mad.

More theremin please!

Interval music 2 chilled. Love the show

Can you turn up the cello a bit, please?


Superb stuff, ‘Close to you’ just fantastic. Thanks

Thanks . . . that sounds much better . . . I wish I’d asked earlier!

Come and get us and we’ll dance! You guys rock! Sublime and mystical.

How do they hold those cellos up?

Come to estanblishment after show

Who killed the cat?

Pitch sounds a bit out.

U guys r awesome. U should add acoustic guitar with a spanish flavour to ‘into the deep’ esp the intro. Can we hear a cello solo?

Hi, deep blue is from which city? aussie

Inspired my daughter practice her saxaphone. Request, Oxygen.

One more – nutbush please?

Wow you guys have so much amazing talent! Your stage presence is phenomenal. I have loved every minute!:)

You guys are magnificent! Thanx for your courage joy vulnerability and unabashed self expression. Beautiful. bernie

Tracey, Paul & Carole from Sydney think u r brilliant! We enjoyed yr performance! Thank u!

Bohemian rhapsody by queen ?

I loved it! But was distracted most of 1st half cos i thought the guy with the ponytail’s mic wasn’t working. The guy who told us the rules. Maybe make it less prominent? Realised after a while we weren’t meant 2 hear it & he was talking 2 the musos. But 4 a while i wondered why someone wasn’t fixing it!

I liked the stilts. You should also dance the nut bush whilst playing it. πŸ™‚

Great show. Love your enthusiasm.

All the graphics complemented the music except the first one – the vintage manufacturing – replace this. Enjoyed the show thanks.

Girls u play and move sooo well, there’s no need to detract from ur talent with the short skirts!

Thanx again for an extraordinary evening. The song b4 the one dedicted to the deaf community brought tears to my eyes, beautiful. And liz, Wow u r gorgeous! bjw

Thank you all SO much for the fabulous concert and the wonderful experience! We had a ball! Kerry, Manu and Young Blue x

What do I like about Deep Blue? EVERYTHING! Especially David Bowie! And Naomi’s black dress



I might become a member of the show.

Hurry up we are waiting

Hunters and collectors throw your arms around me.

We the youth orchestra are looking forward to your concert. We would REALLY love for you to play mars from the planets as we have played it and we love it! Love the shoalhaven youth orchestra. We are in the front row.

db reply: Ok. We will start with it.

Hi throw your arms around hunters


I suggest that you do a naked dance on the stage as it would interest and excite both the younger and older viewers and we all know that you want to xx also hurry up and start the show πŸ™‚

Play dance of eternity by dream theatre.

I m theblonde hot chick in the front row its my b day i want 2 dance

db reply: Please feel free to dance as much as you like!

Hi my name is shirley. I loved the s y o concert today. Peter and the wolf

That was cool

Play some bach! Yea!

Play Brain bug by posativo. You guys rock!

Love the combo of old & not so old music & young talented electronic performers & esp LOVE Love the Bowie angle!!! Cant wait 2 wana c u all “Just Dance”.

You guys heard the hip hop fiddlers Nutin But Strings? You put on a great show! Maybe electronics a touch too loud. But you are to be commended. Thank you.

Can u do prologue Neil Diamond.

This is so awesome!!! Can’t wait til intermisson is over πŸ˜€

In the program individual photos would be better 4 each performer

Awesome performance so far, had to go and buy a CD at intermission!

U guys rock!

Loving the show. I think something from queen would go really well with the theatrical style of performance.

Thanks 4 mars. We really loved it! From the front row. This is awesomeness.

We r loving the dynamic energy. My ten year old daughter cant stay still and is loving it.

I loved the song at the end of act 1 that 1 you composed. I’d also love to hear you guys do a Radiohead cover. Something off the albums Kid-A or Amnesiac would sound brilliant I think.

I think u all should b proud of a fantastic show. Not only are u masters on ur instruments ur masters at bridging the age gap between old string and new electro music. Truly genius

Fantastic performance! We would have easily paid alot more to see your show, and we’ll be back to see it again!

Awesnme performance last night. Pls produce dvd or another cd with last nigts tracks or come again. Thanks great night



Please play i wanna hold your hand by the beatles for janette from you know who

Can u play “powerslave” by iron maiden

Space oddity

Ok, space odity is in. Thanks.

Nutbush city limits

Could U plse play MISSION IMPOSSIBLE? ThankU!

Please play “imperium” by machinehead. thank you

Paint it black

U rock


Insane in the membrane

Do peace as well as war please

Give us a theremin solo

Can u pls do mad world?

Electronic holst? Love it its absolutely rad.

Hey like it
Got any Jarre in this plze

louder, please! let’s get a whole wall of sound thing going. πŸ™‚

You guys are great really broadening my horizon in the way of music good job

Piratds of the caribean and unchaIned melody

Love the balance of styles any chance of a Beatles’ medley please?

Nice touch with the tears on the score!

Although the classical is good, stick to the upbeat songs.

Simpsons Theme

What are the instruments that the musician in front of the drummer playing called .

How about som words! It’s been a while…….

Mahler brought tears to my eyes Bravo

Give the drummer some!

Do a Laurie Anderson number please- Big Science? Or any other one thanks, Olwen

Would’ve liked the upbeat vibe to have continued after close to me. How funky can you go?

Sunshine of my life

Just love it , had no idea what deep blue was , brightened my day

Love red room revolution! Congrats to guy who came up with it. πŸ™‚ awesome as dancing aswell!

Male Violinist in hat is very good.


Loved the hong kong wicked one

Lets hear a bit of Muse in 2nd half? πŸ˜€

Is the lyrics to the hong kong song backwards?

I would like to hear classical gas and metallica please


Hot august Nite prelude by neil diamond.

Awesome first half. The energy from the beginning remained. I liked the interlacing classical and non-classical songs. You guys rock. Love Kat

How fantabulous wonderful all musicians thank you all. Judy

A question , what was that instrument that the guy line of waved his hands over the top of , like a synthesizer

Very nice. Could you do some more red room revolution style thanks.

My programme doesn’t contain a list of the local young blue performers. It’s a list from september 25. I’m sure that they played very well that night!

Play mario brothers theme song remix on violins please.matt says hi .Btw please says ‘maddy and laura rockl’ on microphone.

Veh nice how much? Ahiy five!!

Classical Gas – by Mason Williams

Mindblowing! =ΒΏ> i think you guys should take on sandstorm by darude. Mother says queen’s bohemian rhapsody.

Eagles, coldplay, the doors

Too much bloody smoke

Great great sounds enjoying very much

Great performance. More stunning solos. Where r u based? Tell us more about the individual players? Do u do weddings?

I can come down mario theme is on my phone

Fantastic show so far. Beautiful playing. I especially loved Bowie and the Beatles. Could we have ‘Paint It Black’ next half? Thanks





I can come down mario theme is on my phone hi from matt

Gypsy folk tunes!!

My kids want a white stripes song

Hotel California – with the long intro.

Hik rocks my world! It’s good to have another brisbanite in albury! Love Tiff:) p.s more panning!!

Great to see locals up there too!awesome show!

Perhaps starting by breaking the 4th wall could relax both audience n performer. Uv broken stage conventions but we need leading?

Young Blue rock!

This is really smooth sounds well done.



Tim is mad as on the theramin. you got a admire a guy who can master that instrument. what a talent to put on your cv.

You STILL rock!

Give me alex any day!

Wonderful! Simply amazing! Will tell all! So creative! Without a doubt best orchestra been to ever! Thanks for the experience of a lifetime. Laura.

Deep Blue rocks! When r u coming back to perform in albury? I would love to learn more! For now ill have terrific dreams! Thank you from toi-lyn montague xoxo


Bach tocatta & fugue in d minor. thanx

I am a hippo, and i like stuff.

Shoshtakovich, symhony 5

Beethoven, symphony 5

My Heat Will Go On

The show hasnt even started, and im already excited; the music thats playing now is beautiful, and i cant wait to hear the rest of it.

santana – black magic woman

Hi!can u play tv by true live?or some ac/dc?im v excited bout the show!

Acdc – let there be rock queen- bohemian rhapsody

Make the writting eaiser to see. But it looks exciting!

Hey guys its my birthday 2day! How bout Elton John Song 4 guy or philadelphia freedom cheers Max

Kissing you from Romeo and Juliette

Great beginning

Are you up for the challenge of stairway to heaven??

Pink flloyd.dark side of the moon



Fantastic work guys…. How about some radiohead?

Holst opening was great.

I love how the musicians love what theyre doing, and that they visibly enjoy what viewsf doing. Love the guy in the socks

I would love to hear some a perfect circle! You guys are amazing just quietly!

I would love to hear some a perfect circle! You guys are amazing just quietly!

Awesome show so far. Keep it up guys! πŸ™‚ i can’t see the screens too well, the contrast is too high. πŸ™

More beats. A dance floor! πŸ™‚

The theme to jaws please

It’s awesome, but can’t hear the tom’s on the drums?

Just love it. My son tim is here and loves mama mia by abba. . Can you do it? Thanks, jen. Tim is 6

Can you play some muse? Please? πŸ™‚ thanks guys!

We love the drummer. He’s so cool


Sounds great techno vs classical

U girls r more sexier than bond lol at least u play beta than them hook me up

Anything by moby please

in the opening luvved the DJ/special efects guy movin round to the beat also DRUMMER OWNS! great show so far from reg


Haha, awesome!

Heard em that time πŸ˜‰

Nirvana – smells like teen spirit

Enjoying the show! Can you play genesis, throwing it all away?

Lets hear some radiohead..street spirit! You guys sound like sonic sex! Much appreciated:-)

Luvn it so far! Adagio 4 strings plz! Giv the double bass a solo if possible

Do u do a version of virtual insanity?

250bpm + theramin solo + somersalt.

Enjoying every moment

Darkside of the moon. Deep Purple ta love the show so far

double bass with a german bow! hell yeah! bring on super massive black hole, and hysteria. then a pizz version of billy holiday’s summertime.

Cure song is great!

Hey you guys are beautiful. It doesn’t seem like you need any help with your set list

You guys are seriously awesome

Woodpecker from mars by faith no more. πŸ™‚

Fab show! Go the cellists! How about greig holberg suites or anything by u2? Thoroughly enjoying it.

The waifs, kraftwerk, the presets, star wars

Do you know anything from the David lynch series twin peaks

Loved the cure! More bopping! Do you play queen? Jen


I love the drummer!!!

I love this show.

Muse. Play it. Cheers. Nice casual feel btw.

Lux aeterna-kronos quartet

Amazing! What a brilliant performance for Wagga.

I dont want this to end. Thanks. What about some movie themes like schindlers list or romeo and juliet or forest gump or the man from snowy river.

This is easily the best night ive had in ages. The music is fantastic, the musicians are brilliant, and they obviously enjoy what they do. The way deep cute is organised – just the musicians doing their thing – is fantastic. Praise, adoration and worship, definately πŸ™‚

Muse! We want muse! Great show!

Song Request – The Odyssey by Symphony x.


My dad wants you to play a van morrison sÃng.

I love the drummer!!!

Great stuff. Looking forward to the second half

Great first half guys! Perfect synergy of electronica and string! Can you guys do some dueling fiddles, like devil went down to georgia? That’d be awesome! Cheers!

Time to rock with a tune if possible with the leads by drums and guitar. Great concert so far.

Stevie wonder on ice

I was so mesmerised i forgot to send a text. Awesome!

Tchaikovsky… Please?

Enjoy n show so far guys. Do u do any ac/dc ?

Loving every minute of it! Just wondering what the intermissions music is called; its beautiful

Song Request – in a gadda da vida by iron butterfly.

Oi oi oi

Life on mars encore

Gabriels oboe

Any Radiohead

Love the music, bought the cd, but disappointed life on mars isnt om there

Loving it keep playing the loud and upbeat songs

Any sigur ros

Do sum titanic or step up 1 and il jump on stage

My daughter wants h potter or pirates of c theme thanks great show

Ur great hi my name is wendy and im 8 and im the girl who got a picture taken with u at the bar

Great work! Excellent selection of songs

Pump it up

Let’s get this crowd jumpin Dave

My freestyle while u guys were playin. Deep blue took oz by storm hitin the notes u guys flew u guys make david bowie look like oh im so bord. wat? did i hear 2nite, magic! wats ur next hit? Dedicated comunicatd 4 ppl who are are disabled and abled no limatations fear prejuds or hatred straihet from the heart written the notes u play can fix the wings mend any soul grace it takes skil and practice shout out u guys r awsome!!

Amazing show. Sounds awesome. Lights look awesome. Keep impressing me.

Ace show

Stilts? Now that was cool. Bet you can’t top it.

If you haven’t already, you guys should learn dark waltz by hayley westenra

Hello, my name is liz. Thank so much for coming to wagga. Ditto the whole cello txt also do you think u would be able 2 learn the trial by pink floyd? It would be great bcoz it could show off all of the different players with the different voices. Also wondering if u while still be playing in about 6 years bcoz i would luv 2 join, who nos i might b good by then! Also congrats to the guy on the stilts, you can play standing up and on stilts! Awsum! But yeah, don’t forget the trial by pink floyd. I will definitely buy 1 of ur cd’s. Also to the guy that wears the head phones, y?

Ive fallen in love with mr black cello πŸ˜› you guys are brilliant! i play violin and double bass and fird playing for half an hr let alone over two! xx

Is that Bruce with Kathryn?



Baby elephant walk!

I love the dj dude!!!

Loved midge ure

Wow i love your show callie

So beautiful!

Phantom of the opera

Great from grace

Mahler was incredible! What was the first piece you performed? Loving it all.

The chick that winked was hot. Ps, my brother is single

Loved david bowie . What was the strange instrument? All fantastic

We like to watch dane he is real good fun


Your talents are amazing! You all blend so well. I have been craving live orchestra for two months. You have satisfied that craving and given me more! Thanks, christie.

Your talents are amazing! You all blend so well. I have been craving live orchestra for two months. You have satisfied that craving and given me more! Thanks, christie.


Love the show. Any vocals? Come back soon

I love the songs! Especially vienna and the american beauty song. You guys are brilliant.

I would like Zorba the Greek please. Chris Gryllis

Dane is a spunky monkey look after the ops girls dance up front and center

We are finding your whole performance very sensual and so very enjoyable. Bravo!!!!!

We want dane front and centre hes awesome and cute fantastic show guys look after our beautiful kids from ops

Evan is my favourite

Guys your performance tonight has been fantastic awaiting the second half now! OH SO EXCITED! GOOD WORK,

Ur fantastic! From belle age 6

Tell us how all your gadgets work. Love your show. Gordon & karen

You are all a breath of fresh air. Thankyou for a wonderful evening.


Great how did You strap the Celli on



Lovin the lace

Best performance we’v bn 2 in last 2 yrs

Together was brilliant

OPS rocks!

Bring Bruce & Kathryn back to Wagga, we miss them?

Can i have your keyboard players phone number? Please?

You guys are awesome

Supr show vibrant n fun. Thanks 4 includng the studnts it has made my daughtrs year.

Having to sit next to lady taking heaps of photos was a pain in the arse. Bright light from it was a turn off. I suggest no photos

amazing show! itd b great 2have more deep blue in ur outfits or the sets πŸ™‚ or more colour in different songs. Have a gr8 tour! Loved how u played @interval πŸ™‚

Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! I look forward to seeing u again. I’d love my children and my six granddaughters and 5 + (1 on the way) grandsons will get to see u. I’m sure they will! U r blue & deep & big & beautiful! Congrats on a cool concert. Kris



Spirt in the sky + 1812 overture thanks



Show is fantastic

Can I request “I am the walrus” and “‘cello song” (Nick Drake)? Loving the show! My uncle Paul from wing and a pear in Nowra says hi.

Wow . U guys r amazing. I luved ur second peice. Me and my sisters play violin. We hav played for 22 years between us. I m 13 and i hav nevr seen or heard any thing like this. Ur david bowie piece is played with so much emotion to. Do u guys play any beatles songs?

Phantom of the opera, macareena, ymca thanks your great

Phantom of the opera, macareena, ymca thanks your great

An all time fav! Luv the cure!

I luv red revolution hk western and the video to go with it. U obviously know beatles then.

Awesome intro, striking entrance. Guy nursing cello very sexy and later interacting with others bringing it 2 life. Luvd d bowie no. Energetic finale at intermissinon! Cool

Plse play muma mia ,waterloo, william tell overture

U r all SSSOOO talented


Movie electric dreams. Duet between cello and computer. Thanx terri

Great sound – more classic rock

Fantastic! Wow! The best evening!

Fantastic! Wow! The best evening

Mark knoffler, “goin home”

Fantastic! Do u do any Queen or Deep Purple? Loving it!!

Love the combination of music. Such energy. Great way to experience music

do u play bohemian rhapsody by queen? if so any chance of playing it tonite? thanx 4 great music

lehar m w waltz ta

We brought our 3 violinist daughters down from newcastle 2 inspire them with ur passion. U r radiating youth, talent, beauty, bravery and passion. Great stuff. Come 2 newcastle soon. We will fill ur performance.

Zorba the greek, dance of the sugar plum fairies

Not clever enough to sms while watching! Loved the Mahler/Bowie medley: perfect mix of electro on classical and vice versa. Rose

Does your union know you guys arnt getting a break?! What horrid working conditions!

We choose to do it so we get to meet the people. Please come and say hi.


C u in newcastle next year!

Loving it!!! U should play the phantom of the opera. That would sound awsome when you guys play it. Woo!!! πŸ™‚

I want one! πŸ™‚

Brad, age 7, would like to hear ‘the crazy frog song’ performed by the orchestra- any chance?

Love ya work dane… Grandma



Loved it

Lovin it thankU:)

Mahler was lovely

You guys do bowie so well

Loved that n plastic


Love that one

I dig the chick in the white dress. She’s so hot. Boom!

We r 65 show is absolutely fab please play dr who

Awesome! Theremin solo? You all have so much fun! Thank you.

Hey i rele liked the instrument that the guy was playing with his

Hey i rele liked the theremin but i would like more pop and more rock

Young blue n you sn well done

Awesome guys. Got my 2 boys here 2 watch their sister. 12 and 14. Have wanted 2 give them a chance 2 go 2 a concert of this standard but price always prohibited and wasnt sure if they wd enjoy. They r loving this. Thank u!

Need bigger writing on the screen re heaq n say – couldn’t read it

Love the ‘close the gate’ piece – ask naomi

Emma was a bit amazing on the cello. Wow!

yay! go emma!

What was the music during the intermission

yay! go deep blue!

Wow what a performance the best show ever. Deb Hennessy

Hey do u guys do any bond or celtic music? Go psycho! I play violin and i love it πŸ˜€ i’m with a horn player who wants some more broken strings haha

U kids rock. Would love to hear some ‘four seasons vivaldi some time. Fabulous music. Bronnie

Brilliant love it all!

Come back out kiddier

Come back out kiddies

What was the name of the cello piece please?

That cello solo from Emma was rad! Loved the lighting in the David Bowie medley πŸ™‚ and the keyboardist is soo cute <3 x

I love the asian guys volleys, the girl with the black chucks is so cool and the girl with the short denim skirt is hot as! p.s will you marry me, girl with short denim skirt?

Fantastic show tonight. Thanks

Foot loose

I didn’t wont ur concert to end. Fabulous. I wish u great things to come. Bronnie

Thank you all for a wonderful evening of exceptional entertainment πŸ™‚

ZOMG Alex is nice as well as hot… XD so coming to see you all a 3rd time! Any room for a bass guitarist? Or another keyboardist? Lol make a mini blue! Or deep blue II~ That stilt-celloist should try roller-blades…

Wait a minute – is Mr. Hodgins single? x

Hey Deep Blue, & Congrats on your success with the show at RPAC last night! A big Thank You for including the school kids. My daughter had lots of fun and it expanded her experience immensely. It was wonderful that some lucky parents got a peek at the show. Next time u are in town I will make sure our famhly all get a ticket. Wishing you continued success & lots of fun. Regards maureen prince & ebony.



Looks great so far, can’t wait to hear and see it…

Kan u guys do child in time by deep purple? Thanx a heap, looking foward to it

Alone by heart

We would love some abba or queen please!

Could u play Ode to joy please

Innovative, entertainment with brilliant musicians and hot music!

pretty sure that your keyboard player has sex appeal. Also, the scren effects complement the music really well so thumbs up. πŸ™‚

I want to see a face off between violins and Cellos!

is it cold out in space bowie? And mars was just grand. Best i’ve ever heard it.

Matchbox 20

Woo hoo! Loved the cure number. What a classic mix of a classic! All amazing so far. Well done.

Phil wilson. You are awesome! This is grand.

Pls play Elenor RIGBy Xx

You simply must play ANYTHING by muse!

Who is this?

Plz play the movie medley.

Luv the show . Do u know theme from Betty Blue?

This is fully sick love the cello πŸ™‚

Michael buble as well

I feel like I want to go out tonight and dance away with someone special…

Great work, what about queen we will rock you, acdc back in black. Like to see that. d

Bravo beautiful !

Very unique. Really enjoying.

Awesome, thrilling, spellbounding, inspirational- I’m encouraging my daughter to practise her violin a lot more now. Also great 2 c u all having lots of fun.

Love the cure. Very upbeat.

Hey. Whats the name of this piece?

Greta is amazing in this

Legendary piece phil! Thats so cool! U r a deadset champion! Visuals are… Interesting! πŸ™‚ awesome work. For the record, mars was fantastic!!! I loved it.

Will there be a duel? d

This is frickin awesome, please tell me u guys have a cd that i can buy πŸ™‚

Will u have time to do the movie themes? By the way u r all fantastic!

More theramin! Fantastic so far!

Pachabel canon please for my beloved dog who now rests in the starlight

Any chance of Mambo Number 5? All fantastic so far.

Mr cello man, you are my hero. As are you or keytar man. Awesome!

Great show more 2nd half do you do u2 one or fat boy slim

Awesome. Music that feels alive & has lots of soul.

Cello stilts were awesome. What a legend!!!

Dont take too long before a return show. Loved it..

Shake it cello man!

Well done greta. We love you. Doonan tribe.

The guy playin the cello is pretty stinkin radical and the girl in the black dress playin the cello is pretty cute



Flying Dream just blew me away! Anna was so mesmerizing. Thanks for taking me with u on this creative exploration 2nite. Ur music is alive! Katrina B-)

Any jeff buckley?

Play some speed of purple please. Sally rocks

Please put Bundaberg on your next tour schedule. Bundy crew.

We luv ur show! It’s so totally out of this world!

Louder guys!

Any john farnham, phillip glass-facades or tocatta

Please come to st lukes anglican bundy please play the devil went to georgia my mother will be dancin in the isle

What is that wicked instrument the dude is playin during break? Looks like an electronic plastic saxaphone! I want 1!!

This is incredible. Where are you from. Please come back to australia soon. ur all so young n talented n happy. we will come again tomorrow night with our kids.

Give us some INXS and some Robbie Williams please

We need u 2 visit bundaberg schools

Give us some INXS and some Robbie Williams please

Go the flute guy!! From Jaiden

Pink floyd brick

I love red room revolution!

U guys r awesome! More of the relaxed rehearsal room like scene at the start like 2nd or third song u played please. Jimi hendrix would b cool one day 2. Thanks. Veronica and Lyndal

Hi chloe

Man! That was the best thing i haue ever seen. What the hell r u guys doing in marybro? Glad u were!

absolutely amazing show. We don’t want it to end. Please come back next year. We’ll fill the auditorium with friends. thankyou

Thank u for an amazing evening! The dancing scene at the end was beautiful. Ur music is addictive ur energy contagious and ur talent is inspiring. Congratulations to u all.

Good morn folks there in deep blu HUGE TKS 4 yr awesome show – U R all legends ! ‘flying dream’ made me cry ! Cheers Fm Haelwen-Sian



Looks good so far

Vienna was a gas! Keep up the good work.. Pete

Excellent.:) Culture and reality- is Gladstone ready for this? I’m grateful that your here

Love close 2 me

That cello solo was awesome!

Great stuff! How do u memorise it all? Pete

Cool show! Luv it! Have 2 daughters who play violin, and give credit to anyone whe can hold their instrument up that long!

U guys rock! Well done.

Play macarthur park

Crank it

Absolutely beautiful, but would like to know what the instrument is in front of the drum kit?

Tim should play 4 dr whn on the tardis

What delightful show When you all coming back thank you

I think you guys should try to play some metal songs πŸ™‚

Love how everything is apple! can you do some podcasts please

A feast for the ears, eyes & mind! Cheers, Pete

Very cool guys and girls. Is the violin player with the black dress and the lycra pants single. Hubba hubba

Absolutely enthralled. Loving every minute of the whole package. Where r u from? Annelyn

This whole performance has been awesome so far

Do you guys do any pink floyd

U guys were FANTASTIC! Loved it! GO Timmy and the theremin, E-mus Rock. Go Popcorn! xoxo Kelly and Shell

A drum solo or dominate drum piece would be awesome πŸ™‚

make that brown dress and gold belt. Lets get married

Absolutely fantastic. Well done, coming from a 17yr professional muso, what the show needs is a little more dynamics. dont get me wrong the show is great but the difference between people being spell bound with good music and people tapping there feet, like popcorn is about a six figure sum. Like what im watching right now

Couldn’t miss a minute of show to text during. Awesome! Go Sallie – loved ‘speed of blue’. Nutbush rocked – eat your heart out Tina, n David n Mick! Really enjoyed your Mahler interpretation. Have you thought of doing something with the dr who theme? THANKS For the show. Look forward to your next visit to Gladstone.



(I should have asked this at the Gladstone gig) – Can I come to the after-show party? Ciao, Pete

Nights in white satin

When are we starting

The beginin music is creepy!

Holy crap this show is gunna be awseome. Are you guys gunna play like Beethoven sonatas. I hate them. Love the jazz man. Love the jazz.

Realign ur front projector

The beginin music is creepy!


Wen r u going to start

Paint it black

Lets start!

!!!Perhaps some SLAYER!!!



I love this.

Beautiful fantastic

Play some apocolyptica! They kick ass

Gr8 vienna who thought electric drums would return after eurogliders! I think u guys would do enzo aka crowded house much justice

You should play explosive by bond

U shood do da final countdown! i t wood b awsome!

Can u plz play mission impossible or popcorn from Riley

Do u no the forrest gump suite?

Can you play the theme from hawaii 5-0 please?

This song is great. Upbeat. Love the movement. Got the audience into it, dont know wat its called though.

Play breaking the law

Play anything from system of a down or tool please

Its great

Bohemian rhapsody.

More of that weird haywire instrument thingy. It’s weird but awesome.

Utterly EPIC!!

It was great so far

Would love u to play The beach song from movie true romance by hans Zimmer. would make a birthday wish come true!

Great show. Loved the last one b4 intermission. What’s it’s name? Cheers

Spider pig by hans zimmer. Yes we know. Classy rockhampton. Thanks

Hk western was awesome! You guys are great! (p.s dj in vest is hot! :-P)

Goodluck guys we will be looking to follow in your footsteps from the members of young blue

Hey cum on guys led zepplin THE GRUNGE make our nite

I love the energy the black Celloists expressions (not being racist)are so vibrant and various. But your all great. Can you do something along the lines of pirates of the caribbean like the flying dutch man or the Kraken XD

Get on with it.

could u plse play a tribut to our gr8t land x 1st time 2 theta n long time u r bloody good

Ur performance was kool i really like da music. I like it how there was heaps of energy, like wen u dance around, its great

How come we do not hear the guitar player?

Omg that was so kool! πŸ™‚ and congrads on the gud playing, u guys r expect players! It must hav taken ages, but use r the best, 4 sure! And i espically luved the hong kong western thing, that was so awesum, i also liked all the extra effects, =)




Eye of the tiger

More moog

More moog

We would like red hot chilli peppers as symphonic music… Because it is symphonic

Fanfare 4 the commen man. Emerson lake and palmer

Please please please please please plz plz please plz play final count down by europe

Queen ……. I want to break free. Love the show

Would love john williams. Star wars. Raiders. also anything mozart

Absolute genius!!! πŸ˜€

Hey, how are the celloists holding their cellos up??

Yay! American beauty!

Whats the little silver saxophone thing that the guy played at intermission called?

Please come 2 Townsville! This is great!

Awesome show guys! Just putting sum requests out there- Fragile by Sting or any recent dance stuff or Such great heights by ?. Thanks!

Lovin it! Tusk fleetwood mac please

Beaut tranrvility in classic


Hey what was playing the solo in the last part? Stage right.

Walk on stilts like u’s put on youtube

Beach boys?

Nice gibson

This is a catchy song it makes me want to dance

Can u say hello to steffen connie isaac peter ulla and corny

How bout a rendition of mozart twinkle 4 the biggest fan up the back

Long way since tap prac with raw metal ey dane

Play something from phantom of the opera!

Got anything that features viola? Or devil went down 2 georgia?

Go 9en tfam

You guys rock…in a funny sort of way! Elena & Roland

Could you play
Smoke on the water

The verve, bitter sweet symphonie! Greetings from germany!

I love marissa


Can you play moon river?

I am so buying ure cd

Some great songs you may be able to sample from are escapist, amaranth and last of the wilds, by nightwish.

Omg that was so kool! πŸ™‚ and congrads on the gud playing, u guys r expect players! It must hav taken ages, but use r the best, 4 sure! And i espically luved the hong kong western thing, that was so awesum, i also liked all the extra effects, =)

What about pump it

Cool twisting

Any Yann tiersen or rene aubry

What about pump it

Please come to
Europe germany

Debussy clair de lune

Loved the red room hong kong western. encore!

Dude on the black cello – you rock my socks!!!

This is fantastic!..best performance ever!

I want more

Sallie is gorgeous.

Theme from the good the bad & the ugly.?

I want more more more and more

Totally fantantic show really enjoyed it thank you all kathy

Can u please play VARIATIONS.

Play the fangdango?

Where r u all from? Fantastic concert. Loved half time antics!

Please come to townsville

Please come to townsville

Hey guys I think you’re great πŸ™‚ could you please play VIVA LA VIDA….thanks.

Hey guys I think you’re great πŸ™‚ could you please play VIVA LA VIDA….thanks.

Needs fast pace

Truely inspirational. u r showing my family that playing a musical instrument is only limited by ur imagination.

Are any of you ex suski kids?

Were any of you suzuki kids?

Sum zz top

Great might we all thought u were fantastic! Great 2 think there is such talented people in our world, yur music makes it a better place!! Cheers anne

I am so proud

Talented, beautiful, sexy. Your performance last night was fantastic and entertaining to the max. Please come back to rocky. Thankyou all. Nick and vicki

Hi. I attended concert Caloundra 9 th Oct. Impression after first half – music a bit different ranging from ok to brilliant.At end – ranging from brilliant to sensational. Thoroughly loved and enjoyed it. I commend your work with young musicians. About vi



Hello Deep Blue
We really enjoyed your show in Orange and our daughter, Anna, will be seeing the show in Alice Springs. Could you say hello to her? Many thanks

(RE: )About 30 i think off the top of my head πŸ™‚

Can we hear american baby by dave matthews band please? It will make my night to hear some dave matthews music live! Thanks charlotte. X

Cool music. Bigger screens for images?

I am LOVING this!

Poetry to read. Poems spoken. My son says no poems!

Fantastically emotive!

Close to me rocks !

Thanks for putting number up again! You guys are amazing and refreshing.

Trippy..very..hot..very..blue..dont feel very!

Yee ha!

Loved space Oddisey, the Cure n Red room revolution. Can u send us the music? Mindy

Laydeez! U can pluck my strings!

I dont think this show needs much improvement it is great… Epic! Im inspired to play the cello πŸ™‚ they shall call me rachello!

What is the instrument that the guy in front of the drums played. Not the violin the other instrument.

Where do get your name from?

Enjoying all pieces, but particularly the contemporary stuff that isn’t traditionally orchestrated

What does it sound like without the amplification?

Sarah farted

I dnt lyk da lights dat shine in ur exes

Phil is a genius.

Hi. Sometimes Emu’s noise is too much other wise enjoying. Really got lost in piece featuring Anna on cello. Lynda – 50 something

Fantastic show! Requiem for a dream theme?

I won tickets to your fabulous show via the local radio station 4CA. I had not heard of the show previously. Next time, I will be happy to pay to see such a wonderful, entertaining and professional act. Sorry we are a bit of a quiet audience. And the titl

Refreshingly irreverent. A dancing rock orchertra to remind me of the pure joy of music.

Great show, great players, great concept, great tunes (thanks for no cliches) but please sort out the sound. Distorted all the way through. Shame. Completely ruined it for me. Bought cd anyway. Will sound good on my stereo.

Hi. Cairns has large no. of youth into orchestra yet didnt see one teenager in audience. Look at marketing. Lynda

Liz looks lyk michelle frm skins
iz wayne single
we want 2 take u home (in a non sus way)
come 2 innisfail n teach us!
Sarah farted… Again
jay was wistling

… Please please please play some muse =D also, how do you keep the cellos up?

Tim is amazing… Encore!!

Dane has a cool vest XD

Hik is insanley awesome

String section..white dress MMMM! Thank you! Xx hot hot hot! A little led zepplin next time? Stairway to heaven? Once again thanx xx



So exciting that you are here, thanks for coming to Mount Isa!

Any single men ?

Great thanks

Fukin awesome. Gonna have trippy dreams tonight


Can we see some words for Bowie number?

What was that thing tim just played

Second and third numbers have a great relaxed social feeling. thanks

More of this


Man that was fun !

Beautiful never drop that please

Mr dj is hot love from girl in white dress lol

How can we get a cd?

Start the show please its hot and we don’t have water

Hey i thought that it sounded like you were playing with dead cat:)

Totally awesome

Can u play ‘once’ ta

Can u play the devil went down to Georgia

Imagine something baroque scot reel irish jig we will rock u drummer from bolero


What is that mini sax called?

Breathtaking! Just amazing

Loving the young ones!

What could be better than to see such wonderful talent develop. thankyou for supporting our musical futures

Amanda rocks!!! Bass players are sexy!

Are you going to play some pink floyd?

Go the bowie! This is awesome!

Loved it!

This is awsome!

popcorn rocks


Play the james bond song and star wars and vb song. Ps i think the asian violinist is hot.

Ian grandage piece beautiful! Did he write the music for red cap?

Hi , im a 6’2 ” hard rock miner , and 2nite u have made me weep.


Love the bass! More please.

Are u playing any Queen ?

You have totally blown us all away. you rock on!

Hey cello guy I sat next 2 ur dad. He must be so proud. You guys must hv so much fun up ther. Loved it. Hope u tour NZ soon…

That should be played more often

Fuck yea

Can we steal the theramen?

The male violinist is hot!

sunday nite was tops x when r u guna come back 2 rockvagas



We’re awaiting your performance with great antici………..pation!

Please play proud mary. Thanku krystal

Dirty deeds. acdc

Gr8 2 hear ‘vienna’ . Do u do Pink floyd the wall or dark side of the moon or war of the worlds? Star wars anything? Cheers

The lion sleeps tonight. Nathan, one of the young blue players taught himself 2 stay this in the summer holidays. Maybe he can play it too?

The nose bleed section by the hilltop hoods

U guys are soo awesome!! Never thought an orchestra could be this cool! How bout some break dancing??:-P

Comatose play it please

Should play something of the donnie darko sound track or some bjork!

You guys are awesome but you should play some rock stuff =ΒΏ> anyway rock on and peace out michael in seat m6 =ΒΏ> o and if u ever need a saxophoneist im here =ΒΏ>

Please play paint it black

Fly me to the moon?


Comatose play it please

How about bohemium rhapsody?

Pnau ‘b my embrace now’ and ‘longest road’ by morgan paige

Hey hey! Great show! How is the keyboardist? HAWTY! Will he marry me?! Xox

Bust out some pirates of the caribbean! Love your work!

You guys are awesome! Thanx 4 coming tn alice – Ride of the valkyries

Can u do Everything i do i do it for yot. Bryan adams

Get some newer music happening

What about the man from snowy river

U can’t touch this by mc hammer!

Flying dream is my fave so far, but there’s nothing we haven’t enjoyed. We’re having a great time!

Omg GREAT! ! ! We cant read the powerpoint at the start to c wat it said anyway me n my friend love it so far! πŸ™‚

How about zepplin or floyd deep blue

U ppl r awsome πŸ™‚

Eurythmics sweet dreams

Stairway to heaven

Stairway to heaven

Great first half guys! Love the “flying dream” and the “plastic bag theme”- And the personal touch that just waltzd past in the foyer!! Perhaps the msg writing could be a lil bigger on the screen

Doctor who theme song… That would be great πŸ™‚

Do u guys reply to people that give feedbak?

Great show! You guys should look into Apocalyptica, a finnish heavy metal cello band. They do excellent covers of metalica’s nothing else matters and others πŸ™‚

Indiana jones theme?

The shela in the checked dress

Loving your show. That song from The Cure was superb. You will have a big impact on our 12 y.o. daughter Heidi 2 take a few risks with her violin. Thnx.

Thank you very much for playing frankie.

Do u know star wars theme?

Deep blue is the fur coat!

Can you play metalica. Enter sandman. One. Nothing else matters.

That DJ bloke is a gun! I love him honest . . Break it down now! The rest of you also rock my socks off!

Absolutely love the show my fav music is by Incognito, Mars Volta, Radiohead & Mozart X

Addagio for strngs please

U guys r so cool

Jipsy please

I luv u guys so much. u play so madogy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so want your cd
from chloe. sister of heidi who played with u tonight

Wow can’t w8 4 the 2nd half!


Can u please play the song victory by bond

U know we want more!

Dj bounces around too much. It’s distracting. Love the girl in lace tights!

Massive attack.

Debussy – Claire de lune

Hey i have been searching for the music for violin for miserlou for such a long time i am a beginner and love that song! Is there any chance i could get it from u or do u know where i can get it?

Moby . Bourne ultimatum song. Can’t remember the name! And my friend wants rolf harris!

Wot r u up 2?

Thank you very much!

Cute guy on the keyboard!

Hey What ya doing ?

Your show was amazingly good. Thanks heaps πŸ™‚ And to the cellist on stilts; you are my hero. Thank you for agreeing to duel then marry me. You have impressed me beyond words. I will be at altar tomorrow. Cheers guys, xox Sylvie.

Exciting, inspiring, passionate & funky – a gr8 experience.

You kids were totally amazing! As a 63yr old all I can say is F**K Daryl Braithwaite- you left him for dead! Please keep up your wonderful enthusiasm for what you do, and all the best to you all for the future. Thank you for a great night. xxxx Leigh Chec

You kids were totally amazing! As a 63yr old all I can say is F**K Daryl Braithwaite- you left him for dead! Please keep up your wonderful enthusiasm for what you do, and all the best to you all for the future. Thank you for a great night. xxxx Leigh Chec

R u wiv anyone? Cos i have a friend that likes you!

Since your ignoring me, i think we should see other people. πŸ™

Hey guys. Im a tru blu metal head to the core. I saw u guys in rockhampton. I loved it. U delivered intensity and passion that i thrive on. Keep up the brilliant work. Xtra credit to the asian violinist. Thats talent.

Amazing you are! Love you to pieces!



Abba n trout quintet my favorites

Get smart music for cassie and tessa

Bohemian rhapsody or November Rain

Anything by Muse

Request- any queen songs or i’m yours by jason mraz

Hi, how about something from the Seussical. Raz

Happy 10th birthday to madison.

The foggy dew

The piano


Bohemian rhapsody pls

Message in a bottle

God is DJ!

Theme song from star wars

Great start. How about .1812 or staying alive. Peter

I just want to see what happens he i sent a text

Art of noise

Bond the atlanta games theme song

Im 43 yrs old and was not allowed to play music listening to u made me wish i fought alot harder then u r inspireing

Hey guys absolutely loved chill! That was the third piece right? It was mad =D keep up the awesomeness πŸ™‚ xo

You guys rock

Fantastic. .how about jean michel jarre & off oxygene or any ELO. Peter

War of the worlds

Hi I like the effects they r pretty mad lol. Thanks : )

Hii its blossom again i have thought of a song that i myself would like to hear. ‘ harry potter theme song’ please. The show is great keep up the good work! Xo

Whoever first had this idea is a bloody genious! You guys wouldn’t happen to do bohemian rhapsody would you?

Awesome show! Can you play fields of barley – sting?

Really enjoying this performance guys, ive never seen anything like it- im a fellow musician and glad to see young people like myself breaking out of the square πŸ˜‰ happy times! Well done x Stina

Please play Anything from Kylie minogue:)

Please play Anything from inxs:)

Please play ‘canon’ by pachebel:)

Awesome! Its only been a few songs and I am loving it already! Rock on! From Bim.

Anything by the beatles thanks very good show cheers . Al

How about The Eve of War. . . From Jeff Wayne’s ‘War of the Worlds ?’ From your friendly theatre Tech Crew

Macarthurs Park – if possible.

Fantastic. Really enjoying it. Would love to hear ‘through the fire and flames’ (by dragonforce).

Loved vienna, saw midge ure (touring alone) in concert 20 years ago and the only song he couldnt do was vienna coz he didnt hav an orchestra with him! Xxx

Loved the hong kong piece! Is that on the cd? Are all of these on the cd? God i hope so. Love you all =D

Im all the way from Perth wa, finally real music i can dance to.. Ps you made my mum cry tears of appreciation

U mob rock. Theremin a treat. Suggert hocus pocus by focus-late 60s early 70s – instrumental with lots of mad yodelling. Lu

ELO mr blue sky. Or do u do ERIC SATIE? Peter

Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Can you do it?

Why don’t u guys do ‘come on aileen’ by dexy midnite runners? Xxxxx

Living thing by elo

Ride of the Valkyries


A funky ‘Song of Joy’ please.

Autumn 4 seasons

Knight’s of cydonia – muse. u guys rock!

Star wars theme

Hot n cold- katy perry

flight of the bumble b

Id really like to hear some hip hop an example if anyone has seen the movie raise your voice it has a bit where a chick plays in a train station and changes the way the music plays


Indiana jones theme song

Show great pl play dont cry for me argentina

Message in a bottle

I believe you do requests:-) so was wondering if you did any nick cave numbers. Reckon it would be a treat:-)

So excited – can’t wait for u to start!!

Theme song from star wars

Metallica – one

Floyd or chemical brothers please

Air no the G string; bach

flight of the bumble b


War of the worlds

Hi DEEP BLUE we are up the back my name is blossom i would like to request the song ‘ southern man.’ actually requested by my dad who is old and so will possibly be bad πŸ™‚

Jeff buckley grace

I was once picked up by a girl in a pub in adelaide and she took me back to her place which she shared with two of her mates. In the early hours we got it on to vivaldi’s ‘spring’ at a cranked up volume. To this day i dont know if it was to drown out the primal noises, warn her mates that she had company or announce to her mates that she’d scored but it changed my appreciation of classical music forever! Can you play it for old times sake? I promise i’ll leave any primal urges it might conjure until after the show!

Sweet child of mine

Magic carpet ride deep purle

Wrds alone cannot describe the joy listening to all of u has brought me

any muse songs please

Hey hey me again lol just cant get enough of you guys πŸ™‚ do you know any bullet for my valentine? Lol – keep rocking this is the best night ever =D xo

Film theme medley and paint it black

Some Grieg Fingal Lark ascending DeerHunter theme

Can u guys do devil went down 2 georgia? LovIng the show. Dom

metallica please

Hi fab show. How about-Golden brown: Running up that hill: Belfast child: Viva las vegas. Thanx carolynne

I felt like getng up n dancng. Can we?

Oh wow..!! Could you please play/learn Tartini’s Violin Sonata In G Major (Devil’s Trill)?


Great show. thanks for coming to darwin. I hope you get some time to look around, it’s a wonderful part of oz. Can you play pachobel.’s canon please?

Evan- hi from Penny (cello) from UQ! Sounds great! Im here with my high school music. students and they’d like some more crazy techno stuff!!

Can you please play nut bush city limits so we can dance!

Fantabulous! Loved the theramin! Do you mob do bach toccata & fugue in d? Jw

Some classical please

River boat theme from chocolat or queen

I really thought your david bowie was great actually it all is!… maybe a singer in some songs?

Can u do i kissed a girl – katy perry πŸ˜› or one of pinks songs?

Im glad i brought my kids they think this is fantastic and so do i. U guys r so cool

I think it would be great if you could play ‘linger’ or ‘zombie’ by the cranberries. πŸ™‚

I would like to see more trumpets

You guys are amazing! You have certanly inspired me!

The drummer is a mad bloke!!!

Like the boy with the pony tail!

Three dancers. No more. No less.

Please can you play the ‘moonlight’ sonata? I love you guys! Um… Cant really read the projector screen tho. Perhaps a lighter font?

ur gr8t . we wud like 2 here c’mon eileen 4 our mother eileen who has brought us here 2nite 4 helens 27th b,day. excellent experience. cheers

Awsum stuff more spining and that wierd whoo whoo thng is awsum

Hello there friends. Your performances are simply amazing. I live in Alice Springs, and played the piece, ‘Together’. If I could marry one person in this world, I would marry Wayne Jennings for sure. Very mesmerising… Peace out, and come back to Alice Springs! We miss you! All the best- Annelies in Alice Springs xx

Miss murder

Star wars theme song

Can you guys play the trooper by iron maiden or nothing else matters by metallica. Thanks. Emily

Sweet symphony le verve or anything by le carre

How many ways can i say WOW!

Yay! Awsome Awsome Awsome, love the cure… Cheers πŸ™‚

Wicked witch’s theme from wiz of oz

Ride of the valkyries played for Kelly

You guys are so awesome! All that talent……..

Forever Autumn x

pink floyd please great show so far

Miss lauper, tom waits, pantera, nin? Yay πŸ™‚ or rob zombie… Just covering my bases

Requesting any ELO.

Awesome. Any tool.. The doors.. Metalica

Need more percussion drums more drums tom toms kettle & another kit ala Phil Collins plus try Dixie Chicks Enya etc

That rocked baby x

May – suggest u also break down the audience/stage barrier – move forwards on the stage, use the stage wings and maybe even come amongst we audience??? Love it!!!

Can u do any queen songs or anything from phantom of the opera?

Devil went down to georgia would be awesome… Good performance guys!

sun rise sunset please

Black betty

Something by the corrs would be great. You are all fabulous. Gill

Ur drummer is mad!!!

U r awesome. Can u play anything by the corrs please.

It’s all fantastic! How did you get together?

Quality tunes, sounds and looks great.

Whats the chance of ‘the geal’ from last of the mohicans? Luv in it, cheers J.

Alicia is 5 today & here for a special treat. Do you do Happy Birthday?

WOW! ITS AWSOME!!! Need extra crew?!? XD

Stairway to heaven. You guys rock!

Or something from little mermaid, lion king!

Requesting “the riders of rohan” theme frm lord of the rings:the two towers

Brilliant show, great birds, think im in luv. Any chance of whiskey in the jar? Haha hope so !

Star wars theme song

Excellant show

Loved the show and the 2nd half was brilliant. 1st half a little like bipolar a bit too much pumped and then really down and mellow. Just if you want people to dance and get right into it it needs to be more a level build up. All the best though you all have great talent. Deb.

Pleaz play morning from peer gynt. Ta. Mavis

Any chance of a u2 song?

Star wars theme

Hey, u guys r f***n good. You are a group of prodigal young adults that are tearing it up. Im a muso myself and i understand how much time amd effort is put into rehearsals, just to create a tight piece. I compliment all the string section and the electronik section. Im a jazz vocalist, unfortunately goin through teen years(15) its hard to get used 2 the new voice. Go hard guys. U make me proud 2 b a musician. Sean Fernando Hutton B-)

please play sweet home alabama. u guys r great. thnx for the great show

Can you play the theme to Dr Zhivago?

Wats happenin



I am ready are u

Could you guys play bohemian rhapsody?

Be good to your mother!

Can we have the song ‘sway’ please. Like the michael buble one. Thanks!!! Btw im excited about your performance

How long until u start?

Can u play devil went down to georgia?

Super Doopa

Get amongst it!

Turn the strings up! More cello more cello!

Love it guys you all rock! Liz u rock!

Great stuff! How do you stop qantas from fucking your lovely instruments?

Lovin life on mars

2 excited to text. FANTASTIC

Awesome … Best of the best music for the tux-less … Where is the next gig?

Freakin fabulos

Keep dancing on stage

Any wedding parties anything songs

Bloody good song choice

Loved your Holst – REALLY MARTIAN ! ! !

Holst jupiter? Elgar cello? Wagner siegfried funeral? Elo blue sky?

And that Mahler was beautiful

I want to marry the celloist!

Pirates of the carribean, i’m seein pirates being hung, great soundtrack song. Amazing amazing amazing. You beauty!

Wicked song man – HK FUNK B-)

Can you play any electric light orchestra? Please please please haha, tightrope or it’s a livin thing please please please

If your still in karratha tomoro night, come to my party! 806 clarkson way. From the loud guys to the right. Bring instruments its a pirate party:) please please

Xcelent How about Hocus Pocus by Focus seguewayed into deep purple smoke on the water into vivaldi 4 seasons…….just a thought

I’m enjoying the show very much. Estoy disfrutando mucho el espectaculo! Maria brandt.

Hi! Can u please play ‘Night & Day’? U know the one that Fred Astaire danced 2. Or, anythng by Led Zepplin will do! (for my new husband) cheers πŸ˜€

Play untouched by the veronicas

My mum would like the black eyed peas song pump it please. Great show!

Every body is raveing about the concept this is great

My older brother would like Dr demento’s “Cows with guns.” the drummer is cool!

That was so cool! I wasnt a huge fan of orchestras until now. Well done.

Can you play bohemian rhapsody by queen

If you have any Red Hot Chili Peppers that would be good. Your really good!

I am loving this so much! You guys rock! How many of you are single?

Love the suprise concert at break πŸ™‚

U guys r awsum loving da show! Uz ROCK!! =)

I love the show! Can we get to know the rest of your names?

Do u guys have a cd we can get after the show?

Wots the mini silver sax thing?

Thankyou for a wonderful first half. What a wonderful concept – we love it.

Woot woot

I read u guys do some Muse – love to hear that! Best show that has ever come to our humble town, THANK YOU!

from the heart

i like beans and such

Evan is cute.

Loving the songs you have played so far. Do you have CDs here tonight?

You must make a dvd…your orchestra is amazing!!

On ya

Thank u guys for coming up I cant get over your music out of my head




Congrats Excellent show – well planned -Neil

You are fantastic!

Fame and fortune aside if my daughter loves her music as much as you do ill be a happy mum

All you need is a bassoon and youll be perfect! from jess xo seat o8

Dane a.k.a dreadies, IS insanely DREAMY!!! Luv from ur fan club. Lol Hahaha. We luv u Dane!

We luv u guyz awesomely. From claudia radha and amity.

Walzlng matilda

Great concert my request is ‘somewhere over the rainbow’

Awesome fusion of electronica and strings just love the strong chords

Hi im jono and i play the flut and piano i recon u should hav glo stiks along yor bows and flic them off all together. Ps. U AR GREAT!!!

I like your show tonight. I liked the double bass the best! Thank you for coming to bundaberg! From jakob (8)…new double bass student

Does Deep Blue do Deep Purple? Or Led Zep? Loved Mahler!

Both my mum and i love you guys i am pretty sure i am screaming the loudest from nataylia and barb sawtell

Great show I really like your synthesizer ?

Karma police by radiohead. The music so far has been worthy of goose bumps all over. Just love this refreshing take

Queens bohemian rhapsody please


How often do u change yr show arrangement & how long does it take to memorise the music 4 a whole show?

awesome thank you for playing bowie. how do you hold your cello in the air and play?

Can you please play nutbush , we saw you playing it on the net , or don’t worry be happy on the theramin

also pls xpln theremin

Fantastic show guys.

Can the guys where skirts for the 2nd half

Dane is very very sexy!!

omg more bowie

Any drum and bass? Thanx. Eve x

My favourite love love flying dream and elegy . . . . Barb

Sound man wot do u do 2 wimd down?

Hey, could you play jesu’ joy, of mans desiring. Thanx. Eve. x

U guys r awsome

Request – celene dion my heart will go on – from titanic for kim sharon emma and mum

Can u play billy geane by michael jackson pls thanx ps its eves bday 29 2day x

Gotta love legolas!

Please play pink floyd another brick in the walk πŸ™‚

The verve bitter sweet symphony

Dane’s so dreamy…

Hello, have been trying to find out about the master classes both here and at both music shops in bundaberg and nobody could give us any information.

Are we there yet !!!! Lol

Great so far

Is this joe

hello hello πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)!!!

James bond theme.

Hey man your a sick dj and i wanna talk to the drummer at the end of the show Haha

Best bowie ever

Ever after theme song

Can you please tell the chick in the white that she is fine

Zen master i dig it too.

Play some andre rieu

Just a suggestion ! Ever givn thort 2 concerts 4 schools in remote areas. Wud b gr8.

Color sound texture visual movment bril making my hart sing thanx and fun 2

Great so far very entertainhng

Loved the first half. Thanks 4 a great show & for today. John from school of the air.


You guys are Awsome!!

Awsome song and you could not get i better lookin drummer πŸ™‚

Luv it

Play viva la vida!

We r da girls in the 6th row in the brown and pink in the middle it is great so far wat is da silver thing de boy is holden : ) please reply we love ur music

Please read this out wat is that silver thing the guy was playin can you play nut bush city limits

Hi deep blue im shonna from carnarvon im 13 and slap the clashod with my bestie joanna you rocked tonight ps we danced at the frount PLEASE SEND BACK THANKS